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Consolidation 1Consolidation 1Consolidation 1

Consolidation 1Consolidation 1Consolidation 1
Consolidation 1Consolidation 1

Consolidation 1 –

When was the school founded? How old are the students of this school? Are there any weekly boarders in this school? b) You will hear short conversations between two people. After each conversation, you will hear a question about it. After you hear the question, read the four possible answers and check (y) the best one.1. A. The computer room is very crowded.B. Computer science has been applied to many fields. C. Too many people are studying computer Science today. D. Computer science is developing very quickly. . A. She did her homework. B. She played computer games. C. She did her housework. D. She bought computer games.3. A. The computer needs to be replaced.B. The woman should check the plug. C. The woman should use the printer at work. D. The woman doesn’t know how to use the printer. A. Deaf-mute kids are very skillful. B. He did not believe what the Woman said. C. Deaf-mute kids can’t do embroidery. D. Deaf-mute kids can’t make anything.Consolidation5. A. Be a teacher. B. Study business. C. Work part-time. D. Own a big store.WOCABULARYa Write the properform of each [in] in the following exch Example A. Does your grandmother help you with the housework? B: Yes. She is very supportive to me during my parents’ absence. (ѕирport)1. A. Could Ann enter a university last September?B. No, she couldn’t. She studied very hard last year, but she couldn’t gain to any university. (admit)2. A. My younger brother can’t express himself very well in writing.B. I think young boys and girls have to learn to write … (effect) 3. A. Dr. Brown was with an award for his excellent work in the medical profession. (honor)B. I think he deserves the honor. 4. A. Dick performed very well in the speaking contest, and he was first prize. (award) B. Really? I’m glad to hear that.5. My brother has just graduated from university. He wants a job with good chances of (promote) 6. A. Is this a new kind of medicine to cure headaches? B. Yes. It has been used recently. (routine) 7. A. Yesterday the city’s authorities laid the stone of a new university in our city. (found) B. That’s great!8. A: What school does your younger brother go to?B. He goes to a school for children. He’s a very intelligent boy. (gift)9. A: What should I write in these blanks?B: Write your name, age, and (оссиру) O. A. How much is the fee for this course, miss? (register B: USS 80.b) Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence or exchange.11. A. What do you think about teamwork?B. Well, teamwork helps students good results in their schoolwork. A. achieve B. perform C. perfect D. receive12. A. Lan, Minh, and Hanh often work together in a team.B. I’m not surprised. I know the three of them have the sameA. interaction B. achievement C. learning strategy D. interest 13. A. I can see that you’re not very good at history and literature.B. You’re right. I like sciences, such as physics and biology, better. A. social B. natural C. physical D. modern 14. A. What is the “process of לייB. Well, it involves the heating of a liquid, usually milk, in order to kill harmful bacteria.A. research B. pasteurization C. completion D. elimination 15. A. Is your against rabies up-to-date?B. Yes. I got it two weeks ago.Consolidation 1A. protection B. cure C. treatment D. Vaccination 16. A. Does that company give your father an annualB. Yes. About four hundred dollars.A. promotion B. fund C. addition D. bonus 17. A. Does Mr. Tan travel to Ho Chi Minh City to work every day? B. Yes. He takes a bus. A. transportation B. commuter C. passenger D. daily18. A. Are there schools for people withB. Yes. These people can attend institutions that help them lead anormal life. A. disabilities B. poor performance C. poor health D. slow learning 19. My father formed some friendships when he was in high School. A. long B. lasting C. long time D. hard 20. Whenever my father travels by plane, he buys some goods at the airport. A. free of charge B. tax-free C. duty-free D. free of dutyGRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE -a) Put the verbs in parentheses into the past simple, present perfect, orpast perfect. 1. A. You ever (hear) of Nelson Mandela? B. Yes. He (become) the first black president of SouthAfrica in 1994.2. A. Do you know who (invent) the process of pasteurization?B. Yes. The inventor (be) Louis Pasteur. Also, he (develop) vaccines for several diseases including rabies.3. A. When Pasteur (appoint) Professor of Chemistry? B. After he (receive) a doctor of science degree in 1847. 4. A. When the Curies (announce) their discovery of the two new elements: radium and polonium? B. In 1898. They finally (obtain) radium from a rock called pitchblende. 5. A. Who (help) Helen Keller break through her world of silence? B. It (be) Ms. Sullivan, a dedicated and loving teacher. 6. A. At what age Helen Keller (master) Braille as well as the manual alphabet? B. By the age of 10. 7. What programs (develop) in special schools to help blind students read? 8. A. Hi! I (not see) you for ages. B. Um. It must be about two months since we last (meet). 9. A. Where you (go) during your last vacation? B. I (go) to Hue. You ever (be) there before?10. Ai I have been to Ha Noi three times. B. Really? This is the first time I (come) to Ha Noi. It’s all new to me. b) Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct form ( -ing form or to + base form). 11. A. Phew! I’m very tired of my heavy work load.B. You should stop (work) so hard; or else, you’ll get sick soon.READING12. A. What do you usually do in your free time? B. I enjoy (read) novels. 13. A. I work out at the gym every day, trying (keep) fit. B. I wish I could do some physical exercise as you do. 14. A. Which outdoor activities do you like best? B. I like (dance and sing) around the campfire. 15. A. How about (play) tennis?B: I’m not interested in this kind of sport because I can’t afford (buy) expensive tennis rackets.16. A: There’s a good movie on at the Rex.B. You know, I’m not keen on (go) to the movies nowadays.17. A. Remember (come) to the party tomorrow. B. Yes, I will. 18. A. Yesterday I forgot (lock) the door when I went out.B. Really? Did anyone break into your house and steal anything? A. Luckily, no one broke in.19. A. My parents plan (take) a trip to Da Lat this Summer vacation.B: Are you going with them? 20. A Do you consider (buy) life insurance?B. Yes. I’m going to buy one next month.Read the text and do the tasks that follow. A Special Education TeacherI am an ordinary teacher like many others, but my students are those with severe learning difficulties – some have speech or hearing impairments, while some others have mental problems. There are 1559children in my class, aged between 10 and 12. The teaching team consists of me and two assistants. Just like any child, my students are good at one thing and poor at another. If you ask for a yellow block, and they’ll give you a yellow block, then you can be moved to tears. It seems a very simple task to a 5-year-old kid, but it is really a huge achievement for my children. Looking after each other, being able to use the phone, and being able to buy a loaf of bread – these can only be done after you have been working with them for years.Every day, I work with my lovely students. We have some specialized equipment such as audiotapes and videotapes to assist their learning. There are always better facilities to wish for, such as a computer with special educational software programs. Our school is not rich, but many others have got less than what we have, so I can’t complain. I believe good teachers can do a great deal with very little.Like many other special education teachers, I am constantly under stress due to heavy work loads. Some of my colleagues gave up and found other jobs, but I won’t. I enjoy working with students with disabilities – nothing can compete with the joy I have when my children can perform a difficult task.a) The following statements can be true (T) or false (F). Check (Y) the appropriate boxes. Then correct the false statements.1. The writer’s students can do simple tasks easily. 2. At this special school, students learn basic skills for survival.3. This school has a lot of specialized facilities, including a computer.4. A special education teacher has to work very hard. 5. Many special education teachers are under stress.6. The writer will find another job although he likes his work.60Consolidation I Answer the following guestions. 1. What are some examples of specialized equipment to help the children learn better? 2. What is the huge achievement of this teacher’s students? 3. What does many others (paragraph 1) refer to?4.What does many others (paragraph 3) refer to?Work with a partner. Write a summary based on the text below. Be sure to include the important facts contained in the text.A Man Loving Books A young man hurried into his town library. He went up to one of the oldlibrarians and said to her eagerly, “Do you remember that you persuaded me to borrow a book about Greek history a week ago?””Yes, that’s right,” answered the librarian.”Do you remember the title of the book?” the young man asked. The librarian felt very proud because she was always trying to get young people to take out books on Greek history, and she rarely found one who was willing to accept her suggestions. “Yes,” she answered. “Do you want to take it out again? Did you think that it was so interesting?” “No, of course not,” said the young man, “but when I was taking it home, I met a girl on the bus, and I wrote her telephone number in the book. I want to telephone her, so please may I look at the book again?”


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