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Unit 1 School TalksUnit 1 School TalksUnit 1 School Talks

Unit 1 School TalksUnit 1 School TalksUnit 1 School Talks
Unit 1 School TalksUnit 1 School TalksUnit 1 School Talks

Unit 1 School Talks –

Before You Read. The following pictures show two ways of learning. Work in pairs to answer the questions. Reading TextUnit School TalksRead the text and do the tasks that follow. TEAM LEARNINGA. Research has shown that students, especially those in high School and university, can learn as much, or more, from classmates as they do from instructors and textbooks. When students work effectively in a supportive group, experience can be a very powerful way toimprove achievement and satisfaction with learning experience. The list belowdescribes important activities that a learning team can Work together.Sharing Class Notes Get together with other students immediately after class to share and compare notes. One of your teammates may have understood Something you missed or vice versa. Doing Research Studies show that many students are unfamiliar with doing research, particularly using the library. Forming research teams is an effective way to prepare for class presentation of school social studies such as history, geography, literature, and economics. Working in groups, you could locate and share information to improve your own work.Reviewing Test Results After receiving test results, members of a learning team can review their individual tests together to identify their mistakes, and to find out any el’ answers that earned good grades. You can use this information to improve your performance on later tests or assignments.B. Not all learning teams, however, Te equally successful. Sometimes teamwork is ineffective because people do not know how to form a good team. The following suggestions are strategies for maximizing the performance of teamwork. Seeking Right Teammates In forming teams, look for classmates who are attentive, active in class, and cooperative while working in groups. Forming Teams with Both Genders Membership should include both boy and girl students of different personalities. Such diversity will bring different life experience and different styles of thinking and learning strategies to your15team. However, choose only In short, teamwork is one of thefriends or teammates with most valued activities in schools shared interests and lifestyles. and today’s work world. Keeping Your Group Size (Adapted from Select Readings Sinalby Linda Lee and Erik Gundersen)A small group allows for more face-to-face interaction and it is also much easier for you to get together outside of class.S S S SSCGGS LLLLLL LLLL L LLLLL S LLLL S G LL LLLLLL LL SLGGGSGSLSSS SL CCLCCCCCLGLL SGGGGS LSL GGGLLLLL LL LLL LLLLLLLCCLCCCLS1. One of the main purposes of the text is to encouragestudents to study in groups.2. According to the text, a team that includes both boy and girl students will probably be more effective than one with only boy/girl students.3. Team learning helps you save time doing your homework.4. It’s a good idea to form teams of people who have different interests.5. A team often people is better than a team of five.by Answer the following questions…. Why is it essential to share notes right after class?2. How does a small group help?3.successful than others?… What makes a team successful? Why are some teams more4. Have you taken part in team learning? What do you often do in yourteam and how often? Unit School Talksc) Summary Mapping. Read the text again. Then complete the map below. 2.Activities Doing research\ Effects improving learningachievementTeam learning 1. 4. SSΩ LSTENINGa Complete the sentences with the words and phrases in the box. it reCite left-handed village school overslept strict hits1. Our teacher always sticks to rules. He is very 2. Yesterday I missed the school bus because I 3. My father never me with a stick. 4. Jack used to live in the country and go to a 5. He doesn’t write with his right hand. He is6. I always feel nervous when my teachers ask me to mylessons in front of the class.2TIENGANH10(NC)-AS S S S S S S LSSLSS SLSS SLLC SSS S SLSS SLSGGSS S SS SS SS their on and check (v) if the stat Is areo trine (TT) o /alse Fi. T1. Mr. Bastarted School in 1936. 2. He studied in a bigger school when he was twelve. 3. He is left-handed. 4. His teachers allowed him to write with his left hand. 5. He had to do a lot of homework.S LLLLL LL L LLLLLLLGGLSLLLLS aL a LLLL LSL LCLL S LLSGGGG S L SCSSLSCCSSSLSLS1. How old was Mr. Ba when he started school?2. Why was he terrified on his first schooldays?Because3. How did he go to school in town?4. Why was he punished by his teachers? Because5. How was he punished? He鶴 SPEANGTalking about Likes and Dislikesa) Discusy in groирх. – What is an ideal teammate / friend like?(Gi —— l – l- – – – l–l l – – – – l – An ideal teammate An ideal friend18 2 TIENGANH10(NC)-BUnit 1. School Talksb) In pairs, tell your partner about the people or the school subjects you like / dislike Working with. The information in part a) may help you.What kind of people do I like working with people who have you like working with? – something in common with me.And what else? Well, I’d prefer someone who has a good sense of humor.Me too. Useful Expressions Likes Dislikes I like … I don’t like … I’d prefer … I don’t want …It would be fun to … I really like …c) Write five sentences about things you like doing most after class.WRITING غنيةA narrative is an account of events. It is usually written in the past tense. Events in a narrative often follow time order.Writing a Narrativea) Work in pairs to rearrange the following (parts of) sentences about Mr. Ba’s childhood memories when he was at school 30 years ago.1. One morning he overslept.2. he had to walk to school every day.3.Mr. Ba used to live in a village and his house was very far from school.When he was a fifth grader, . After that, he was never late for school again. . He hurriedly went to school, Being very tired, Mr. Ba forgot his lesson…. but he was 15 minutes late.. As a result, the teacher asked him to write 100 times the sentences: “I must not be late for school.” and “I must know my lessons well.”10. Unfortunately, the teacher asked him to recite the history lesson.Write a story about your school activities. – Who was involved? (e.g. your teachers, your classmates, …) – How many people got involved in the story? – Where / when did it happen? (in class or in the schoolyard) – Why did the story take place? – What did people do? – What happened first and next?- Your impression of the eventLANGUAGE FOCUSWord Study Pick out two words that do not go with the word TEAM.nereS eoSDOSale School TalksGrammarGerund / To + Base Form of Verb 1. Verbs that can be followed by gerunds: love, enjoy, mind, can’t Stand, etc. Examples – I enjoy swimming. – Would you mind explaining that again? 2. Verbs that can be followed by to + base form of verb: want, decide, fail, pretend, prove, etc. Examples – She wants to become a doctor. – Tom decided to leave early. 3. Verbs that can be followed by object + to + base form of verb: ask, allow”, persuade, tell, etc. Examples – The teacher asked Ba to give a report on a book.- Thanh’s parents allowed her to go out with her friends.Put the verbs into the correct form. 1. I was very tired. I tried my eyes open but I couldn’t. (keep) 2. She told him the door. (lock) 3. My father allowed me his camera. (use)4. I want the truth. (know)5. When I’m tired, I enjoy television. It’s relaxing. (watch) 6. It was a nice day, so we decided for a picnic. (go) 7. I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind . ( wait) 8. We were hungry, so I suggested dinner early. (haveWrite a second sentence so that its meaning is similar to the first. Use the verb in parentheses. The first one has been done for you. I wish I hadn’t sold my motorbike. (regret)I regret selling my motorbike. Students were eager to see their new teacher. waitBy chance I saw your sister yesterday. (happen). Would you like to go for a walk? (fancy)… I usually arrive at school five minutes early, slendPeter hates getting up early in winter. (stand)… My group continued to seek information for our class presentation.(carry… My visit to Ha Long Bay will always stay in my memory. (forget


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