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Unit 10 ConservationUnit 10 ConservationUnit 10 Conservation

Unit 10 ConservationUnit 10 ConservationUnit 10 Conservation
Unit 10 ConservationUnit 10 ConservationUnit 10 Conservation
Unit 10 ConservationUnit 10 Conservation

Unit 10 Conservation –

Before You Read. Look at the pictures showing environmental damage. Match the solutions with the pictures. Reading TextRead the text and do the tasks that follow,NAM, OAT THENNATIONAL PARKA. Conserving human heritage proves to be an act of great cultural value and of an advanced lifestyle. A large mosaic of forest and a diversity of wildlife in Nam Cat Tien have been protected by Nam Cat Tien National Park since it was established by the central government in 1992. If there had not been that establishment, most of the area’s ecosystem would have been greatly damaged. At present, Nam Cat Tien National Park is exploited as an ecotourism site because of its beauty and its economic development.B. This park has a wide diversity of species. There is a total of 1,610 flora species with seven different habitat types. The forest types and geographicalibians, birds, fish, and insects.Ecotourists like traveling there because they can both enjoy the beautiful landscape and contribute to the conservation of the natural environment.C. As an ecotourism site, it canprovide tourists with beautiful landscape in the biosphere reserve. Tourists can trace wild animals and watch them hunting their prey at night. Also, they can go boating along Dong Nai River to Bau Sau to view peacocks graceful dances.. At present more and morevisitors come to Nam Cat Tien National Park on their ecotour. Thanks to this, the economy in the local area is flourishing. This makes local authorities more interested in developing ecotourism there because it can promote the economy and provide more funds for conservation.a Match the headings with the appropriate paragraphs.1. Tour Discoveries 2. Benefits of the ParkParagraph A. Paragraph B1273. 4.Nam Cat Tien National Park as an Ecotourism Site Paragraph C Significant Biological Diversity Paragraph DSS S L L S SLS LLLSL S S SLLLLLG G SSS SS SSLSLSS SS SS SSLS S LLSLS MC C GCC G LSLSL пеаліпсхіп co/ипп B.1.ecotourism site a.. use something fully and effectively 2. diversity b. the protection of animals, plants, forests 3. exploit etc., to prevent them from being spoiled4, biosphere reserve 5. conservationor destroyed c. a natural area where people can visit and learn about it in a way that will not hurt the environment d. a piece of land in which animals and plants can live e. a range of different thingsc) Give brief answers to the following questions.1. 2. 3. 4.Why is Nam Cat Tien National Park exploited as an ecotourism site? Name different species found in this national park. What do local authorities develop ecotourism there for?What’s the writer’s viewpoint on the development of ecotourism in this national park?Ω LISTENTINGGS G SCS CCCS LLLL S SSSLC LL LLLS LLL LLGLLL LLLSLS LLLLLL LCLLCL LL LS LL C LSCCCC L S S S S L CC LLSLS LLL L LL LLLC CSC SLCCC S LLLS1281. Hunting rare animals2. 3.etc. Unit 10 ConservationLS S LSL GGG G L CC L C C L S CLS S in the blanks in the sentences below.. This is the class’s first trip to a ” Students will be able to watch in their natural habitat.2. 3. In an ecotour, tourists shouldn’t OT animals because these actions may harm animals’ health. 4. Ecotourists learn that wild animals have their own and habits. 5. Being friendly with nature means not doing harm to species of 6. Ecotourism has its purpose. 7. Littering, young trees, and killing or wild animals in a national park are not proper actions of ecotourists. 8. Every tourist should contribute to the of the natural CIVITOInnent,c) In groups, write a list of what you shouldn’t do as ecolourists. Give reasons.鶴 SPEAKINGMaking Suggestions About Nature Conservationa Work with your partner. Take turns using the expressions in the box below to make up answers to these questions. The first one has been done for you as an example.Useful Expressionso It might be a good idea to … o I think you / we / they should… o It would be better if …o One thing you / we / they could do is …9.TIENGANH10(NC)-A 129Have you ever thought of recycling?Don’t you think it might be a good idea to conserve nature?Why don’t people save energy?Don’t you think it might be a good idea to reduce water pollution?Have you ever thought of protecting wildlife from extinction?130Well, (1) I think we should recycle things such as bags.Well, (3) SSEr, (4) -Um, (5)9.TIENGANH10(NC)-BUnii 10 ConservationS S L C L CCC L L L S L CCGLGL LLG LLL G LL LLL LLSCCC LLLLLS L L C L LLLL LSLL S LLCCC S LLLCCCCCLCL LLL CCCC LLL LLL LLLLLaLLSPrompts Environmental Solution Damageto wildlife extinction o Keep rare animals in their natural habitat. o deforestation o Control the burning of forests. to littering o Control the cutting down of trees. oforest fire o Don’t use disposable products.o Use environment-friendly products.a Don’t build campfires in national parks.S SS LL S S LSLS L CLCCCCa GS S S S SLSLS S SLSCCC S SSSS LLL LLLLS S touris Is Should follo,2-writingWriting a Letter of Acceptance or RefusalSCLLLS LLSL LLLLL LL LCSCLCLCCCLLL S LLL LLLLLS SLLL aSLL SSLLS LLLLLL forтаг һеӀои.o Dateo Salutation o Thanking for the invitation o Stating the acceptance politely with delightrefusal politely with regret o Closing131 S SS SS SSLSLSLSS LL LLL LLLL LL SL LLLLL LGG LLLLLLS S LLLLL LLLL L LL LLLLLLlanguage used to express acceptance and refusal in the reply letters.1. Invitation letter_ ܠ ܝܬDear Cinfi and Caura As vacation is coming near, it’d be nice to see you here with my family, and we’ll spend a few days on a camping trip in Cuc Piuong National Park. which is just two kilometers away from my house. Please set me know if you can come on July 15, With lote”Van2. Reply lettersLetter of Acceptance Letter of Refusal132June 25, 20June 15, 20 Dear “VanDear “Van Thank you very much for “Ž:r invitation. I’d be ut unfortunately I’m quite yои unable to come. I have to govery happy to come. It’ll be great fun going camping in this national6ack to my fiometown to see my parents and attend my sister’s weddina.park. See you on July 15. I’m sorry but I can’t make it. Yours Linsi’Yours /Caura Un 10 Conseration L L L L S L S L S LS C L S Ca S a S C LL LLSS ACCEPTANCE Thank you for your invitation. I’d be very pleased COc. delighted toVery happy accept your invitation. Your invitation to … is welcome.Thank you for your …, but unfortunately … It’s not possible for me to …was a lovely surprise.REFUSALI’m quite unable to … I’m terribly sorry to have to refuse. I’m very sorry but I can’t make it / come.S CCCCGG G L LL LLL LLLL LL LL G G GGL G L L LS1. Write a letter of acceptance if you can go. 2. Write a letter of refusal if you can’t.OLANGUAGE FOCUS Word Study Word FormsComplete the following sentences, using appropriate forms of the words in parentheses.1. Ecotourism helps provide funds for … (conserve) 2. Burning forests will lead to the of wildlife habitat. (destroy133 3. An ounce of is better than a pound of cure. (prevent)4. Poachers should be kept away from national parks for theof rare animals. (protect)5. Road construction and hotel building in national parks forecotourism purposes will lead to forest … (reduce)Grammar a) The Modal Auxiliary ShouldExample A. Have you ever thought of recycling?B. Well, we should recycle things such as bags, cans, and bottles.Write answers to the following questions with should and the prompts in parentheses,1341. A. What should we do to reduce water pollution?B. I think (treat toxic chemicals / discharge / river) 2. A. What should we do to prevent rhino poaching?B. (not use horns / associated products) 3. A. What should we do to conserve forests?B. (control/deforestation) 4. A. What should we do to prevent global warming?B. (reduce / smoke / exhaust gas) 5. A. What should you do to prevent forest fires?B. 6. A. What should you do to reduce air pollution?B、7. A. What should you do to save energy? B.Unit 10. Conservation b) Conditional Sentences: Type 2 Example ܓܠ”A: What would happen if people used gas without control?B. They would suffer from a shortage of natural gas.Write answers to the following questions.1. A: What would happen if dwellers in this city didn’t save energy?What if local authorities didn’t control dynamite fishing?What if oil tankers leaked?What if poachers killed polar bears for fur?3.What would happen if more and more people used motorbikes and cars ?What if the Earth were hit by a large comet?What if more hotels were built in national parks?c) Conditional Sentences: Type 3Example ܓ؟If there had not been the establishment of Nam Cat Tien National Park, most of the area’s ecosystem would have been greatly damagedThe first one has been done for you. If chemical factories hadn’t discharged toxic chemicals, city dwellers would not have suffered three days without running water. (suffer) If hunters had stopped poaching rare animals for commercial purposes, and felling trees for Wood, nature . (Conserve). The sea creatures there wouldn’t have been killed if factories in thiscity sewage into the sea. (discharge). Global warming would have been prevented if peopleexhaust fumes. (reduce)… If more garbage into the sea, people would haveg suffered from sea pollution. (dump)… If humans had been more friendly with nature, theynatural disasters. (endure). If people more envi friendly products, theywould not have worried about global warming. (use)… If local authorities had controlled hotel building in this national parkWell, the forests there . (destroy)


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