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    Unit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planetsUnit 10 Life on other planets

    Unit 10 Life on other planets –

    Look at the pictures of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). Ask and answer with a partner a) Have you ever heard about UFOs? Do you think they really exist? b) Have you ever seen any films on UFOs? What were they about? c) What do you want to know about UFOs? d) If you saw a UFO, what would you do? UFOs are strange flying objects that some people report they have seen in the sky and believed to be spacecraft from another planet. Many scientists do not believe so. They say that if people see a UFO, it might be an aircraft, a weather balloon or a meteor. However, there is still evidence for people to believe in the existence of UFOs. In 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an experienced pilot in the USA, reported that he saw nine large round objects traveling at about 2,800 meters an hour to the left and north of Mount Rainier.83 In 1952, there were more than 1,500 UFO sightings around the world. In 1954, a woman and her children believed they saw a UFO above their house. The woman said she saw two aliens in the spacecraft. In 1964, a farmer claimed he saw an egg-shaped object in one of his fields and also aliens collecting soil samples. In 1971, two men claimed they were captured by aliens and taken aboard a spacecraft. After being examined by the aliens, the men were freed. In 1978, a young pilot and his plane disappeared after sighting a UFO. In 1981, Renato Nicolai, who was living in the south east of France, reported that he saw a plate-like device at a treetop 30 meters away from his garden.S SS S LS 0GGG LL LL GG LLGLL L SLSL LC CLLCCLaaaSS proof, supportfalling star, or shooting star unknown / strange people or things bringing together or gatheringcaught as a prisonerbecame impossible to seeb) Complete the notes.f UFO sightingsa) or can be e) A farmer saw in 1964.I mistaken for an alien f) In 1971, two men – spacecraft. -g). A pilot in 1978.b) In 1947, a pilot saw – ) In 1981, a Frenchmanc) There were over reported from his worldwide in 1952. garden.d) In 1954, a woman and her children saw house, Unit 10: Life on other planets3. SPEARLSG S LLLL LLLLCCC LS L aaC CCCCCCC LCLLL G LLLL LL LLLLL LCLCLL LLLLS S G CL L LCLLLL LLL LLLLLGG C S L LLLS LL LLGLLL L L LGSLC CC LLLLL LL LLLLLL dialogue with a partnerminerals plants little creatures mountains gemstones water gas Nam: What do these drawings say, Hung? Hung: There might be water in Mars. Nam: And what about those black sparkling spots on the right corner?Hung: Well, they might be traces of gemstones. There may be a lot of precious stones on Mars.b) Make up similar dialogues about the drawings, using the cues in section a).c) Now talk with a partner Tell each other what you think there might be on Mars, on the moon and on other planets. |으.4. SEN Listen to the description of the moon. Then check (/) the correct statements about the moon.a) There is no air on the moon. b) There are rivers and lakes on the moon. c) There are no sounds on the moon.d) It is very cold at night on the moon.e) During the day the temperature is even lower. f) There are great round holes on the moon. g) There are no mountains on the moon. h) You will weigh 8 kilos heavier on the moon. i) You will be able to jump very high on the moon. j) One day on the moon lasts for two weeks. S. READASPACE TRIP Do you want to plan for some kind of exciting trip? Do you have a million dollars? Are you very healthy? Are you a good traveler’? Do you want to go to nowhere? Then you can have a trip to space.If you decide to take the trip, you will have to get ready a few months before the flight. You must be in excellent physical condition. You should run a lot, swim every day, and do aerobics and push-ups. You must get a letter from the doctor that shows you are in perfect health.Once you get on the trip, you will be in a different world. You will see pictures of the Earth. You may also find your country and other interesting places. You will be able to see Unit 10: Life on other planetsthe oceans, the big rivers, the tall mountains. You will be able to see them many times because you will orbit the Earth 16 times a day! You will also be able to see stars that you couldn’t see from the Earth.When you are in orbit, you will be able to get out of your seat and walk in the cabin. You will be able to walk on the walls or on the ceiling like in a circus. You will not weigh anything! You will feel totally free and enjoy the wonderful feeling you have never had before. If you were on board nOW, would experience those marvelous things. So do you think you will be able to take a space trip? Start to dream now and your dream may come true some day.a) Put the phrases in order to show what you need and get in joining a trip into the space.get a letter from a doctor to show you are in perfect health see pictures of the Earth, its interesting places, and stars from very far feel free and enjoy wonderful feeling get ready and be in an excellent physical conditionget on the tripb) Answer. Then write the answers in fill sentences. 1. What will you have to do if you decide to take a space trip? 2. What must you do if you want to show you are in perfect health? 3. What scenes on the Earth can you see from outer space? 4. How many times a day can you see those scenes? 5. What things can you do while you are in orbit that you cannot do when you are on the Earth? 6. If you were able to take a space trip, what would you do to prepare for the trip? What would you like to bring along? 6. WRITES LLLLL LLL LLSLSLL GCCC LLLLL L LLLLL S S LLLLL LL LLL ML LL LSLSLLL CLLC S GL LLLL LL LL SL LGLLS LLS SLLLLLCLLS SA. B Introduction (presents the (i) Therefore, UFOs are just the writer’s viewpoint: I think…, | imagination of some writers and they do I believe …, …) exist only in films for entertainment. Body (gives reasons / (ii) I don’t believe there exist UFOs even examples for persuasion: though many newspapers talk a lot about Firstly, …; Secondly, …; them. – – – – – – – – – – – – )(iii) Firstly, flying saucers might be aircraft, balloons, clouds or tricks of light. Secondly, there are not enough photos showing clearly the shapes of the UFOs. Moreover, if there are UFOs, there will certainly be traces of their landing on the ground.Conclusion (sums up the argument: therefore, …)b) Read the dialogue between An and Ba about the existence of UFOs. An: Do you think UFOs exist? Ba: Yes. Articles and reports in newspapers talk lots about UFO appearance. An: What makes you believe there are UFOs?Ba: Well, many people around the world say they have seen flying saucers, so they must exist.An: Flying saucer! It might be their imagination.Ba: I don’t think so. There are plenty of photos of them. And, some of the photographers said they saw man-like creatures get out of the saucers,An: If there were flying saucers, there would be traces of their landing.Ba: You’re right. People are talking about the mysterious circles on the fields in Great Britain. UFOs are no longer human beings’ imagination. They’re real. We should be ready to welcome their visits.Unit 10: Life on other planetsSLL L S SG LLLL LL LL LLL LLLLLL aL LL GGCCC LLL LLL LLLL LL LL LL LLCLC L of UFOs. Begin withI believe UFOs exist because articles and reports in newspapers…………..LANGUAGE FOCUSModals: may, might Conditional sentences: type 1 and type 2S C LLL LL LLL S L LaL S L L S L L S LC CCL LLLSIt may be a book or it might be a game.book / game box of crayons / box of paints89 Histos flying saucer / meteorO evening star / spacecraft 2. Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in the box.rain / not go out join / finishwrite / not forget not be / drop miss / not hurrya) If it rains this evening, I won’t go out.b) Lan the bus if she c) If Ha careful, he the cup. d) Mrs. Nga us if she her work early, e). If Mrs. Binh a shopping list, she what to buy. 3. Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences. a) Example:Ba / be rich // travel around the world If Ba were rich, he would travel around the world.90 Unit 10: Life on other planetsb) c)Lan /live / Ho Chi Minh City // visit / Saigon Water Parkd) e)Nam / arrive / school / on time // Hoa / live / Hue // see / parentshave / alarm clock every day f)Tuan / get / better / grades / study / harder91 If I met an alien from outer space, I would invite him/her to my home and talk.


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