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Unit 15 The Pacific RimUnit 15 The Pacific RimUnit 15 The Pacific Rim

Unit 15 The Pacific RimUnit 15 The Pacific RimUnit 15 The Pacific Rim
Unit 15 The Pacific RimUnit 15 The Pacific RimUnit 15 The Pacific Rim
Unit 15 The Pacific Rim

Unit 15 The Pacific Rim –

What are the names of the capital cities of the four countries in parth? Un 15 The Pacific RinReading Text Read the text and do the tasks that follow.The Pacific Rim region offers great diversity – with the economic dynamism of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore; the highly advanced technological development in Japan, Korea, and the western Unitedates, the natural resources of Australia, Canada, the Philippines, and the Russian Far East; the human resources of China, Indonesia, and VietNam; and the agricultural productivity of Chile, New Zealand, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United States, among others. Some theorists say that the center of the world economic activity may refocus on the Pacific Rim.Japan, a country of over 3,000 islands, extends along the eastern or Pacific coast of Asia, covering 377,835 sq km (including 3.091 sq km of territorial waters). The capital and largest city is Tokyo and the population is 126,771,660. Japanese is the official language. Present-day Japan ranks among the world’s leading industrialized countries. It is also the third largest exporter after the United States and Germany.The Commonwealth of Australia is in the southeast of Asia between the Pacific and Indian oceans. The country comprises the continent of Australia, the world’s smallest continent, and a number of islands. It has an area of 7,682.300 sq km and a population of 19,357,594. Canberra is the capital and Sydney is the largest city. The official language is English. About 94 percent of the people are of European descent. Australia is the world’s leading producer and exporter of wool. The country also ranks as a major exporter of wheat, meat, dairy products, and other foodstuffs.191 The Republic of Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia with a total area of 692.7 sq. km and a multiracial population of 4.425,720. The biggest city and capital is Singapore City. Official languages are Malay (National), English, Chinese, and Tamil. After Singapore became an independent republic in 1965, foreign investments have stimulated the country’s rapid growth. Today, Singapore has one of the highest standards of living in Asia, with its economy centered on the production of electronic items, ship building, petroleum refining, tourism, international banking, and international trade.Canada stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. Canada is the world’s second largest country with an area of 9,970,610 sq km. The capital is Ottawa, and the largest city is Toronto. The population of Canada is 31,592,805, and about one-third of the people are of British origin. One-fourth are of French origin, living mainly in Quebec and maintaining their language and culture. The official languages are English and French. About fourfifths of Canada’s exports are to the United States, and over two-thirds of its imports are from this neighboring country.a Complete the table below with information from the text. Country Area Capital City Largest City Population Language(s) Australia Canada Japan Singapore 192 Unit 15. The Pacific Rinb) Find the words in the text with the following meanings. 1. authorized 3. chief 2. top 4. inhabitants 5. Shoreline c) Anser the following quaestions. 1. Which countries are larger exporters than Japan? 2. Which country is the largest in area among the four mentioned? 3. Which of the four countries has the smallest area?LISTENINGa Work with a partner, 1. Find the names of the countries nearest to the North Pole. 2. Find the people who are fond of hamburgers and pumpkin pie. 3. Find the country whose national emblem has a merlion.S L L L L L L C LLL LLL LLLL G C LLLLLL LLLL LL LLLLLL C LLLL CCCC L L SSLL LLLLS the names of the countries.Speaker CountryA. BCS S S S LS L C L S LSLGS G SCLSS SSLSSSCCSS S LCCCCL CGS L S LL LLLL S SLLLSLS SS L CCCLCCCLLLL LLLGGGGGS LLL GLGGL LLL LLLLLL steesSpeaker AT 1. The country has a lot of diamonds. D D 2. The country is in South Asia.D D3. Four official languages are spoken in this country.13TIENGANH10(NC)-A 193 Speaker B4. The country is the biggest in the world. 5. The country has different climates nationwide.6. It is very cold in the north of the country.Speaker C7. The population of this country is 300 million. 8. Most people live in cosmopolitan cities.9. Two popular sports are football and basketball.SPEAKNGAsking for and Giving Information About CitiesGGSSS LSLSLLL LS CLLLS LLL LLL LL LLCCC L LL CL L LCCSL L L L LLLLLLLLSL S LLLL SS LLLLLSS L LGG S S S LSL GSS GSLLLLL S LLLL S G SLLLSS LLLLS CCCCLLSS S L L L L L L L L L L L L S CCC aG LG SLS LS LSMexico City and its surrounding areao Founded: 1325 o Area: 1.547 sq. km o Population: 9,815,795Sydney and its surrounding areao Founded: 1788 o Area: 1,580 sq. km o Population: 3,738,500194Tokyo and its surrounding areao Founded: the 12th century o Area: 2,180 sq. km o Population; 7,966,195Toronto and its surrounding area e Founded: 1793o Area: 5,868 sq. km o Population; 4,263,75713 TIẾNG ANH 10-NC-B| || 5 || P. R.SS S CCCCS SS S LL SS LS LLL LLLL CLCCLLS LLLLL G CCCCC S LLLCC L LLS SL SLS S L S L SGG G LLLLLLLLSLS SC C LCCS L CC SS LL CLSSLLLL LL country and city…. ExampleHi, everyone. I would like to give you some information about (name of the country) and particularly, the biggest city (one of the biggest cities) of this country (name of the city). Well, the city and its surrounding area were founded in (year) with a total area of (number). At present, the city’s population is about (number) … Thank you for your attention.SS S S L LCS G GG SSSLSLS L L L L L LSL LSL LSLSSS LCC SS S L L L L L SLS town for your group’s presentation next week.WRITINGWriting a Postcard GS SSS S L SSLLLSSLSLS SG S LL GSGS S LLL CCCCCCCCC C LLLL LS S SLSLS S S SL model given on the left. 1. Salutation 2. Body o Your feeling o The weather o The placea. See you soon. b. Dear Mary c. We are having a wonderful timeo Things you have done here in Viet Nam.o Future plansd. Our hotel is very near the beach.3. Closing e. Yesterday we took a boat trip to4. Signature a small island and spent the day lying on the beach and exploring the island. f. The weather is wonderful. g. We are visiting a coastal village and enjoying seafood today. h. JohnS LLLLS SS S SSGLSL S LGL LLS LSLCC SS LL S SL LLLS LLSLS LS S L GG postcard to an American penpal.asses * In 15 The Pacific RinHo Chi Minh Cityܝܵܠ ܐ راfoLANGUAGE FOCUSWord StudyCountries, Nationalities, and Languagesa Work in pairs to complete the table below,Country Capital City People language(s)- Canberra Australia SS Canada Ottawa Chile SS Chilean Indonesia Jakarta SS New Zealand New Zealander Peru Lima Peruvian The Philippines EnglishSingapore Singapore City SingaporeanThailand Thai The United States Washington, D.C. Viet Nam VietnameseSS SSC L L L SSSSSLL GG LLL LLL LLG LLL LLL CCCCCCC C 0 GS L LL L C LH LLL table above. 1. This expert comes from Japan. He is a and he can speak three languages besides 2. Although she was born in speak and Vietnamese. 3. A. Is he, she is not an Australian. She canB: No, he isn’t. He’s living in Kuala Lumpur now with his family but he cannot speak . He uses English in his work.4. A. Where does he come from?B: From , I guess, because he said he was born in Montreal and speaks5. used to be occupied by many countries before it became independent. speak Tagalog and English.6. A. What are the official languages of B. Well, Malay, English, Chinese, and Tamil.7. A. You travel to Bangkok several times a year. Can you speak B. Well, not very well, because I’m not a native. I often use English in my work. 8. The capital city of is Washington, D.C. Although the country is multiracial, is the first language of most people. 9. He is a New Zealander. Nevertheless, he was not born in but in Spain. So he can speak both languages, and Spanish.198In my opinion, Melbourne is interesting, but Beijing is (1) because of its spectacular sights and ancient architecture. 2. In some ways Ha Noi is the (2) interesting of all the cities I visited in Viet Nam. The natural features of the city’s environment together with its historic sites arouse a sense of nostalgia. 3. It is hot in Melbourne, but not as hot (3) in Ho Chi Minh. City. For me, Ho Chi Minh City is the (4) during the dry SCaSOI.b) Reread the information about Tokyo, Mexico City, Sydney, and Toronto. S L LLLL LL LL LLL L LCCCCCCCL L L L L L S L S L CCCCL LCLLLLLSExamples ܓ؟- Tokyo has a longer history than Mexico City. It was founded in the twelfth century while the latter was founded in 1325.- Tokyo is larger than Mexico City. Its area is 2,180 sq. km while the latter’s is 1,547 sq.km.- Tokyo is not so densely populated as Mexico City. Its population is 7,966,195 while the latter’s is 9,815,795.


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