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Unit 16 Historical PlacesUnit 16 Historical PlacesUnit 16 Historical Places

Unit 16 Historical PlacesUnit 16 Historical PlacesUnit 16 Historical Places
Unit 16 Historical PlacesUnit 16 Historical PlacesUnit 16 Historical Places
Unit 16 Historical Places

Unit 16 Historical Places –

Work with a partner. Match the pictures with the names of the countries they belong to. 1. Cambodia 3. China 2. Viet Nam 4. Japan Reading TextRead the text and do the tasks that follow,After its establishment as the national capital of Japan in 794, Kyoto became the new base of the Japanese imperial family, and for over a thousand years it developed into a center of Japanese culture.With its 1,600 Buddhist temples, 400 shrines, many palaces, and dozens of fabulous gardens, Kyoto is ranked one of the most culturerich cities of the World. Kyoto is also famous for its colorful festivals. Every year, the enthronement anniversary of the emperor and other fascinating state events are still held here.Since the imperial capital was moved to Tokyo in 1868, Kyoto has been transformed into a modern city under the influence of Western culture. As the Japanese government recognizes the need to protect its invaluable properties, the cultural and historical sites in Kyoto and in the Surrounding areas have been given appropriate care and maintenance.a Choose the best title for the text.In fact, a set of 17 historical sites was registered as World Heritage in 1993.In the hilly northeastern edge of the Nara Basin, 40 km east of Osaka, lies the city of Nara. Although the city’s name was officially changed to Heijo-kyo when it was made the capital of Japan in 710, Japanese preferred calling it the capital of Nara because of its location. Both businesses and the arts started to flourish in Nara until 794 – when the capital was moved to Heiankyo (Kyoto). Nara is now referred to as the ancient capital of Japan, and in spite of the change in status, it has become one of the most visited cities in Japan. The hidden beauty, the rich history, and the atmosphere of ancient Japan that Nara retains make it one of the highlights of Japanese tourist industry.1. Kyoto, Ancient Capital of Japan2. Ancient Capitals of Japan 3. Nara, First Capital of Japan 4. Capitals of Japan2O1S CLS LL SS LS L S S L SSSLSSSGS S C CCCCCCCS S 1. extremely good (like in fairy tales) 2. founding (n.) 3. a ceremony to show that a king or queen starts his/her rule 4. the act of keeping something in good condition 5. things that are owned by somebody or by a nation 6. develop highlyc) Answer the folloing quaestions. 1. Why is Kyoto considered an important cultural center of Japan?2. How are Japanese ancient rituals and traditions kept alive in modern Kyoto?3. Has the Japanese government given proper preservation of Kyoto’s historical sites? Why or why not?4. How long did Nara function as Japan’s imperial capital? 5. What makes Nara a famous tourist attraction nowadays? S S SLLLL GLCCCL LLLS S LLLLLLLCC SLLL LLC LLCL LLLLLLLC LLLSSS S LLLLLformer capital of Vier Nam.LISTENINGGS LSL S LS CC LLLLSLSLSL S L LSSLLCLL G LLLLL S LLL LGGLLLL LLLLLS SLLLLLLL correspondiης ρία Πιναν.2O2 1. The Royal Citadel 2. The Perfume River 3. Court music 4. A mandarin5. Artisan and handicraftsS LLLLLL G G C CaC S SLLLL LGLLL LLLL L LL LLLCLCLL LLLC LLCCC L L L L LS S S SLLLLSS S S S G S L S SGSS SL G SS 1. Phu Bai Airport is about of the center of Hue. A. 40 kilometers south B. 14 kilometers north C. 40 kilometers north D. 14 kilometers South2. Tourists can travel around the Royal Citadel A. by bicycle B. on horseback C. by cyclo D. by boat3. You pay for a boat tour on the Perfume River. A. 40.000 VND B. 50.000 VND C. USS 5 D. USS 9 4. Hue is about one thousand kilometers from A. Ho Chi Minh City B. Da Nang C. Ha Noi D. Hai Phong 5. There are flight connections to Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh CityA. every other day B. every day C. three times a week D. weekly ο) / I Meη το ατομι μιαία ΙαίΚίης Ιονίνίτο Διαθομι νοητρα Παρτίοη ΤραπΠριν MS S S S LLLS SLLGL SLSLLSS SGLGSGGS G SLLL SCSSLSGSSLS S LSLSS How long did the Nguyen Dynasty last?Are the buildings in Hue varied in styles?Where is Thien Mu Pagoda located? Besides its ancient buildings and beautiful landscapes, what has made Hue more attractive?What can tourists see in local villages?5.鶴 SPEAKING Giving Explanations of an Event GGS SS S S CCCS S S SCS CSSGSS L SS aG aCSLLSLLSGG LCCaCCCS SS S GS S SS S LSSL To1. Where is it located? 2. Why does it attract many Vietnamese and international tourists?3. Why is it called an ancient town?Useful ExpressionsIt is famous because … It is famous for … It was one of the major. It used to be … Since it is … , it has attracted … It is well-preserved so that…SS SL SL GG CCCSG C SS S S LLLL S S S GLLLL LL LSLC LL GLLLL S LLLL facts and figures belona,Hoi An Ancient TownLocation: 30 km south of Da Nang Past event: Seaport attracting foreign traders (16th, 17th, 18th centuries) Present status: World Cultural Heritage Site Tourist attractions:- Narrow Streets- Moss-walled buildings – Old pagodas and other places of worship – Low tiled-roof houses of Chinese and Japanese styles – Features of an ancient seaportExampleA: Is Hoi An very close to Da Nang?B: Er… about 30 km south of Da Nang.C: Why is it called an ancient town?B. Well, because… it was built Very long ago, um… around the 16th century.SLSLS CC LSS S LLLCC LLLLL LLLL S SLLLL SLLGGS LLLLS LL KпоигиеII.(You may talk about King Hung’s Anniversary or any historical/cultural event(s) in your hometown.)205–ДмитмеDescribing Information. Using a TableGGSS LSLSS LLLS S LLLCC CL LLLLLL LLLLCC LLLLL LL LLLLLLLL L CLLLLLLLSExample1 live in a small … It’s a … community of about one thousand inhabitants … People work hard here, and they….JSSS S L SS S S S S L L L L CLLL LLL L LLLS L LL CC L LS S LSS S SLS SCCCaLLS SS S SS S LSLSSSS S LLLL S SS S SS S S S SCities 1 ܓܠ¬.Facts and Figures1. Original name 2. Year founded3. Location4. Founding father 5. Population (2006)6. Historical and/or cultural features7. Current status8. Tourist attractionsHa NoiThang Long1010 In the heart of the Red River Delta King Ly Thai To About 4 million – Site of Old Citadel- Witness of August RevolutionPolitical, economic, and cultural center of Viet NamOld Citadel: Ba Dinh Square; Tran Quoc Pagoda; West Lake, etc.Ho Chi MinhSaigon1698 On a large bend of the Saigon River Nguyen Hưu Canh Over 8 million Buildings and people’s lifestyles reflectingVietnamese, Chinese, and Western cultures- Economic and cultural center of Viet Nam- Cosmopolitan cityBen Thanh Market:Chinatown; Ho Chi Minh Museumhistoric Places29 LANGUAGE FOCUSWord StudyAdjectives Ending in -a or -icalSL LL LSLLLLL S GL LLLLLL S S S S LLLL S SCCC S LLL LL LSLLLLLLGL SLSL CLS LLLLLLLSS LLSL L L SSL L S LS S G GGGGHCCL LLLS SSLS S L SSLL SLLS SSCCSSSSS LL SLS LSL been done for you.royalty architecture coast history culture centerTourist.Guide.Tourist.Guide.Tourist.Guide.GrammarWhat can I see in (1) Central VietNam? You can enjoy yourself at the beautiful beaches of many of e (2) towns. Besides, you can go to Hue and visit the (3) tombs of the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty. I’ve heard of Hoi An. Is it an interesting place? Yes. It’s an ancient town with many Japanese and Chinese (4) and (5) features. What other places should I visit? Why don’t you go to Ha Noi? You can find many (6) sites, like the Old Citadel and Sword Lake.a Use of the with Geographical NamesOceans the Pacific OceanSeas the Black SeaRivers The Mekong River, The NileMountain ranges the Alps, the Rocky MountainsPlace names that look plural the Netherlands, the United States, the PhilippinesGroups of lakes the Great LakesPlace names in specific directions the North of VietNam2O7SL LS S S L L S S SLL S CLCCLS LCCLSSSSS LS LS S SSLS SSLSSSLSLS SSLLSS S S SL neededYou’ll take a flight across (1) Pacific Ocean, and your first stop in (2) United States is in (3) San Francisco, (4) California, on (5) West Coast. Next, you’ll fly to (6) Rocky Mountains, and then to (7) Grand Canyon National Park and see (8) Mount Trumbell. From there, you’ll fly on to (9) New York, where you can take another plane to (10) Europe.S S SSLS SSGSCC SLSLSLS SLS CCS LLL G SLSLS L S S S S G LLLLCCCCGS S S SL SL been done for yolu,We take / boat trip / along / the Red River / last week We took a boat trip along the Red River last week. Nile / flow / through / Egypt Washington, D.C. / capital / United States Ha Noi/capital/Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Netherlands / in / EuropeJack / go skiing / Alps / every winter 7. There be / tidal waves / on South Coast / Pacific Ocean / last yearSentences with Although / Even Though, or But and in Spite of / Despite Examples ܓܠ”- Although / Even though the official name of the capital was Heijo-kyo, it was called the Capital of Nara because of its location.- The official name of the capital was Heijo-kyo, but it was called the Capital of Nara because of its location.- In spite of its official name – Heijo-kyo, it was called the Capital of Nara because of its location.208Fill in the blanks with although / even though, but, or in spite of / despite. Tourism in Sa Pa This year’s figures show that Sa Pa has attracted more tourists than the previous year. In fact, (1) Weather conditions were not favorable in the cold months, holidaymakers came in large groups to Pa this January. Many paid a visit to the tribal villages(2) the slippery roads. Also, accommodation in Sa Pa may not have been so good as the visitors had expected, (3) local people’s kind hospitality with which they wereentertained was an enjoyable experience. And what’s more, Sa Pas atmosphere remained as cozy and peaceful as ever (4) the number of tourists is on the increase.d) Join each pair of sentences with the word(s) in parentheses. 1. The flight was long. I wasn’t very tired. (although) Although the flight was long, I wasn’t very tired. 2. We took that package tour. Its cost was high. (despite) We took that package tour despite its high cost.3…. We couldn’t get tickets to the Old Citadel. We lined up for an hour. (even though) 4. Many parts of the Old Citadel were destroyed. Archeologists could find valuable relics. (although) 5. We went on exploring Hoi An Ancient Town. We felt tired. (in spite of) The sign was right in front of him. He didn’t notice it. (even though). The house is old. It looks very attractive. (despite)8… We could get to the airport in time for our flight home. The traffic was heavy. (in spite of)4TENGANH 10(NC-A 209


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