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Unit 2 PeopleUnit 2 PeopleUnit 2 People

Unit 2 PeopleUnit 2 PeopleUnit 2 People
Unit 2 PeopleUnit 2 PeopleUnit 2 People

Unit 2 People’s Backgounds –

Work in pairs and match the names of people in column A with relevant information in column B. Reading TextRead the text and do the tasks that follow.Louis Pasteur is a w o r l d – fa m o u s French chemist. He invented the process of pasteurization and developeVaccines for several diseases including rabies. By the time of his death in 1895, he had become a national hero and had been honored inmany ways. He was given a state funeral at the Cathedral ofDame in There areNotre Paris.can come to receive different kinds of Vaccinations.WHO S WHO2Ton That Tung was apioneer in liver surgery.He was also the father ofa new technique named after him for operating on the liver. “Ton That Tungmethod enables a liver operation to be completed in four to eight minutes instead of three to six hours as before.Nelson Mandela, an antiapartheid activist, helped form the YouthLeague of the African – National Congress (ANC),which led peaceful mass protests against apartheid.He also addressed the Conference of the Pan-African Freedom Movement of East and Central Africa, and this was warmly received political Several countries. In 1964, he was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment but was released in 1990. Threecombined efforts ended apartheid and brought about a peaceful transition to nonracial democracy in South Africa. In 1994, Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. Five years later, he retired from the presidency at the age of 81. a Work in pairs to complete the table below.People AchievementsLouis Pasteur – Inventing the process of pasteurization (1) e (2)(3) e Being a pioneer in liver surgery in Viet NamCreating a new technique for operating on the liverNelson Mandela – Forming The Youth League of ANC to fight against apartheid(4) (5) പ Becoming the first black president of South Africab) Answer the following guestions… What did Louis Pasteur do to save people’s lives?2.Dr. Ton That Tung brought about a great change in liver operation. What is this change?3.How long was Nelson Mandela imprisoned?… Why were Nelson Mandela and F. W. de Klerk awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?4.S S SSSLS S S SCCCCSS S SLLLLS GSGS S SSSCSSSSLSSSSSLSSSSS S SSS S LSSSSSCCSS S SG (αρισιν ραννο), η Μίρ Ναμη.ଦ୍ବିତ LISTENINGS SS LL LS LS LSSSLL SLLSS LSL LSSSS SSLLLSGSSS SS SSSSSG SSLLSLLS S GSCCSS 1. What cities do you think are shown in the pictures? 2. Who discovered the city in picture al?3. Who founded the Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang?S LL LLLL CC S S S S L S SLLLLLLC LLLCLLL LLLLLLLLS S S LS SSSLLaaL SLLCCLLLLLLL LS L L L L S GG LLLL SL LLLLL S S LLL CCCCCCCCCL LLLLLLboxes. The correct the false statements.1. Alexandre Yersin was born in France.2. He graduated from a medical school in Paris, 3. His home is in Da Lat. 4. He built the Pasteur Institute in Da Lat.5. He discovered Da Lat in the 18th century.c) What happened to Yersin in the following years.” 1888: joined Dr. Louis Pasteur’s team 1891: 1863: 1882: Unit 2. People’s Backgroundsd) Listen to part B of the talk and circle the correct answers,… What animal did he raise to use in his research?A. Rats. C. Cats. B. Rabbits. D. Horses. 2. What tree did he introduce to VietNam? A. The coffee tree. C. The mango tree. B. The rubber tree. D. The tea tree. 3. In what kind of plantations can quinine be found? A. Tea plantations. C. Cinchona plantations. B. Coffee plantations. D. None are correct. 4. What did people in Nha Trang think about him? A. He was friendly. C. He was polite. B. He was humane. D. He was selfish.5. How old was he when he died? Α. 68. C. 78. B. 58. D. 80.e) in groups, talk about Yersin’s contributions to Viet Nan. 魯 SPEARNGTalking about People’s Backgroundsa Make questions about Louis Pasteur.LOUİS PaSteUrl (1822 – 1895) – Was born in France – Became a World-famous French chemist and biologist – Developed vaccines for several diseases -Received a doctorate in 1847 – Founded an institution for the treatment of rabies in 188 – Was given a state funeral at the Cathedral of Notre Dame e. Examples – What did Louis Pasteur invent?- What was he famous for?SS S LLLS CLLL LLL LLS LLCC CC S L C S L C GG LLS S C C SL G LSCCLLLS SS L LSLLLLLLfollowing suggested questions,oWhere was she he born?o What school did she/he go to?o What degree did she/he get?e What is her/his job?a What could she/he do in her/his job? o Do you admire her/him? Why?WRITING التيWriting a Summary of a BiographyA summary is a brief statement of the main points of a passage. Writing a summary will help you understand the text better.Elizabeth BlockwellElizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821 and emigrated to New York City when she was 10 years old. One day she decided that she wanted to become a doctor. That was nearly impossible for a woman in the middle of the nineteenth century. After sending many applications to medical schools, she was finally accepted by a doctor in Philadelphia. So determined was she to achieve her ambition that she taught at Schools and gave music lessons to earn money for her tuition.In 1849, after graduation from medical school, she decided to further her education in Paris. She wanted to be a surgeon but a serious eye infection forced her to abandon the idea. Upon returning to the United States, she found it difficult to start her own practice because she was a woman. By 1857, Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, along with another female doctor, managed to open a new hospital for women and children, the first of its kind in the United States. Besides being the first female physician in the United States who established her own hospital, she was also the founder of the first medical school for Women.28In 2. People’s BackgroundsS LLLLL C C C S S L GGG L L SLS L C L C L S GS 1. Where and when was Elizabeth Blackwell born? 2. At what age did she emigrate to New York City? 3. What did she want to become? 4. Was it easy or difficult for her to realize her dream in the 19th century? SS LL LL L CCC L LL CLLLLLC CLLLL CLLL LLL GLLLGGL G L C LLL LL LLLLLL S CCCCCSGS LL GG LL LLL LLL CCCS LGL L CCC L L SLS paragraph 2. Then write a surnary of it. Sample Summary of Paragraph 1Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821 and emigrated to New York City at the age of ten. She wanted to become a doctor but it was difficult for her to realize her dream in the 19th century.Ó LANGUAGE FocusWord Study Compound Adjectives Noun + Adjective – Compound Adjective G LS L L L L LLC LLLCLLLCLL LLLLS LL SLLLL LGG LLLCLLCL S L HH S LL LL CCCCCCCCCL L GGLS S L LS L L S LLLLL LS S SL L S LSL LLLLL LLL LLfor yои.b Cfrost d. friendly 4. e. free 5.environment b) Complete the fol1[ورو === e; +++SLور،ں++aیور;[روسی [/…t. – III, IIIstructures should respect nature.. A(n) fridge uses a lot of energy.2 3. Shakespeare is a(n) playwright. 4. You can find a(n) shop at the airport. 5. It’s time for manufacturers to think of products. Grammar Wh-Questions Who people What people, animals, facts, events Where places hen time Which choices Why TeaSOIS Whose possession OM/ manner, quality ^ Examples- Who is your school librarian? – What happened last night? – What did she buy at a store yesterday? – Where did she buy some food yesterday? – When did she buy some food?a) Write Wh-questions for the underlined words or phrases.1. Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful sights in Viet Nam.2. This street is 10 km long.3. He hurriedly answered the phone.30 They canceled their trip because of bad Weather. His new car is red. b) Write Wh-questions for the following The first one has been done for you.1. A: Would you give me a toothbrush, please? B: ou like? A: Yellow.2. A: ? (your sister) B: Twenty.3. A: ‘ (your school) B: Ten minutes” walk.4. A: 2 (answer the phone) B: Hurriedly.5.A: ? (your boss) B: Very friendly,c) What would you say in the following situations.” The first one has been done for you,1.2.3.You are talking to a girl at a party. Ask her about her study. What school do you go to?You want to know when you hand in your assignment. Ask your riend.. Your friend is having a party. You’d like to know who he has invited. Ask him.You’ve forgotten when the English course finishes. Ask your friend.. Your mother went shopping. You want to know the amount of beefshe bought. Ask her.31


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