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    Unit 5 The mediaUnit 5 The mediaUnit 5 The mediaUnit 5 The mediaUnit 5 The mediaUnit 5 The mediaUnit 5 The media

    Unit 5 The media –

    Before newspapers were invented, town criers would go through city streets ringing a bell. They shouted the latest news as they were walking. Unit 5: thenediaB. In VietNam people love reading newspapers and magazines. The Kien Thuc Ngay Way is one of the most popular magazines and is widely read by both teenagers and adults.C Thanks to television people can get the latest information and enjoy interesting programs in an inexpensive and convenient way. Nowadays, viewers can watch a variety of local and international programs on different channels.D The next stage in the development of television is interactive TV. Viewers are able to ask questions about the show by using their remote controls.a Complete the table with the passage LSLSGS S SL LLL LSLS SLSLS S S S S SSS S mentionedFacts & Events Passage Letter1. Remote controls are used to interact with TV. D2. One of the most popular magazines3. People of different ages like this magazine.4. Benefits of TV5. People got the news from town criers.6. Interactive TV is available now.41 b) Answer the questions.What was a town crier? How popular is the Kien Thuc Ngay Nay? What benefits does TV bring about to people’s life? … What kinds of magazines and newspapers do you read? What’s your favorite type of media? Why?3. SPEARWork with a partner Read the dialogue.Lien: You like watching Sports, don’t you, Trung?Trung: Not really. Some sports are so violent, and I don’t like watching them. I prefer documentaries.Lien: I’m the opposite. I love watching sports, and documentaries seem quite boring to me.Trung: But you watch the news, don’t you?Lien: Yes, every day. It’s very informative.Trung: I. enjoy it too. You don’t like foreign films, do you?Lien: No, I don’t.LL G LLLLLLCL LL LSL C LS SS L C L CC CL CL LS L SLL LSLSLSDALY TELEVISION GUIDE Thursday, Oct 16VTV1 VTV2 VTV3 8.30. Folk Music 9.15 Documentary: 6.00 Football: Newcastle Dien Bien Phu Battle vs. Southampton10.00 Cartoon: Tom & 13.00 Learning English 11.30 Children’s Corner Jerry through Songs18.15 Literature & Art 14.00 Health for 15.15 Film: Being a Everyone Mother (VietNam) 1900 News 15.30 Gardening. Howto Plant Pear Trees 21.00 Songs I Love20.00 Safe Traffic News 21.30 Wildlife World 22.00 Sports: English Badminton21.30 Drama: Love and 22.15 Weather Forecast 23.30 English News Life42 4. LISTENUnit 5: The mediaListen to a conversation between Chau and her father Fill in the table with theinformation you hearWhen? What happened? 7th or 8th century. The first printed newspaper appeared in China. (a)…… The telegraph was invented. early 20th century. Two new forms of news media appeared; (b)…… (c)…… Television became popular. mid- and late 1990s (d)…… became a major force in journalism. S. READRead the forum on the InternetThe Internet posted by Jimhello on Tuesday, 10 December 2002, at 9.07 pm.V —The Internet has increasingly developed and become part of our everyday life. Do you find the Internet useful? What do you use the Internet for? How much time do you spend surfing the web a day? Please respond to these questions.FORUM Response # 1 Re: The Internet Posted by Sandra MorganIn my opinion, the Internet is a very fast and convenient way for me to get information. I can also communicate with my friends and relatives by means of e-mail or chatting. However, I don’t use the Internet very often because I don’t have much time. For me, the Internet is a wonderful invention of modern life. It makes our world a small village.43 Response #2 Re: The InternetPosted by Honghoa Nobody can deny the benefits of the Internet in our life. However, it is a pity for me as well as for most of my friends in the countryside. The Internet is available only in cities, therefore I cannot easily get access to it. I sometimes visit my uncle in the city on weekends, and this is a good occasion for me to explore the net. I spend most of the time wandering because I just don’t know which website is useful for me.Response #3 Re: The InternetPosted by Huansui People use the Internet for many purposes: education, communication, entertainment and commerce. However, the Internet has limitations. It is not only time-consuming and costly but also dangerous because of viruses and bad programs. Moreover, Internet users sometimes have to suffer various risks such as spam or electronic junk mail, and personal information leaking. So, while enjoying surfing, be alert!Απsννεν.What does Sandra use the Internet for? Why is it difficult for Honghoa to get access to the Internet? According to Huansui, why do people use the Internet? Make a list of benefits of the Internet according to the three responses. Are there any disadvantages of the Internet? If so, what are they? Do you agree or disagree with the responses? What is your response to this forum?G. WRELL L LLLLL L LL LLLCLLS S LL LLLCLLLS LL LSLL LS SLSLS S S S L LLLLLLSS CCCGLGLGLSS LLL LL LSLLS S SLL LSLLSLS CLGG L L LS SSLSLSS SG S- The Internet as a source of information (news, articles, weather forecast, etc.) – The Internet as a source of entertainment (music, movies, games, etc.)- The Internet as a means of education (on-line schools, on-line lessons, self-Study, etc.)Unit 5. The mediaLANGUAGE FOCUS Tag questions Gerunds after some verbs 1. Complete the dialogues with the correct tag.a) Jim: You have read this article on the website, haven’t you? Lina: Not yet.b) Minh: Baird produced the first TV picture in 1926, …? Tha0: Yes, he did.c) Thu: A daily newspaper was published in Germany in 1550, …?Tri: No, it wasn’t. It was in 1650. d) Ha: You don’t like playing computer games, …? Thanh: Yes, I do, But I don’t have much time for it. e) Mai: We are going to have cable TV soon, …?Thang: Yes, I think so.2.Work with a partner. Look at the table. Ask and answer questions about television programs these people like and dislike. Use fag quaestions.Key: v = like X = do not like Example:A Titan likes news, doesn’t he? B. Yes, he does. |}} 4: Mai and 4nh don’ JiẢe new’s, do they’’ B. No, they don’t.Programs Tuan Hanh NewsMoviesSportsGamesLessons Work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about each item in the box. Soccer fishing movies detective stories candy music Do you like playing Do you enjoy fishing?I don’t know. I’ve never 4. Use the words in the three boxes to write true sentences about your parents, siblings, relatives, friends and yourself.Example:My father likes watching sports but my mother doesn’t. She loves listening to music.games like watch ITILISIC love listen – articles CITO a. р letters dislike Write advertisements hate Tead Sports


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