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Unit 5 TechnologyUnit 5 TechnologyUnit 5 Technology

Unit 5 TechnologyUnit 5 TechnologyUnit 5 Technology
Unit 5 TechnologyUnit 5 TechnologyUnit 5 Technology
Unit 5 TechnologyUnit 5 Technology

Unit 5 Technology –

Before You Read. Match the objects with their names. it 5 Technologby Work with a partner to answer the following questions.1. In what ways do the devices above help people? Write the names ofthese modern devices next to their uses.a. For entertainment b. For storing data and imagesc. For recording data and imagesd. For cleaning and washinge. For preparing and cooking foodf. For medical diagnosis g. For keeping the air cool2.without modern equipment?Reading TextDo you think people’s lives can be enjoyable and comfortableRead the text and do the tasks that follow.Now is the year 2040. My name’s Ben and I’m working for ABC Computer. I have to work only three days a week, and I spend the rest of my time doing whatever I like. My grandparents always say they were not as lucky as I am – they used to work six days a WeeklA typical day of mine starts at 7. As soon as I wake up, Rosa – my maid robot – is ready with a multifunctional machine which is then placed over my head. Within 3 minutes, the machine brushes my teeth, cleans my face, and combs my hair. After that, Rosa helps me get dressed and tells me that it is time for breakfast.Bob – my cook robot – is waiting for me in the kitchen with a tester fixed to a scale. I stand on the scale and put my hand on the tester. Instantly, all values of my blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight appear on the LCD screen of the machine. Bob prints out the results on a slip of paper and inserts it into a slot on top of the smart refrigerator nearby. Pretty soon, a long beep Sound is heard after all my health values have been checked, and my breakfast comes out of an opening on the left side of the fridge. My meals have always been prepared in this way – just to keep me in good health.Today is not my working day, so I can do what I like. My favorite pastime is browsing the Web. I just need a screen and touch the icons on it with my fingers. My grandpa is quite envious of all the modern technology I’m enjoying. In his time, a CPU used to beIn fact, I’m not as happy as m grandparents think. I have all the machines around me to make my life comfortable, but I don’t have many friends to talk to or go shopping with. I envy my grandparents, whose life used to be busy but full of fun.connected to a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard – unbelievable!a) Choose the best title for the reading passage. 1. Home of the Future 2. Living with Modern Technology 3. Future Technologyb) Answer the following questions. 1. What is a multifunctional machine, as described in the passage? 2. What are Ben’s health values taken for? 3. What does Ben usually do when he is not working? 4. How does Ben’s grandfather feel about modern technology? 5. Pick out words and expressions in the text that depict Ben’s grandparents’ life in the past.c) Read the text again and interpret the sections after or between dashes. Choose the appropriate implied meanings given in the box and write them in the blanks.- the Writer’s Comment Or attitude — apposition to nouns; referring to the previous noun – an explanationUnit 5 Technology1. Paragraph 1 “they used to work six days a week’2. Paragraph 2 “my maid robot”. Paragraph 3 “my cook robot”3.4.. Paragraph 3 “just to keep me in good health’5. Paragraph 4 “unbelievable’ d) Disсиss in groиру.Do you think Ben’s life is enjoyable? Why or why not?QLISTENINGS SS LLCLL aS L CC SS L CCC L S L L L L L L L L L L in the box.power button lens mode dial shutter button zoom button LCD screen(3)(4)SE URSSབོས་ཤེའོ།། དེ་ZZZص(1) (2)Front5TIENGANH10|NC)-A 65 SS SLS S SLLSLLLLL S LLLLL LLLL G LLLL LLLLaLL LLCLLCLLSS LLLLLL S LLLLLL conversation and put the pictures in the order of the steps John Μις ΚανΤΑ.ClickMode dial།ä、Listen again and answer the following questions.1. Who gave Lisa the digital camera? 2. Whose photo do Lisa and John want to take? 3. What does John advise Lisa to do before pressing the zoom button?4. What sound does Lisa hear when the image is recorded?SSLG LS LLLLLLS LLLL L LL LLL LLLLLL GGLLLLL LLL LLLL L L LLLLLL LLL 0L take photos.5.TIENGANH 10(NC)-B SPEAKING5 TechnologGiving OpinionsGGSS L S L S L L S L S LLLL C LLLLL C SCCCCCCCCS S CCCCCS LL LSL blanks with the words in the box below.mind wouldn’t my opinion, themicrowave oven helps reducehousewives’ cooking time.Nam my the washing machine helps lighten women’s hard Work. Tuan As I it, the blender isa necessary appliance in the preparation of soft food (for babies and old people).AliceSee believewould in don’t believeI say that the computer has revolutionized our life.Ι (that) the digital audio player is good for the ears. People may become deaf if they play music too loud.Peter say the air conditioner is not good at all. It makes people sick NgaSSS SSS S SLLLLSS CC LLL S S S S S S SLLLLLCS SLLLLLS LLLS S L SLL L LLSL GG SLLLprompts below.1. cellphone / convenient / make phone calls / small and portable 2. cellphone / annoying / speak too loud / in public3. digital camera / record / happy moments / friends and relativesimages674. electronic calculator / do calculations / quickly and accurately 5. Washing machine / not suitable / ao dai’s and men’s suitsS S L LLLL LLLLLL SSGSS LL LL LLLLLLLLS LLLS LLLL L L LLLLLS LLLL S your partner your opinion on its use.2-writingGiving InstructionsS LGGGLLLLLL LC CCCCL L LCLLLL CLLLC LLLSSS LL LLLCLLLCCCCCCLSCS GGG LLLLLS S CCCCLLLLL S LLLLL LLL L LL L S S L LCCCCCC LLL in the correct order. 1. Start cleaning the floor and furniture.2. Don’t forget to remove large or sharp objects from the floor to avoid damage to the machine.3. Make sure to unplug the unit after use.4. My Vacuum cleaner is very easy to use.5. Plug in the unit and turn the power button on.b) Insert the following expressions in Carol’s note where appropriate.First, … Next, … Then … Finally, …68 Unit 5. TechnologyS LLLL LLLL LLLLLLL Gaa LLLLLL LLL LLLL LL LLLLLL LLG LLL CCSS GG GGGSLL a food blender. Use the prompts belona.ルー4.56… place / container / base / turn /clockwise put/ food / container / cover / cap… plug in / select low speed button /press higher speed button… remove cap / add sugar or salt /cover / cap… press / low speed button / mix /ingredients… press stop button / unplug / turn/container / counterclockwise / TСПmОVеLS S S SL LLL LL LLLLLLLLLLLL LL LL GG LLL LLL LLL LLGLG GSLL LLLLSGG GGGhone (or at school).69 LANGUAGE FOCUSWord StudyPrefixesGS S S LSL L SLS L GGL LLS S LLS S LLLL S G G GGGCCCLCLL LLLLLL 00L LL Lοοίμητη Β.AB 1. multi- a clockwise 2. counter- b. believable 3. un- c. functional d. plug e. lock f. media g. comfortableSSS SLCC L L L L SSSLCCCL LCL L LC GG SLSL CL CG L CCCCLLin task a 1. shoes will make your feet painful. 2. Many schools now have rooms to help students studyforeign languages better. 3. Don’t forget to the vacuum cleaner after use.4. Turn the key clockwise to lock the door and turn the key to it.5. Your story is … Did you make it up?6. This device can operate as a blender, juicer, and grinder.5 TechnologyGrammar a) The Present Perfect Passive Examples – My meals have always been prepared in this way. – Along beep sound is heard after all my health values have been Clle Kel. SL S LSLSLS LLL LLLL Sa S L LCLL C S C S C S G S CC CCCCCCC a passive verb form. The first one has been done as an example. l, bridge / damage / last week, and it / not repair / yet.hat bridge W. e?2. I / not find / digital camera. It / steal. 3. old buildings / just / knock down / build / new supermarket / here. 4. Washing machine / not work / yesterday / but / OK / now. It / repair. 5. An unknown actor / choose / star / a new movie. 6. new employee / always / tell / not / play games / at work, but / he /not seem / change.by Used to + Base Form of Verb Examples – They used to work six days a week.- In his time, a CPU used to be connected to a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard.- Did they use to wear clothes made from animal skin?SLS S SLL LCC aa a S LLL LLLL C G LLLL CC CCS LS CC L L L L L L SS L L L L S L L L LS S L LC L L L L L L L CCC LS 1. Vietnamese men / wear / ao dais / formal occasions / one hundred years agoVietnam In his time, a CPU used to be connected to a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard. Did they use to wear clothes made from animal skin?


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