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    Unit 8 CelebrationsUnit 8 CelebrationsUnit 8 Celebrations

    Unit 8 CelebrationsUnit 8 CelebrationsUnit 8 Celebrations
    Unit 8 CelebrationsUnit 8 CelebrationsUnit 8 Celebrations

    Unit 8 Celebrations –

    Although there are many celebrations throughout the year, Tetor the Lunar New Year holiday is the most important celebration for Vietnamese people. Tet is a festival which occurs in late January or early February. It is a time for families to clean and decorate their homes, and enjoy special food such as sticky rice cakes. Family members who live apart try to be together at Tet.Passover is in late March or early April. This festival is celebrated in Israel and by all Jewish people. On this festival, people celebrate freedom from slavery. Passover is also an ancient spring festival. On the first and second nights of Passover, Jewish families eat a special meal called the Seder.5-TA9(ST)-A 65 Easter is a joyful festival which is celebrated in many countries. It happens at around the same time as Passover. On Easter Day (Easter Sunday), young children receive chocolate or Sugar eggs – as long as they are good. In many countries, people crowd the streets to watch colorful parades.Now, complete the table.Celebration When? Activities Food CountryTet3. SPEAKThis is how to give and respond to compliments.Give a compliment Respond to a compliment fell done. Thanks. That’s a great/an excellent … . Its nice of you to say so. Let me congratulate you on … . That’s very kind of you.Read the following situations with a partner, then give and respond to appropriate сотрIітетts.a) Trang hasjust won the first prize inthe English speaking contest.Example: Mai: Helldone, Trang. Trang: Thanks.5-TA9(St)-B b) On her mother’s birthday, Huyen made a beautiful cake to celebrate.Mother: …………………… Ниует: ……..c) Tuan is an active student. He has taken part in different charity activities in his town. Tuan has been nominated as the most effective activist in the town charity program.Friends. ………………………….d) Hoa brings to class a new pictureshe has painted.Unit 8: CelebrationsNow think of situations in which you can compliment your friends and get responses from him/her/them, then make up dialogues with your partner 4. A S ENListen to the song Auld Lang Syne and fill in the missing words.Auld Lang Syne Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot (a) of auld lang syne? For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we’ll (b) a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to (c)Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne?And here’s a (d) , my trusty friend And gie’s a hand o’ thine We’ll tak a cup o'(e) yetFor auld lang syne. S. READ There are many occasions for you to express your feelings to others. Followingare opinions, feelings and memories of children about their fathers on Fathers Day in Australia and the USA.Rita (Australia) To the one who teaches me how to love, cry and laugh. To the one who says never lose heart and always finish what you start. To the one whose feelings for me are so strong that the word love cant describe them. Can you guess who it is?Its not too hard to tell.68 Bob (Australia)You ask me what I think about my dad. Great Great! I must tell you my dad is the best person in the world. Do you know what I mean? He is a considerate and generous man who is loved not only by his family but also by all his friends. His priority is always his family. His sense of humor distinguishes him from others. In a word, my dads terrific! I’m so proud of him and love him so much. Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!Answer:Unit 8: CelebrationsJane (USA)Daddy, I am writing this to tell you how much you are missed and loved. I will always remember that day – my wedding day. You were standing there with tears in your eyes while I was walking towards my groom. You gave me a hug, and the feeling that you never wanted to let me go. But at last I had to leave you and start my newwill always be your little girl! Happy Fathers Day.a) Who do you think Rita sends this card to?b) Is Jane’s father alive or dead? How do you know this?c) What quality makes Bob’s father different from others?d) What image of a father can you draw from the three passages? 6. WREIn VietNam people do not celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day You think it is necessary to have a day to celebrate for your mom and another for your dad. Write to a friend to share this idea. Follow this outline, Outline First paragraph: Tell your friend the reason(s) for celebrating this day (for children to express their feelings, memories, and love for their parents, to enhance family traditions, to bring family members closer …) Second paragraph: Give details about: – when to celebrate: in what season, or what month, on what date of the month or day of the week… (why?) – how to celebrate: having parties, sending cards, going on picnics … – what special gifts to give: gifts to moms, gifts to dads. – what special food to offer. Third paragraph: State whether or not you think your idea will be supported and you hope the day will be celebrated nationwide.LANGUAGE FOCUSRelative clausesAdverb clauses of concession1. Join the sentences. Use relative clauses. Example: – Tet is a festival. Tet occurs in late January or early February. Tet is a festival which occurs in late January or early February a) Auld Lang Syne is a song Auld Lang Syne is sung on New Year’s Eve. b) This watch is a gift. The watch was given to me by my aunt on my 14th birthday.Unit 8 Celebrations c) My friend Tom can compose songs. Tom sings Western folk songs very well.d) We often go to the town cultural house. The town cultural house always opens on public holidays.e) I like reading books. Books tell about different peoples and their cultures.f) On my mom’s birthday my dad gave her roses. The roses were very sweet and beautiful.g) Judy liked the full-moon festival very much. The festival is celebrated in mid-fall.h) Tomorrow I’ll go to the airport to meet my friends. My friends come to stay with us during the Christmas.2. Describe each of the people in the pictures. Use relative clauses.Example: I am the boy who is wearing a white T-shirt. My Aunt Judy is the woman who is holding Jack. My Family My Aunt’s FamilyUncle John3. Join the sentences. Use the words in brackets. The first is done for you.a) Thu Ha is not satisfied with her preparations for Tet. Thu Ha has decorated her house and made plenty of cakes. (even though)Thu Ha is not satisfied with her preparations for Tet even though she has decorated her house and made plenty of cakes.71 b) We don’t have a Mother’s Day in VietNam. Dad and I have special gifts and parties for my mom every year on the 8th of March. (although)c) We went to Ha Noi to watch the parade on National Day last year. We live in Nam Dinh. (even though)d) Many tourists enjoy festivals in Viet Nam. Tourists do not understand Vietnamese culture very much. (though)e) In Australia, Christmas season is in summer. The Australians enjoy Christmas as much as people in European countries do. (even though)f) Jim could see the main part of the show. He came to the show late due to the traffic jam. (although)4. Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences. Use the correct tense of the verbs and the information.a) help / Tuan / homeworki rialtír پیگنیشیائ\شق کلک ニエ一 – بربر 三 ଔର୍ବ୍ବୀ.سسc) weather bureau / predict / fine weather72 Finish / letter Although Mrs. Thoa was tired, she helped Tuan with his homework. b) Even though Liz has an exam tomorrow, c) It rained yesterday although Ba though he wasn’t very hungry. Even though the keyboard wasn’t working well,


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