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Unit 9 Undersea WorldUnit 9 Undersea WorldUnit 9 Undersea World

Unit 9 Undersea WorldUnit 9 Undersea WorldUnit 9 Undersea World
Unit 9 Undersea WorldUnit 9 Undersea WorldUnit 9 Undersea World
Unit 9 Undersea WorldUnit 9 Undersea WorldUnit 9 Undersea World
Unit 9 Undersea World

Unit 9 Undersea World –

Which of then are in danger and need to be protected now. Reading Text Read the text and do the tasks that follow.DollsDolphins live in the sea like fish, but they are not fish – they are warmblooded mammals like us. Dolphins are fascinating to many people. Stories of dolphins helping people have been reported. For example, dolphins off the coast of Australia and Africa helped fishermen in fishing efforts or occasionally rescued victims of shipwrecks at sea.Since 1988, dolphins at Dolphin Research Center in Australia have been assisting people in another special way. People with health problems – cancer, hearing or vision impairment, or stress – take part in a program to improve their life uality and strengthen their spirit. Children with Down’s syndrome, which is a condition when people do not develop in a normal way, also show improvements after the program. Besides medical treatment, patients may spend time with dolphins. They may touch dolphins’ backs, have their feet kissed by dolphins, and play games with the animals. Hence, patients feel more positive and are able to forget about their stressful situations, learn new behaviors, and communicate more effectively with other people.Despite the good things dolphins have brought to humans, many specialists are against using dolphins for entertainment, medical treatment, or any other purposes. They say dolphins are really wild animals that should be treated with caution because contact with people changes their behavior. Their natural habits to protect themselves from danger in the wild are lost. Dolphins are considered people’s friends, but they may harm people. When we give them food, dolphins may take the easy way out. They learn to beg for a living, lose their fear of humans, and can do dangerous things. While swimming with wild dolphins, we are disturbing these animals, which may get angry and bite the hand that feeds them. In short, whether friendly or not, dolphins should be left to live in their natural habitat.114 8.TIENGANH10(NC)-B || 9 || Jerse LorGS SS S L LLLSLLLLCCLL LLLL LLL LLLL L LC L S GSG LSSLSLS SSSSS SLSL MCCCCCCCCC CLLL L LGGS LLL G LLLLLL LLL SLLLS LLLLLLLCCCCC L GGS1. Fish are cold-blooded animals.2. Dolphins are fascinating animals because they are intelligent.3. Dolphins may help reduce stress. 4. Patients playing with dolphins may get better withoutusing medicine.5. Frequent contact with people is good for dolphins.D6. Dolphins are friendly, so they do not harm people.D Db) Anser the following questions 1. In stories about them, what did dolphins do to help people?2. What is the purpose of the program set up by Dolphin Research Center?3. What improvements can patients with Down’s syndrome make after the program?4. When can dolphins get angry and become dangerous?5. Why should dolphins be left to live in their natural habitat? S LLLL LLL LLG LLL LLL SG CCC GGGGGGLGL LL LL SLSS L SLSSaCGG LCCCLLSaaGGSGand write then in the space provided1. animals that give birth to babies, not eggs2. choose an easy way of finding food, though it’s not the right way3. upset or worry (someone) 4. communication5. do bad things to people who have been good to them6. carefulness, attention to avoid danger115(Ι) ΤΟίναι ΝΔ της οι μον.Many people are against training dolphins to perform in the circus because it may injure these animals. Do you agree or disagree? Why?LISTENINGS SS LLCL S G GGSSCCSS GS S SCCCMSS LSLS S LSCCCMMS SLSS SLS S SLLLLLCCLGS se ler forharpoon gunharpoonsS LSLS S L LCC LLLLLC LL LLLL LCCS LLLLS LL LSLSLS23.The Song of the World’s Last Whale By Pete Seeger … I heard the song of the world’s last whale, As I rocked in the moonlight and reefed the sail. It’ll happen to you also without fail, If it happens to me – sang the world’s last whale. . It was down off Bermuda, early last (1) Near an underwater mountain where the humpbacks sing. I lowered the microphone a quarter mile down, Switched on the (2) and let the tape spin round. … I didn’t just hear grunting; I didn’t just hear Squeaks. I didn’t just hear bellows; I didn’t just hear shrieks. It was the musical (3) and the passionate Wail, That came from the (4) of the world’s last whale. 4. Down in the Antarctic, the (5)wait.But it’s up on the land, they decide my fate. In London Town, they’ll be telling the tale,If it’s life or (6)for the world’s last whale.5. So here’s a little test to see how you (7) Here’s a little test for this Age Of The Automobile.If we can (8)our singers in the sea,Perhaps there’s a chance to save you and me.6. I heard the song of the world’s last whale, As rocked in the moonlight and reefed the sail. It’ll happen to you also without fail,If it happens to me – sang the world’s last whale.Sang the world’s last whale. Sang the world’s last whale.с) Disсихy in gгоирл1. Which sections of the song are assumed to be spoken by the songwriter and which by the humpback whale?2. Does this song have a happy or sad tune? Why do you think so?SPEAKINGAsking for and Giving Reasons or ExplanationsUseful ExpressionsTo ask for reasons or explanationsWhy should people treat dolphins with caution? They are so friendly.People should treat dolphins with caution. Why? They are so friendly,To give reasons or explanationsBecause they are really wild animals and may harm people.’Cause they are really wild animals and may harm people.117How come people shouldn’t disturb wild dolphins?People shouldn’t disturb wild dolphins. How come?”Cos dolphins may get angry and do dangerous things.Because of the danger dolphins may cause to them.S S S LLLLL SGGGG LSL SLaL S LSLLL CLL LLLL LCC LCCL L S GS L LLLL LCS SS S L L L L CC SH LGGGGLL G SS SG SLLLLLLLCL LLLLLL SS L doing or not doing them.Activitiesto eat seafood or fishto fish with a fishing rodto keep goldfish as petsto explore the bottom of the seato go to the circus to see dolphins’ performance118Why?o seafood – not fattyo good for one’s healtho character-building – patiencea goldfish – not noisyo know more about sea lifeo dolphins – very cleverWhy not?o allergic to seafood o fish – lots of boneso boringo waste timeo too dark thereo dolphins – work too hardSSSS S L SS SLLLLLS S CCS L SLL L SS LLCLCC LLLSLL LLLLS Example ܓܠ” A. I like eating seafood cause it’s not fatty. How about you? B. I don’t. A. You don’t like seafood! Why not? B. Because I’m allergic to it.S LS LS LS LS CC L L L L L L L L L L L L CCCCCC LL L C L L L L S You can use the prompts to talk about these pictures.1. crab / get out / old shell / too small A: A crab’s getting out of its old shell. Why? B: “Cos the old one is too small for it.2. whales / blow water up / exhale air through their blowholes3.clean up the beach / oil slick119 … bury sea turtle eggs / protect / eaten by other animals5. fish die / polluted sea waterS SS LLLL LCLLL LS LLLLL LLL LLLL L LLLLLL GGL LGGGGGLLLLL S LS GG LLLLLLLCCLLS for the given situations. 1. You were late for class today. 2. Your neighbor broke his leg. 3. Some of your classmates failed the English test. 4. You fell asleep in class yesterday. 5. You look rather unhappy today. Example A. Why were you late for class today?B. Because I got stuck in a traffic jam. 2wнттNG| || 1 || 9 | | | | | | ადაც 1 \,\\ , სი/Writing InvitationsGGS S LSL L SSLLLCCCS C LLL LCLLS CL CLCCC L L L L L L LS GG L LLLLand phrases from then.sorry not to find you atHi! How about going to the movies tonight? It’s Jurassic Park at the Diamond Plaza.In horne this afternoon. Give me a call.SherylJimmy ● ‘We’re going to Tri SNguyen Aquarium this Saturday. Do you fees like joining us? Carol and Tuan tavill go tsiere, too. Psione me to confirm. OK?MaiDear Prof. Wilson”We are arranging a gettogetfier at the Suiss Café to welcome back. Prof. Ali aster siis stay in Thailand. I should very much like you, as our advisor, to join us, The date I have in mind is June 20, ‘Would this be suitable for you?”With best uvishes Le Thi Ngoc121 Letter 1 Letter 2 Letter 3. Letter 4.Reason for – going toinvitation the moviesStatement of – Do youinvitation + feel likeSuggestion joining us?(time, date, – thisplace) SaturdayRequest for – Leave mereply an OtebeforeSaturday.SSS S LSLLLLLLaLL LLS LLLLCLLGL LLLLLLL LLLHH SG LLLLLLGG G LLLLLLLCLLLLS S LLLLLL one is informal. Which one is formal(1) With love(2) Dear Laura (3) If you can come, just drop us a line to say when you’ll arrive. (4) As the vacation is coming, it’d be nice to see you here with my family.(5) Kerry (6) Sorry we’ve been out of touch for so long.(7) Rosa and Carol will be here, too.So we all can go scuba diving together to explore the sea near my house.122(1) Two possible dates which we can offer are February 25 and March 15. (2) Thank you for your letter of January 20.(3) Dear Mr. Lee (4) Could you please let us know if one of these is suitable for you? (5) In view of your interest in our school and students, we are extremely happy to welcome your visit.(6) Nguyen Thi Van(7) yours sincerely 9SS S LLLLG C CCC G SLL SG L L LS LLSLLLLSSS 1. You are the secretary of your school’s Youth League.- Invite Mr. Dean Brown, Chair of the Green Peace Association, to give a talk to students in your school about how to protect endangered sea animals.- Give possible date / time.2. Your class plans to spend the whole Sunday morning cleaning the beach.- Your friend from Australia is visiting VietNam, but she’s not in when you drop by. Write a short letter to invite her to join your class.- Say when and where you plan to meet,Í2LANGUAGE Focus Word Study Formation of Compound AdjectivesS S S S LS LLS SLLLLLS CC CCCCC C LLL LCLCCCCCCCCCLLLLL SLLLLS GGS LS SLLS LC LSG beendone for you1. Dolphins have warm blood. They’re warm-blooded mammals like us.2. He has fair hair. He is a man.3. I don’t like a man that has a bad temper. men are difficult to deal with.4. That girl has blue eyes. Do you like girls?5. A giraffe is a(n) animal. It has quite a long neck.6. Talking to such a(n) man is boring. I suppose his head isempty of interesting ideas. 7. That cruel man has a cold heart. He’s a(n) person that has no sympathy for others.123Grammara) Restrictive Relative Clauses (with Who, That, or WhichExamples – They say dolphins are really wild animals that which should be treated with caution. – The date (which I have in mind is June 20. Join the sentences with who, that or which, 1. Chinese people have a very special kind of soup. This kind of soup is made from shark’s fin. 2. A lot of fish die every day. They live in the polluted sea. 3. We have a new teacher. I really like her. 4. Many people get sick or die every year. These people eat puffer fish, a very poisonous species. 5. She’ll tell you a story. That story will surprise you. b) Non-restrictive Relative Clauses with WhichExamples- While swimming with wild dolphins, we are disturbing these animals, which may get angry and bite the hand that feeds them.- Children with Down’s syndrome, which is a condition when people do not develop in a normal way, also show improvements after the program.SS S S C GS LSLS GGGLLLLL SLLLLLCLLCC SS SLSLS L CGLG LLLLLL CCC SLLLCLCCC S Sing which1. The Nile is the home of a great a. It is one of the most dangerousvariety of fish. Sea CTeatureS. 2. Yesterday I visited Tri Nguyen b. The Nile is in Egypt. Aquarium.124 Stories of dolphins helping people have been reported – A lot of whales were hunted last year. Put the following sentences into the passive. 1. We clean the garage every day. 2. They have found and buried hundreds of sea turtle eggs today. 3. Why don’t people classify dolphins as fish? 4. We exported tons of shellfish to Japan last year.5. People send lots of junk mail to our office every day, which really annoys us.6. Does contact with people affect dolphins’ lives?125


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