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    Units 1 My friendsUnits 1 My friendsUnits 1 My friends

    Units 1 My friendsUnits 1 My friendsUnits 1 My friends
    Units 1 My friendsUnits 1 My friends

    Units 1 My friends –

    Describe these groups of friends and their favorite activities. Hello, Lan. Hi, Hoa. You seem happy. I am. I received a letter from my friend Nien today. Do I know her? I don’t think so. She was my next-door neighbor in Hue. What does she look like? Oh. She’s beautiful. Here is her photograph. What a lovely smile! Was she your classmate” Oh, no. She wasn’t old enough to be in my class. How old is she? Twelve. She’s going to visit me. She’ll be here at Christmas. Would you like to meet her?I’d love to. Unit 1 : My friends 1. Practice the dialogue with a partner.2. Answer the following questions. a) Where does Nien live?b) Does Lan know Nien? c) Which sentence tells you that Hoa is older than Nien? d) When is Nien going to visit Hoa? SPEAK. 1. Read the dialogue.Hoa: This person is short and thin.She has long blond hair. Lan: Is this Mary? Hoa: Yes.2. Now take turns to make similar dialogues. Use the adjectives in the table.tall black/dark blond/fair brownVan Mr. LaiMiss Lien LISTEN.Listen and complete the conversations. Use the expressions in the box.Khai: Miss Lien: Mrs. Vi:Miss Lien:Mrs. Vi:How do you do Nice to meet you It’s a pleasure to meet you I’d like you to meet come and meetHello, Nam.Morning, Hoa.Nam, (1) my cousin, Thu. (2) , Thu.Nice to meet you too, Nam.Miss Lien, (3) my mother. (4) Mrs.Vi. The pleasure is all mine, Miss Lien.Oh, there is the principal. Please excuse me, Mrs. Vi, but I must talk to him.Certainly, Unit 1 : My friendsc) Ba: Bao, (5) my grandmother. Bao: Hello, ma’am. Grandmother:Hello, young man. Ba: Bao is my classmate, grandmother. Grandmother: What was that? Ba: Classmatel Bao is my classmate. Grandmother: I see.d) Mr. Lam: Isn’t that Lan’s father, my dear? Mrs. Linh: I’m not sure. Go and ask him. Mr. Lam: Excuse me. Are you Mr. Thanh? Mr. Thanh: Yes, I am. Mr. Lam: I’m Lam, Nga’s father. Mr. Thanh: (6)READBa is talking about his friends.I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends. Of all my friends, Bao, Khai, and Song are the ones I spend most of my time with. Each of us, however, has a different character.Bao is the most sociable. He is also extremely kind and generous. He spends his free time doing volunteer work at a local orphanage, and he is a hard-working student who always gets good grades.Unlike Bao, Khai and Song are quite reserved in public. Both boys enjoy school, but they prefer to be outside the classroom. Song is our school’s star soccer player, and Khai likes the peace and quiet of the local library. I am not as outgoing as Bao, but I enjoy telling jokes. My friends usually enjoy my sense of humor. However, sometimes my jokes annoy them.Although we have quite different characters, the four of us are very close friends.1. Choose the best answer and write. a) Ba talks about of his friends.A. three B. all C. fourD. nonec) Khai and Song_-A. like quiet places B. don’t talk much in public C. dislike School D. enjoy sports2. Now answer the questions.b) Bao’s volunteer workA. helps him make friends B. causes problems at exam time C. does not affect his school workD. takes up a lot of timed) Ba’s friends sometimes his jokes.A. answer B. do not listen to C. laugh at D. get tired ofa) How does Ba feel having a lot of friends?b) Who is the most sociable? c) Who likes reading?d) What is a bad thing about Ba’s jokes?e) Where does Bao spend his free time?f) Do you and your close friends have the same or different characters?Unit 1 : My friendsWRITE.1. Read the information about Tam.Ale an an அடிe 14add, tin, start eace at sociaéée, flamazous, epuz(ddress; 26 a SPA Street, 9(a ) loری family madhe, laket, edade dizather – 9Cung ends %, ‘aHis name’s Le Van Tam and he’s fourteen years old. He lives at 26 Tran Phu Street in HaNoi with his mother, father and his elder brother, Hung. He’s tall and thin and has short black hair. He is sociable, humorous and helpful. His best friends are Ba and Bao.2. Fill in a similar form for your partner. Use the following questions as prompts.a) What is his/her name? b) How old is he/she? c) What does he/she look like? d) What is he/she like? e) Where does he/she live? f) Who does he/she live with? g) Who is/are his/her friend(s)?3. Now write a paragraph about your partner. Language focusto Simple tenses o Present simple to talk about general truths o (not) adjective + enough + to-infinitive1. Complete the paragraphs. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets.a) Hoa (O) lived (live) in Hue last year, but now she (1) (live) in Ha Noi, Yesterday, Hoa’s friend Nien (2) (send) Hoa a letter. Nien (3) (be) Hoa’s neighbor when Hoa lived in Hue. She (4) (be) younger than Hoa.b) Lan (0) is (be) Hoa’s best friend. The two girls (1) (be) in the same class at Quang Trung School. Last year, Hoa (2) (come) to the school for the first time. Lan (3) (show) her around and (4) (introduce) her to many new friends.2. Complete the dialogue. Use the correct form of the verbs in the box. You will have to use some verbs more than once.Ba is helping his young cousin Titan with some homework.Ba: What do you know about the sun, Tuan? Tuan: The sun (0) rises in the east and (1) in the west.Ba: Can you tell me anything about the other planets? Tuan: I know something about the Earth. It (2) around the Sun. Ba: Yes, and the moon (3) around the Earth. Tuan: Where is Mars, Ba?Ba: It (4) near the Sun.Tuan: No, it’s silly! That (5) Mercury. Mars (6) near the Earth. Look and describe. Look at the picture. Ask and answer the questions. a) How many people are there in the picture? b) What does each person look like? c) What is each person wearing? 4. Complete the dialogues. Use (not) adjective + enough. Can you put the groceries in your bag? No. It is not big enough to carry everything. (big) Is Ba going to drive his father’s car? Don’t be silly! Ba is to drive a car. (old) Do you need any help?No, thanks. I’m to lift this box. (strong)Why don’t you join our English Speaking Club? I don’t think my English is to be a member, (good)


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