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    Units 10 RecyclingUnits 10 RecyclingUnits 10 Recycling

    Units 10 RecyclingUnits 10 RecyclingUnits 10 Recycling
    Units 10 RecyclingUnits 10 RecyclingUnits 10 Recycling

    Units 10 Recycling –

    Work with a partner. Think of ways we can reduce the amount of garbage we produce. The words in the box may help you. We should use cloth bags You’re right. We should instead of plastic bags, also reuse plastic bags, tree leaves to wrap things o garbage to make fertilizer used papers to make toys o vegetable matter to make animal food Ноа: I think I know what things we can reuse. Miss Blake: Can you tell the class, please?Hoa: We can reuse things like envelopes, glass, and plastic bottles and old plastic bags.Miss Blake: That’s right. But instead of reusing plastic bags, we shouldn’t use them at all. We ought to use cloth bags.Lan: So is that what you mean by recycle?Miss Blake: Yes, don’t just throw things away. Try and find another use for them.Lan: That’s easy to say, Miss Blake, but how do we do it?Miss Blake: Contact an organization like Friends of the Earth for information, go to your local library, or ask your family ind friends.1. Practice the dialogue with a partner. One of you is Miss Blake. The other plays the roles of Ba, Hoa and Lan.2. Answer. What does Miss Blake mean by reduce?What things can we reuse?What does recycle mean? Where can we look for information on recycling things? Why does Miss Blake tell Lan that we shouldn’t use plastic bags at all?SPEAK.Work with a partner Look at the pictures and decide which group each item belongs to.paper plastic vegetable matter glass metal fabric leather90Unit 10: RecyclingWhich group do clothes belonaWhat can we do With those clothes?rut therrገ ዘገ me That’s right. What will we do We can recycle them and make them into rtiszó our field,paper or shopping baga.e LISTEN. You will hear four questions during the recording Check (/) the correct answers. a) What type of garbage can you put in the compost? A. all vegetable matter B. meat or grain products b) Where is the best place for a compost heap? A. a place that gets no Sun B. a place that gets sun and shade c) Should you water the compost? A. YesB. No d) How long does it take before you can use the compost?A. after it rains B. six months 91 92READ.Car tiresIn the USA, millions of old car tires are thrown away every year. But tires can be recycled to make pipes and floor Coverings. Nowadays, many people wear shoes and sandals made from Old Car tires.aBottlesbrings bo#les of silk to houses and collects the empty ones. The empty bottles are her cleaned and refilled, every willk bohle can be reased thirty Fines,GlassUn industry, илost glass is e cycle di Lv e glass is colected and se n+ to +\e factories, there it is broken tap, melted and made into new glassware.Letus knowThe Green GazetteDrink cansPeople throw away billions of cans every year all over vv co r | cd . Cregon, the government made a new law several years ago, they said that there must be a deposit do i pA k ca y s , TL 1A e deposit is retta rived when people bring the cans back for recycling.o yn callCompostFarmers have recycled their + how sa Ads of years. They grow food for +heir animals and uise HAe du, ng for fertilizing their fields, they also colle c+ household and garden was he fo valke compos+. Compos+ is c wonderfall natural fertilizer, Ji helps plants grow,was heThought for the week:eெ க ச கழகமே 22/2 க்கம் αββασικά κατείαஅரமே 22,We are delighted that you are interested in protecting the environment. Share your recycling story with our readers! Call or fax us at 5265,456.Unit 10: Recycling1. Answer.2 )What do people do with empty milk bottles?b )What happens to the glass when it is sent to the factories?c )What did the Oregon government do to prevent people from throwing drink cans away?d )What is compost made from?e )If you have a recycling story to share, how can you share it?2. Work with a partner. Completeth — – – – – Car tires Milk bottles Glass Drink cansHousehold and garden wasteWRITE.1. Complete the recycling instructions. Use the verbs in the box.soak place Wrap dry Se wait mix pressFirst, (0) soak some old newspapers in a bucket of water overnight. Then (1) a wooden spoon to mash the paper. Next, (2) the mashed paper and the water together in another bucket. (3) a wire mesh in the mixture then pull it out. Then put the mesh with mixture on thecloth and (4) it down firmly. Take the mesh off the cloth.93(5) some heavy books in a plastic bag and put them on the cloth. (6) about 5 minutes. Finally, put the books away and take the paperout of the cloth to (7) in the sunlight.2. In some areas people burn dry tea leaves to keep mosquitoes away. Look at the pictures. Make the instructions on how to prepare the tea leaves, using the given words in the box.take put dry Scattera) used tea leaves tea pot b) tea leaves / trayc) leaves sun d) dry leaves / pots future use Unit 10: RecyclingLanguage focuso Passive formso Adjectives followed by – an infinitive- a noun clause 1. Work with a partner. Read a guide on how to recycle glass. Look at the instructions, rewrite themin the passive form and put the pictures in the correct order.a) Break the glass into small pieces. => The glass is broken into small pieces.b) Then wash the glass with a detergent liquid. c) Dry the glass pieces completely. d) Mix them with certain specific chemicals. e) Melt the mixture until it becomes a liquid.f) Use a long pipe, dip it into the liquid, then blow the liquid into intended shapes.నీళ్ల 2.3.A famous inventor, Dr. Kim, is going to build a time machine. One of his assistants, Hai, is asking him questions about the invention. Complete the dialogue. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets.Hai: When (0) will the project be started, Doctor? (start) Dr. Kim: Very soon. Hai: Many people want to see the time machine. Dr. Kim: Yes. It (1) to the public when (show) it is finished. Hai: (2) it by the end of the year, (build) Doctor? Dr. Kim: I’m afraid not, but it (3) before Tet. (finish) Hai: (4) it by you? (make) Dr. Kim: No, I need you to build it. When can you start? Hai: Let’s begin tomorrow. Complete the dialogues. Use the words in the box. easy/understand dangerous/go difficult/follow hard/believe important/wait a) Ba: Turn right, then left, then right and then left again. Nam: It’s (0) difficult to follow your directions.Can you start again, please’b) Mr. Dao: Can you do the exercise, Hoa”? Ноа: Yes, Mr. Dao. It’s (1)c) Lan: In the future, mankind might live on the moon. Nga: Really? It’s (2)d) Mrs. Thoa: Stop, Tuan! It’s (3) near the stove. Tuan: Sorry, Mom.e) Hoa: Should I Stir the mixture, Aunt Thanh? Aunt Thanh: No. It’s (4) for five minutes.Use adjectives in the box. e the correct forms of the verb be and the happy delighted certain relieved sure afraid. Dear Nam. Your grandfather and I (0) are delighted that you passed your English exam. Congratulations Aunt Mai (1) that you remembered her birthday last week. She told me you gave her a beautiful scarf. I (2) that your mother is feeling better. Please give her my love. We’re looking forward to seeing you in June. However, grandfather (3) that the day is wrong. (4 you that you’re arriving on Saturday 20th? I (5) that there are no trains from Ha Noi on Saturdays. Write soon and confirm your arrival date and time. Love. Grandma


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