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    Units 11 Traveling around Viet NamUnits 11 Traveling around Viet NamUnits 11 Traveling around Viet Nam

    Units 11 Traveling around Viet NamUnits 11 Traveling around Viet NamUnits 11 Traveling around Viet Nam
    Units 11 Traveling around Viet NamUnits 11 Traveling around Viet NamUnits 11 Traveling around Viet Nam
    Units 11 Traveling around Viet NamUnits 11 Traveling around Viet NamUnits 11 Traveling around Viet Nam
    Units 11 Traveling around Viet Nam

    Units 11 Traveling around Viet Nam –

    Work with two classmates. Match the places of interest in VietNam with their names. The Temple of Literature 2. Ngo Mon (Gate) 3. Ha Long Bay 4. Nha Rong Harbor Unit II i Traveling around Viet Namel LISTEN AND READ.Hoa meets Tim at the airport.Tim: Hoa: Mr. Jones: Ноа:Mrs. Jones:Hoa:Mr. Jones:Mrs. Jones:Hoa: Tim:Shannon:Hoa, I’d like you to meet my parents and my sister, Shannon. How do you do? Welcome to VietNam. Thank you. It’s nice to meet you finally, Hoa. Can I help you with your bags, Mrs. Jones? Thank you. It’s great to be in VietNam.Would you mind sitting in the front seat of the taxi, Mr. Jones? I’d like to sit with Tim and Shannon.No problem. I prefer the front seat. Are we far from Ha Noi? It’s about a 40-minute drive from the city center. Look, Shannon! I can see a boy riding a water buffalo. Wow! This is very exciting. Are those rice paddies, Hoa”?Yes, and the crop over there is corn. On the left, you can see Sugar canes.Would you mind if I took a photo? Not at all. I’ll ask the driver to stop the car.. Practice the dialogue in groups.2. True or false? Check (/) the boxes. Then correct the false sentences and write them in your exercise book.T F a) This is the first time Hoa has met Tim’s family. D D b) Hoa helps Mrs. Jones with her luggage. D D c) The Jones family is traveling from the airport in a bus. D D9 9d) Shannon has never seen rice paddies before.e) The car is traveling past farmland.f) Only rice and corn are grown around Ha Noi. SPEAK.Use “mind” in requests.ReplyRequest — Do you mind closingthe door? No, I don’t mind. … I’m sorry, I can’t. ‘:”…. •No. of course not. I’m sorry, that is notNot at all. possible.oDo you mind if I takea photo? Please do. – I’d prefer you didn’t. Would you mind if I Please go ahead. I’d rather you didn’t.took a photo?Work with a partner. One of you is student A and the other is student B. Look at the information about your role and use it to make requests and suggestions.y ዛ] |/Student A: You are a tourist on vacation in Ho Chi Minh City. You want to visit these places: a market, the Zoo, a museum, and a restaurant for lunch. Ask the tourist information officer to suggest where you could go. Use the expressions in the box to help you.100 Useful expressions:Unit 11 : Traveling around Viet NamCould you give me some information, please?Иould yои тind i/I asked yои a question?I want to visit a market. Could you suggest one?Do you mind suggesting one? That sounds interesting. No. I don’t want to go there.Student B: You are a tourist information officer at Saigon Tourist. A tourist is going to ask you for help. You should make suggestions about which places to visit. The following information will help you.Markets Thai: Binh Market Ben Thanh Market Open approx. 5 am – 8 pmRestaurants Cuong’s Vegetarian Restaurant Good Food Vietnamese Restaurant Lucky’s Ice-Cream CaféOpen approx. 11 am – 11 pmStamps and Coins Market Open 10 am – 7 pmUseful expressions:Do you mind if I suggest one?MuseumsHistory Museum Open 8am – 11.30 am, and 1 pm – 4 pm daily (except Monday)Revolutionary Museum Open 8am – 11.30 am, and 2 pm – 4.30 pm Tuesday through SundayZoo and Botanical GardenOpen 10 am – 6 pmHow abouf going fo Thai Binh Marke/?| suggest going to Ben Thanh Market,101e LISTEN.Match the places in the box to their correct positions on the map.-bus station – pagoda hotel – estaat- templeNha Trange SeaSide reSOrt5ightao Oceanic Institute a giant Buddha o offshore islands Accommodation o a amal selection of hotela Arrivals/Departures a flights daily to Ho Chi Minh City except Monday flights to Ha Noi twice a week buses and trains to northern and southern destinations102 EOIJON e g pou Н Pue euoلO+لها Plue o1 Wep *1 Pue Gn4 ● ‘ledge.es?』o 一エ چd PUEلها 叫·川 92uo “94ёрошшоо |ON દાન 2 2 . ピ epuele : 1 የ።°° 4ainb • | oen uoJ} Nህ°o °ሣo – “I Ingianea . UMO92Aeo 3H2Oإلاube بي • |e০ 0em 04 Kાep ઢeen4 eације | لصےnلedad/e\۷للہ!^تاPllом “g ീeque| 329 nou OOG Nn guoe Folloം 1. لoara pou000للالمV40ხg Šuመ7 PE/ ר -દ્વાue2.1e 200 * ea4 =2 uleaunou Isolo” മറ്റdo سازی نے \\ A \24!1 اب* ઢાળ૦د المصنعيمno10 الادعا إلاW * SS nI nʼSCSrSS KC SYS KS 0CC CCgSS ggSL 00 000 CLL CCLLL 000tLLL S }92M 12 99u11 22.1141. ^10 14u! W 140 OH uo u pue O1 91149 L ogaunquedad/e|e^{-uv ら2レL| C L D 00L CCLL0CCJ000L CCLS 0 LaLCL 0La S L00CLS LLLLCLS S uорферошшооочу аи әрлей шәмору = KeM|Jeu • caxe “eleu21 e M e 94պ6յց స్టాక్స్ Øuudg ||2uua13 Jo K1IO 211 se uMOux o |–| 107 PaшPN1әд ршполье дипәлPull : 1) ішm 1. Check (/) the topics mentioned in the brochures about the resorts.CAVICS flights to Ha Noi hotels local transport mini-hotels mountain slopes railway ICStaurant S sand beaches tourist attractions types of food villages waterfallsWorld HeritageNha TrangDa LatSa PaHa Long BayUnit 11 : Traveling around Viet Nam2. Answer. Where should these people go?These people want to spend their coming summer vacation in Viet Nam. Help them find a suitable place. Check (/) the boxes.around the world. He likes mountain-climbing. b) Mary loves VietNam and she wants to travel by train to see as much of the country as possible. She also wants to visit an oceanic institute in Viet Nam. c) John is interested in the history of Viet Nam. He wants to visit the place where President Ho Chi Minh left Viet Nam in 1911.d) Joanne likes swimming and sunbathing. She has been to VietNam twice and she has visited Nha Trang already,e) Donna is a florist. She has aflowershop in Los Angeles. She is thinking of importing flowers from VietNam.WRITENha a) Andrew studies tribes Trang LatDDDaDDSa Ha Long Nha Rong Pa Bay HarborDI DI DDI DI DRead the first part of a story about traveling around VietNam.Last week, while on vacation in Da Lat, the Browns had quite an adventure. One afternoon, they decided to paddle around Xuan Huong Lake in a canoe. After hiring the canoe, the family climbed in and paddled out to the middle of the lake. Unfortunately, dark clouds soon appeared and it began to rain.1051. Now, put the sentences below in the correct chronological order to complete the story. a) The canoe moved up and down the water. b) A boat appeared and rescued them. c) The wind started to blow and the rain became heavier. d) She leaned over and tried to pick it up. e) The family was very lucky. f) The canoe overturned and everyone fell into the deep and dangerous water.g) Shannon dropped her paddle.2. Put the events below in the correct chronological order and write the story. Start with the sentence below. Uven had a day to remember last week.b)c)Strangelbrain/stopas she gether classroom She/math exam/Friday/and she get up late106 Unit 11 : Traveling around Viet NamLuckily, Uven/enough time/finish Uyen/try/run/fast/she could107 Language FocusO -ed and -ing participles o Requests with – Would/Do you mind if… ?- Would/Do you mind + V-ing?1. Look at the people in the schoolyard at Quang Trung School. Say whoeach person is.108 Unit 11: Travelingагошпd Viet Nam2. Look at this stall. Describe the goods for sale. Use the past participles of the verbs in the box.wrap in paintmake in recycle from dress inkeep inThe old lamp made in China is five dollars,3. Work with a partner. Use these words to make and respond to requests. A check (/) means agree to the request, a cross (X) means do not agre to the request.a) move / car / c) get / coffee XWould you mind moving your car?No, of course mot,b) put out cigarette / d) wait / moment X Work with a partner. Look at the pictures. Ask questions and give suitable responses. The information on page 100 may help you. a) Request: Do you mind if I sit down? Response: Please do. b) Request: Would you mind if I smoked? Response: I’d rather you didn’t.


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