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    Units 12 A vacation abroadUnits 12 A vacation abroadUnits 12 A vacation abroad

    Units 12 A vacation abroadUnits 12 A vacation abroadUnits 12 A vacation abroad
    Units 12 A vacation abroadUnits 12 A vacation abroadUnits 12 A vacation abroad
    Units 12 A vacation abroad

    Units 12 A vacation abroad –

    Work with a partner Canada Britain Thailand Australia Japan The United States of America. Match the names of the countries in the box with appropriate pictures/flags. Example: a) The United States of America… Tell your partner which country you would like to visit and why? Example: A: Which country do you want to visit? B: I’d like to visit Australia. А: Whу? B: Because Australian people are friendly e LISTEN AND READ.Mrs. Smith: Mrs. Quyen:Mrs. Smith:Mrs. Quyen:Mrs. Smith:Mrs. Quyen:Mrs. Smith:Mrs. Quyen:Mrs. Smith:Mrs. Quyen:Hello. Sandra, it’s Quyen. I’m calling from Ha Noi. Hello, Quyen. This is a nice surprise!Thanh and I are coming to San Francisco on Monday.That’s wonderful Would you like to come and stay with us while you’re in town?That’s very kind of you, but we’re coming on a tour. Our accommodation is included in the ticket price.Then you must come over for dinner one night.Yes, we’d love to but we’ll only be in town for three nights. We leave on the 28th.Are you free on Tuesday evening?No, I’m going out that night, but I’m not busy the following evening.Mrs. Smith: What about Thanh? Will he come with you? Mrs. Quyen: No. Unfortunately, he has a business meeting in the evening. Mrs. Smith: Oh dear. He’s always working. Well, I’ll pick you up at your hotel. Shall we say seven o’clock? Mrs. Quyen: That sounds fine. Thanks, Sandra. See you then.N Mrs. Smith: Bye. Unit 12: A vacation abroad1. Complete Mrs. Quyen’s schedule.DATE Monday 25 Tuesday 26 Wednesday 27 Thursday 28SCHEDULEComing to San Francisco2. Answer the following questions.a) Will Mrs. Quyen and her husband stay at Mrs. Smith’s house? Why? Why not?b) Will Mrs. Quyen’s husband have dinner with the Smiths? Why (not) ‘?c) How will Mrs. Quyen go to Mrs. Smith’s house?SPEAK,LCCS CC LSLSSS LLC LL LCC LLLLL S S LL LLL LLLGGG LSLS S SLSL information.A: Where shall we stay?B: The Revere Hotel is expensive but it has a gym.A: What time should we leave Los Angeles? B: There’s a daily flight at 10 am. Would that be OK?8. TIẾNG ANH 8-ADepart Los Angeles:Arrive Boston:Accommodation:Sightseeing: Depart Boston: Flight 710 at 10.00 on Thursday, 22113From Los AngelesTo Boston (+3 hours)ViaDays Departure Arrival Flight Mon-sun 1000 400 s35 Chicago Mon, Wed, Fri 23.00 5.00 21 Mon, Sat, Sun 14.00 20.00 942 Mon-Sun 100 18.00 45 Detroit, Philadelphia Revere Hotel Tel: 4769876 Faux: 473, 1944Rates per night: S50 – S80, single S150 – S180, doubleFacilities: restaurants, swimming-pool, shops, gym, business centerTourist Information* Paul Revere S. HouseAtlantic Hotelel: 473 0097 Rates per night* Boston University and Harvard Medical School* Museums and art galleries* Delicious seafood114Fax: 472 6464sas – S60, single sco – s100, doublesing-pool. Facilities: restaurant, SYN imming-P shops8 TIÊNGANH 8-B Unit 12. A vacation abroade LISTEN.Listen to the weather reports. Then fill in the blanks in the table with the information you hear. The words in the boxes may help you.Weathercloudy cold cool dry fine humid rainy SnOWy Sunny Warm wet windy TemperatureLow: minus five degrees (Centigrade) (-5°C), zero degree (0°C), three degrees (39C), etc.High: twenty-two degrees (Centigrade) (22°C), thirty degrees (30°C), thirty-two degrees (32°C), etc.Temperature City Weather Low High 1. Sydney dry , windy _26_ 2. Tokyo _15_ 3. London , cold 4. Bangkok warm , 5. New York 156. Paris 10fromp sлорэтиоуку 00 ирут этошшотj 1ዘረጋሪ)s 1/ገጋo отоигуsтx. тто7//, уәрі әу) отропатр әзір «Sтиәртsәad иротәти уә ато1фo sрроу әуті әләуіт, этоиуэту, птоти, jo эатротd ps) 8292.“йтg’, оos-тәтте атқ? фо әmpрти әупі ит 2 отродуз” jo purps) وهموم ودمرهут у “уг fr fromти, рdom, «әуі форум, Sa типәysop pәртот уәтут этот атоу-тубтә чир ато тәтті сәт боро9«Битохә frәm sрт (2 рроутәтто тәрі әт иәуіт то Виттоd |Sт т) әу2 тиootno.jp Утуп отурорту, ротитуту”,o рәл тазар Øገገገ ©ህጋ ጌቦርጋቸos Sሀጋ yopogo, ryrути, тр битипштs тиәт ди.SHCCCCCa MCCC CCCCaS S S SCC C CC CC C CCCCG0GGL CaaS HM S S”ΟΙΤΙΣΣΗ Unit 12. A vacation abroadChicago is often cadded “Chile, “Wandeg “Casg.” Oes situated tight on the shave ofGalletichigan, one of the Great Aakes’edഗ്ഗ l, 9,(“as adsid ““*атg tйe Saа.’…. 9 aeva/ “FF“ም :7 áaaqፈ, ራu. αβso “asa t.Write what Mrs. Quyen did and saw in each of these places. Place What she did and saw a. Hawaii went swimming, visited Kilauea Volcano b. New York c. Chicago d. Mount Rushmoree. San Francisco 117 2. Answer the following questions. a) How did Mrs. Quyen go to Kilauea Volcano? b) Where in San Francisco did Mrs. Quyen see the famous prison? c) What is special about Mount Rushmore? d) What is the other name of Chicago? e) What did Mrs. Quyen do while her husband was visiting the Statue of berty?WRITE .1. Complete the postcard Mrs. Quyen sent from the USA.Dear Sally, We are having a wonderful time (1) the USA. The (2) are friendly and the (3) has been warm and Sunny. In San Francisco, I (4) my friend, Sandra Smith and (5) family. It was (6) to see them.(7) lots of souvenirs (8) the children. Thanh is always complaining about the (9) of my suitcase. See you (10)Love,2. Imagine you are a tourist on vacation in a certain place/city in VietNam. Write a postcard to a friend about your trip. You need to cover the information about:- place: name of the place you visit. – how you feel about the people: friendly, hospitable, helpful, etc. – what the weather is like: warm, cold, windy, sunny, etc. – who you meet/see: old friends, teachers, neighbors, relatives, etc. – what you see: museums, libraries, parks, zoos, etc. – what you buy: souvenirs, books, photos, postcards, etc.118 Unit 12. A vacation abroad Language Focuso Past progressive o Past progressive with when and while o Progressive tenses with always 1. Look at the pictures. Say what each person was doing at eight o’clock last night. a) Ba was taking a shower at eight o’clock last night. а) fÀM b)Nga2. Look at the pictures. Then match the half-sentences in column A to those in Column B. Write the full sentences in your exercise book.a) The Lesänily vas sleeping when the mailman came.b) The Le family was sleeping A. when the plane got to Ha Noi. While Hoa was eating, When Tuan arrived home. When Nam won the race, when the mailman came. Mrs. Thoa was cooking D. the school drum was sounding. When Lan arrived at school, the crowd was cheering. It was raining F, the phone rang.3. Look at the pictures. Write the sentences. Say what the people are always doing.Bao/ forget/homeworkmiss/bus d)Liem/go/outNam/watch TV Na/talk/phonea) Bao is always forgetting his homework. 120


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