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    Units 15 ComputersUnits 15 ComputersUnits 15 Computers

    Units 15 ComputersUnits 15 ComputersUnits 15 Computers
    Units 15 ComputersUnits 15 ComputersUnits 15 Computers

    Units 15 Computers –

    Dad, the printer isn’t working. It is new. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. Have you turned it on yet? Yes, I have already done it. Have you connected it properly? Oh, Dad. I know how to connect a printer. Has the plug come out of the socket? No, it’s OK. I have no idea what the problem is. This manual isn’t very helpful. Can you call the store you bought it from?I can, but I bought it in Ho Chi Minh City. I don’t know what they can do. However, it’s under guarantee so the company should do something with it.Let’s phone them now. Unit 15. ComputersPractice the dialogue with a partner.2.Factor opinion? Check (/) the boxes. Fact Opinion a) The printer isn’t working. b) There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. c) I know how to connect a printer. d) The manual isn’t very helpful. e) I bought it in Ho Chi Minh City.f) I don’t know what they can do.SPEAΚ.Work with a partner. Look at the table and the pictures. Take turns to express and respond to opinions about the activities in the pictures. 5o do II,I think computers I disagree. I think they are useful are un necesessary, 140difficult boring delicious interestingentertaining unhealthy challenging easy amusing time-consuming fun dangerous Opinions Agreement Degree of Disagreement agreement I like… So do I O CO. I don’t like … agree, but “9” I think I agree. Yes, b I can’t agree – – – You’re right. es, but on the with you. I feel. other hand. Neither do I. No, I think …I don’t believe…. Read the dialogue.Lan: I am having problems with my computer.Ba: What’s wrong?Lan: It doesn’t work. I think it’s broken.Ba: No. You didn’t plug it in!Lan: Oh! Sorry.Now make similar dialogues about these items. Use the information in 1the table in exercise 1.Item Problem printer won’t print monitor screen is too dark ImOLISC doesn’t workSolution turn it on adjust the knob check the plug Unit 15. Computerse LISTEN.Copy the flow chart into your exercise book. Then listen and complete it.イ а). 2জীৱনd). – buttonREAD.A new university without a library has recently opened in the USA. All the information normally found in a library is now stored in the university’s computers. Without leaving their computers, users can send messages and receive information through telephone lines. However, this means that each student must have access to a computer, and many universities are making this a requirement for freshmen. College campuses now have computer jacks in every part of the university. Study is no longer restricted to just one location.Computer bulletin boards are used in the same way as traditional ones in schools and colleges. The difference is that over 20 million people may have access to them. If students want to discuss math at 3 am, it’s not a problem. They post messages on the bulletin board and find other people who want to talk about the same topic.Technology now means students can get a degree without being on campus. There are people who are skeptical about this new method of education, but their concerns have had little impact.1. True or false? Check (v) the boxes.T a) There is a new university without a library in the Z USA recently.b) Users can send and receive messages by using computers凸 c) First-year students in many universities are required to have access to a computer.d) Students have to go to computer rooms to connect their computers to the computer jacks.e) Computer bulletin boards are the same as the traditional ones.f) Not all people think positively about the new method of study off campus.2. Answer.a) What makes the new university different from others?b) What type of information is available through the computer?cd) What is the difference between a traditional bulletin board and the one on the internet?e) Would you like to complete a college degree from home? Why/Why not?)What type of equipment is necessary for first-year students?)WRITE: 1. Match the words with the numbers in the picture.a) . . . . . . . . . . . paper input tray b) . . . . . . . . . . . monitor screen அஷ் c) . . . . . . . . . . . power button n d) . . . . . . . . . . . icon 2.e) . . . . . . . . . . . output pathf)142 Unit 15: Computers2. Look at the pictures and the words. Write the instructions on how to use the printer.Plug in the printer and turn on the power.paper / input tray.Wait / power button / flash.Have / pages / appear / computer screen.Click icon / the screen / Wait / a few seconds.The printed paper will come out of the output path in a minute. Language Focuso Present perfect with yet and alreadyo Comparison of present perfect and past simple1. Ba’s mother has just been back from the market. She wanted him to do some housework while she was at the market. Ba made notes in his diary and checked (v) the work he has done. Look at Ba’s diary and complete the dialogue using YET and ALREADY.Do homeworkTidy the room XTurn off the washing machine / Call and tell Aunt Le to have lunch v.Ba’s mother: Ba : Ba’s mother : Ba: Ba’s mother :Ba’s mother : Ba :Have you finished your homework yet, Ba? Yes, , Mom. Good. What about your room? Is it tidied now? I’m sorry, Mom. Badboy, Ba. And the washing machine! Have you turned it of yet?Don’t worry, Mom. Have you called and told Aunt Leto have lunch with us today? CS. , and she said she would come.2. Work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about the flights.- Has the flight to Vientiane – Has the flight from Los Angeles departed yet? arrived yet? – Yes. It has already departed. – No. It hasn’t arrived yet. FlightVN 34 OX 802 AF 19 TG 1 09 GS 05FlightVN 888 PA 45 GA 127 MS. 284 AI 84DEPARTURES To Time Vientiane 7.25 Hong Kong 7.45 Paris 7.50 Bangkok 7.55 Singapore 8.15 ARRIVALS To Time Los Angeles 6.55 Manila 7.10 Jakarta 740 Kuala Lumpur 7.50Delhi8.30Unit 15. ComputersStatus DepartedDepartedStatusArrived ArrivedArrivedRead the sentences. Check (v) the correct column. a) I’ve been to Sa Pa highlands. b) They have lived in Ca Mau for 10 years. c) She has finished her homework. d) He has worked with the computer since early morning. e) We have found the problems with the printer. f) Someone has unplugged the printer. g) People have received information through the internet recently.


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