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    Units 2 Making arrangementsUnits 2 Making arrangementsUnits 2 Making arrangements

    Units 2 Making arrangementsUnits 2 Making arrangementsUnits 2 Making arrangements
    Units 2 Making arrangementsUnits 2 Making arrangementsUnits 2 Making arrangements

    Units 2 Making arrangements –

    Match each object with its name. a fax machine an address book a telephone directory a public telephone a mobile phone an answering machine I , ISTEIN. ANIO1. Practice the dialogue with a partner.Unit 2: Making arrangementsREAD.Ноа: 3. 847329Nga: Can I speak to Hoa, please? This is Nga.Ноа: Hello, Nga.Nga: I’m going to see the movie Dream City at 6.45this evening. Would you like to come? Of course, but wait a minute. I have to ask my aunt and she’s downstairs. Hold on. OK, Nga. Aunt Thanh says I can go. Oh, where’s it on? At Sao Mai Movie Theater. It’s a bit far from your house, I’m afraid. Well, I know where it is, but I’musing my cousin’s bike tonight. atD Sao Mal Moyse Theater, OK, Hoa. Let’s meet outside the theater.Is 6.30 all right? That’s fine. See you at 6.30. Bye. Bye. Nga.2. Read the dialogue again. Decide who did and said each of the following things. Then ask a partner these questions to check your answers.Who:a) made the call?b) introduced herself?c) invited the other to the movies?d) arranged a meeting place?e) arranged the time?f) agreed to the time? SPEAK.1. Put the sentences below in the correct order to make a complete ties.oa) I’m fine. I’m going to a pop concert at the City Concert Center tonight. Would you like to come?b) Hello. 9210 752 c) It’s The Kids in Town. You like it, don’t you?d) Bye.e) Yes. What time can we meet?f) Hello. Can I speak to Eric, please? This is Adam.g) That’s fine. See you at 7.15. Thank you, Adam. h) Bye, Eric.i) Which band is it? j) Hello, Adam. How are you?k) is 7.15 OK’? The concert starts at 7.45. Let’s meet inside the center at the café corner.- Complete the dialogue. Ba and Bao are making arrangements to playchess. Practice the dialogue with a partner. Then make similararrangements.Ba:Bao:Ba:Bao:Ba:Bao:Ba:Bao:Ba:Bao:Hello, Bao. How are you?Hello. 8 257 012.Great. Me too. 月 as 閭.烹*鬥I’m sorry. I can’t play chess tonight. I’m going to do my homewYes. Tomorrow afternoon is fine. Unf2; Making arrangementsBa: At the Central Chess Club? OK. Let’s meet at the front door. Bao:Ba: Great. See you tomorrow afternoon at 2.00 o’clock. E LISTEN.Listen to the telephone conversation. Fill in the missing information.KINGSTONJUNORHIGH SCHOOL DATE : TIME ! FOR: The PrincipalMESSAGE :TELEPHONE NUMBER:READOn March 3, 1847, Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh. He was a Scotsman although he later emigrated, first to Canada and then to the USA in the 1870s.In America, he worked with deaf-mutes at Boston University. Soon, Bell started experimenting with ways of transmitting speech over a long distance. This led to the invention of the telephone. Bell and his assistant, Thomas Watson, conducted many experiments and finally came up with a device which they first introduced in 1876. Bell said on the telephone: “Mr. Watson, come here. I want you.’ This was the first telephone message.Traveling all over America, Bell demonstrated his invention to the public at countless exhibitions, and by 1877 the first telephone was in commercial use.1. True or false? Check (/) the boxes. Correct the false sentences. Fa) Alexander G. Bell was born in the USA. D Db) He worked with deaf-mute patients in a hospital in Boston. D Dc) Thomas Watson was Bell’s assistant. D D d) Bell and Watson introduced the telephone in 1877. D D e) Bell experimented with ways of transmitting speech between deaf-mutes over a long distance. DD f) Bell demonstrated his invention at a lot of exhibitions. DD2. Put the events in the correct order.Alexander Graham Bell. a) went to live in the United States. b) successfully demonstrated his invention. c) worked with Thomas Watson. d) was born in Scotland. e) went to live in Canada. f) invented the telephone.g) worked with people who could neither speak nor hear. Unit 2: Making arrangements ΤNRITE .1. Read the message. Then fill in the gaps in the passage that follows with the information.. ܐ ܓ Thang Loi Delivery ServiceDate: May 12 Time: 11.50 am Flor: Mr. Ha Message:Mrs. Lien called about her furniture delivery. She wants yOLIto call her aftet lunch. He telephone number is 864.5 14.A customer (1) the Thang Loi Delivery Service on (2) just before midday. She wanted to (3) to Mr. Ha but he was out. So Mr. Tam (4) a message for Mr. Ha. The customer’s (5) was Mrs. Lien, and she wanted to know about her furniture (6) . She wanted (7) to call her. She said Mr. Ha could reach her (8)8.645 141 after lunch.2. Now read the passage below. Write the telephone message in your exercise book.A customer telephoned the Thanh Cong Delivery Service on June 16 just after midday. The customer’s name was Mr. Nam, and he wanted to speak to Mrs. Van. Mrs. Van was in a meeting and could not come to the phone. So Mr. Toan took a message. Mr. Nam called about his stationery order. He said Mrs. Van could reach him at 8 634 082.Thanh Cong Delivery Service3. Read the message form on page 23 again, then help Lisa write a message for Nancy. Use the information from the dialogue.Lisa:Tom:Lisa:Hello. Hello. Can I speak to Nancy, please? This is Tom. I’m sorry my sister’s out. Would you like to leave her a message?Hello, Lisa. Can you tell her I’ll come over to pick her up? We’re going to play tennis this afternoon.Did she know about that, Tom?: Yes, she did. We bought two new rackets yesterday.What time are you coming?: At about 1.30.OK, Tom. I’ll tell her when she’s back. Bye.: Thank you very much, Lisa. Bye. [ піг 2 : MakiпgагтапgementsLanguage Focuso Talk about intentions with be going to o Adverbs of place1. Work with a partner. Say what the people are going to do. Follow the example sentence. Example Nga has a movie ticket. She’s going to see a movie. a) Quang and Nam bought new fishing rods yesterday.b) Trang’s mother gave her a new novel this morning and she has no homework today.c) Van has a lot of homework in Math and she is going to have Math at school tomorrow.d) Mr. Hoang likes action movies very much and there’s an interesting action movie on TV tonight.e) Hien’s friend invited her to his birthday party.2. a) Copy the questionnaire in your exercise book. Add three more activities to the list. Then complete the ‘you’ column with checks (/) and crosses (x). What are you going to do on the weekend? Are you going to … YOU YOURPARTNER See a movie? play sports? meet your friends? help your parents? do your homework? watch TV?b) Now ask your partner what he or she is going to do. Complete the “your partner column of the questionnaire.Complete the speech bubbles. Use each adverb in the box once. Ba is playing hide and seek with his cousin, Tian,outside inside there here upstairs downstairs Where les Tuan? I think he’s. He isn’t and he isn’t upstairs,


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