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    Units 5 Study habitsUnits 5 Study habitsUnits 5 Study habits

    Units 5 Study habitsUnits 5 Study habitsUnits 5 Study habits
    Units 5 Study habitsUnits 5 Study habits

    Units 5 Study habits –

    How ие have Math? We have Math five times a week.Mom: Tim? Tim? Are you home? Tim: Yes, Mom. I’m in the living-room. What is it, Mom? Mom: I went to your school today and Miss Jackson gave me your report card.Tim: Oh, is it a good report? Mom: Don’t worry. It’s excellent. You did very well. Tim: May I see the report? Mom: Sure. I’m proud of you, Tim. I know you worked really hard this semester, Tim: Thanks, Mom. Mom: But there’s one thing you need to improve. Tim: What’s that, Mom?46 Unit 5. Study habits Mom: Miss Jackson said you should work harder on your Spanish pronunciation. She asked me to give you this dictionary.Tim: Yes, I know. Some of those Spanish sounds are really hard. I’ll try my best to improve them.Mom: I believe you can do it, Tim.1. Practice the dialogue with a partner.2. True or false? Check (/) the boxes. T F a) Tim was out when his mother called him. D D b) Tim’s mother met his teacher at school. D D c) Tim’s report is poor. D D d) Tim’s mother wants him to improve one thing. D D e) Tim needs to improve his Spanish grammar. D D f) Tim promised to try his best in learning Spanish. D D3. Answer the questions. a) Who is Miss Jackson? b) What did Miss Jackson give Tim’s mother? c) How did Tim study this semester? d) What did Miss Jackson say Tim should do?e) What did Tim’s mother give him at the end of the conversation?SPEAK.LC CLSS MGGGCCSSSSS LLS LLS SLLS SLLLLLS SCCC SLLLSLS S L GGLLSLSLLLLLSLL LLLLLL Orals in the boxes to helpool.471. When do you do your homework?2. Who helps you with your homework?3. How much time do you spend on these subjects: Math, Vietnamese, History, English, etc.?4. Which subject do you need to improve?5. What do you do to improve your English?- after school; after dinner; late at night; etc. – your parents; your brothers/sisters; a friend; etc. – half an hour; two hours; less/more than an hour; etc. – Biology; Physics; Chemistry; Geography; etc.- do grammar exercises; read English stories, etc.Ι., ISTEIN.S S SLLLL LL LLLLLL aaL LLL SSCCCLSSLLLL LS GG G LGLLSName: Sarah Chen Subject: Class: 2. Marking period: El L. Leppa Days present: (1) Days absent: (2) Behavior – Participation: (3) Co-operation: G Listening: (4) Speaking; (5) Reading: (6) Writing: (7) A = Excellent B = Good C = Fair D = Poor F = Fail S = Satisfactory U= Unsatisfactory Comments:a to impro Teacher’s signature: Parents’ signature:Mira, ChaDate: Zealawany 77,2Ø23 -— –—Unit 5. Study habits厂●飞 མོ། a reaoa Language learners learn words ീഴ്ക് ae in different ways. Some learners make a list and put into it the meanings of new words in their mother tongue, and try to learn them by heart. However, KO others do not. Instead, they – write one or two example hard-workingsentences with each new word chärr chs ട്.- in order to remember how to Hoa 6 a hard- – *ಿ use the word in the right way. ing student. “ෆිර් භූ In order to remember wordsetter, some learners even write each word and its use on a small piece of paper and stick it somewhere in their house so as to learn it at any time.Many language learners do not try to learn all new words they come across. They usually underline or highlight only the words they want to learn. This helps them remember important Words.C. C{i”There are also different ways of learning the same number of words. For example, if you try to learn ten words in two days, you can do so in two ways. You can learn the first five words the first day, and then learn the other five the next day. However, because revision is necessary, you can learn all the ten words the first day and revise them the next day. This helps you practice the words more times.Language learners should try different ways of learning words so as to find out the best way for themselves. Ask yourself the question: How should I learn words?4 [[ENG ANH 8-A 49 1. True or false? Check (/) the boxes.T Fa) All language learners write the meaning of new words DD in their mother tongue.b) Some learners write examples of words they want to learn. Dc) Every learner tries to learn all new words they come across. D Dd) Many learners only learn new words that are important. D D2. Answer the questions. a) Do learners learn words in the same way? b) Why do some learners write example sentences with new words? c) What do some learners do in order to remember words better? d) Why don’t some learners learn all the new words they come across? e) What is necessary in learning words?f) How should you learn words?WRITE .1. Look at Hoa’s letter to Tim. She wrote it at the end of term. Identify the sections. Label them with correct letter.Body of the letter Heading – writer’s address and the dateClosing – Your friend/ Regards/ LoveOpening – Dear …,4. TIẾNG ANH 8-BUnit 5: Study habitsHa Noi February 10, 200.Dear Tim.Thanks for your letter. I’m pleased to hear you had an enjoyable Christmas Vacation.We received our first semester report a few days ago. I got good grades forScience, English and History, but my math result was poor: My math teacher asked me to spend more time on it. I must study harder next SemesterS LLLLL L L S S SL L L L L L LCCC LLL L0 L L L L GG L G L G L L S L S told you about it in my last letter. We’re going to Hue tonight to celebrate the festival with my grandmother I’ll send you a postcard from there.Write soon and tell me all your news. Regards, [ HoaUse San Franciscohelp Lan write letter to her Pe” pa Donna in 2. Now helpthe information in the boxMother’s Day th Onsecond semes report lastth good grades | Geography Physics Ma her tell improv English / History festival ● ህea Mid-Autumn Festival moon te” S. -in a few We bus I this afternoona Long Bay aut and unclesend you postcard 51 Language FocusO Adverbs of manner o Modal: shouldo Commands, requests and advice in reported speech1. Complete the dialogues. Use the adverbs of manner in the box.a) Hoa: Lan: b) Hoa: Lan: c) Hoa Lan d) Hoa Lan e) Hoa LanDoes Mrs. Nga speak English? Oh, yes. She speaks English (0) well. Ba always gets excellent grades. That’s because he studies (1)That’s our busRun (2) and we might catch it. I’m very sorry. I know I behaved (3) -It’s all right.I can’t hear you, Lan.Sorry, but I’m speaking (4) because I have a sore throat.2. Work with a partner. Look at the picture of Mr. Hao’s house. Use the words in the box. Say what he should do.Mr. Hao should repair the roof. Work with a partner. Suppose you are Tim’s mother. Report Miss Jackson’s commands and requests in her conversation with Tim’s mother. Example: Miss Jackson said: “Can you give Tim this dictionary?” O “Please give Tim this dictionary.” Tim’s mother reported it to Tim: “Miss Jackson asked me to give you this dictionary.” “Miss Jackson told me to give you this dictionary.” a) “Please wait for me outside my office.” b) “Please give Tim his report card for this semester.” c) “Can you help Tim with his Spanish pronunciation?”d) “Can you meet me next week?”4. Work with a partner. Report Miss Jackson’s advice she gave in her conversation with Tim’s mother.Example: Miss Jackson said: “Tim should work harder on his Spanish pronunciation.” Tim’s mother reported it to Tim: “Miss Jackson said you should work harder on your Spanish proпипciation. ” a) “Tim should spend more time on Spanish pronunciation.” b) “Tim should practice speaking Spanish every day.” c) “Tim should listen to Spanish conversations on TV.” d) “Tim should practice reading aloud passages in Spanish.”e) “Tim should use this dictionary to find out how to pronounce Spanish words.”53


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