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    Units 6 The young pioneers clubUnits 6 The young pioneers clubUnits 6 The young pioneers club

    Units 6 The young pioneers clubUnits 6 The young pioneers clubUnits 6 The young pioneers club
    Units 6 The young pioneers clubUnits 6 The young pioneers clubUnits 6 The young pioneers club

    Units 6 The young pioneers club –

    Identify the activities that Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer and Youth Organization (Y&Y) participate in Check (/) the boxes, then add more activities to the list. D helping blind people D cleaning up beaches D helping elderly people D caring for animals D helping handicapped children D taking part in sports LISTEN AND READ. Secretary: Hello. May I help you? Nga: Good morning. I’m enrolling for the activities for this summer. Secretary: Right. Let me get an application form and we can fill it out. What’s your full name, please?Nga: Pham Mai Nga. Secretary: And when were you born? Nga: April 22, 1989.Secretary: Where do you live and do you have a phone number?Nga: I live at 5 Tran Phu Street, and I don’t have a phone at home.Secretary: Now, what are your hobbies?Nga: I like drawing and outdoor activities. And I enjoy acting, too.Secretary: Drawing, outdoor activities, … and acting. Well, please take this form to your teacher and ask her to sign it. Then bring the form back to me.Nga: All right. Thank you. Unit 6. The young pioneers club 1. Practice the dialogue with a partner. 2. Complete. Nga’s details.Name: Date of birth:Home address. • SexPhone number Interests:Look at the phrases in the boxes. Then practice the dialogues with a partnerAsking for favors Responding to favorsCan/Could you help me, Certainly/ Of courses Sure. please? No problem. Could you do me a favor? What can I do for you? I need a favor. How can I help you? Can/Could you … ? I’m sorry. I’m really busy. Offering assistance Responding to assistance May I help you? Yes/No. Thank you. Do you need any help? Yes. That’s very kind of you. Let me help you. No. Thank you. I’m fine.a) Mrs. Ngoc: Could you do me a favor, please?Hoa: Sure. What can I do for you? Mrs. Ngoc: Can you help me carry my bags? I’ve hurt my arm. Hoa: Certainly, I’ll help you.Mrs. Ngoc: Thank you very much. That’s very kind of you.b) Receptionist: May I help you? Tourist: Yes. Can you show me the way to the nearest bank?Receptionist: Sure. Turn right when you get out of the hotel. Turn left at the first corner. It’s on your right.Tourist: Thank you very much.Now use the appropriate phrases in the box to make similar dialogues about some of the following situations with a partner.tourist needs to find a police station lost moneyneighbor needs help tidying yard has a broken legfriend needs help fixing her bike has a flattireaunt needs to buy some vegetables is busy cooking meale LISTEN.Fill in the missing words.Children of our land (1) . Children of the (8) hold hands.Let’s sing for (2) , Let’s (9) our love from (10) to place. Let’s sing for (3) . | Let’s shout (11) loud, Let’s sing for the (4) Let’s make a (12) , between (5) and (6) , Oh, children of the (13) , Oh, children (7) our hold hands.land, unite,Adapted from a song by Margarette Thornas-CochranUnit 6. The young pioneers clubREAD. .1.2.Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is an organization for Vietnamese youth from 15 to 30 years of age. The Union builds good character, love for the nation, and encourages good citizenship, soft skills and personal fitness. The Union was founded on March 26 1931 by the beloved President Ho Chi Minh. It had different names over the years. One of its first names was Vietnam Communist Youth Union. In December 1976, it was officially named as it is called today: Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. However, people normally use the name “The Youth Union for short. The Youth Union, together with other youth organizations such as the Young Pioneers Organization, the Vietnam Youth Federation, the Vietnam Students Union, often hold social activities such as Helping the Handicapped, Cleaning the Environment, Green Summer Volunteers Campaign, and other similar movements. These activities aim to help the young develop their public awareness and form their personality. Ever since the Union was founded, its aims and principles, established by President Ho Chi Minh, have been the guidelines for the young Vietnamese people of today and tomorrow.Filli missing information.a) The Youth Union was founded in…………b) In ………… the Youth Union was officially named as it is called today.c) The Youth Union’s activities aim to help the young develop …………d) Its aims and principles have been ………… for the young Vietnamese people of today and tomorrow.Answer. Then write the answers in your exercise book. a) At what age can one join the Youth Union? b) When was the Youth Union founded? c) What is the complete name of the Youth Union? d) Can you name some social activities of the Youth Union? e) What do these activities aim to help? f) Who established the guidelines for the Vietnamese youth? g) (open question – optiona What names have the Youth Union had over the years? ΤΝΕΙΤΕ,1. Read the passage and complete the letter.November 21, 2003 ΝΟΤΙΟΕ7o clit fast overther of the efootfor the organization.along the sidewalks or in the parks.Join us and register from today. The Secretarylad to tel Oll that m golli g ly I g g O have interestin I’mg- activities. l – Cauling 10 help is program፡ The Y&Y is (0) 2ഫ്ര rogram. ” this P Tthe (1)-… inits (2) р臀 in its stas ule paper ‘_her’ .17) we will (6 natural reso.” I hope I ca”or my schoolld cans. The”re in either (9) also think about (8) street children l፡_-— – ent it?interesting isn’t ne WS. inte to me soo” and tell me all your Write toLove,NgaThe Y&Y is planning to help the community by encouraging all members to participate in a recycling program. All you have to do is to collect used glass, paper and cans, and send them for recycling. By doing this, we can help save natural resources and earn some moneyIf possible, you can participate in other programs such as raising funds for the poor, helping street children and planting trees and flowers( asities. I Y&Y in theS° activitiesS is reallyUnit 6. The young pioneers club2. Read the dialogue between Hoa and her aunt. Then write Hoa’s letter to her parents telling what she is going to do.Aunt: Hoa, you look very happy today. Anything interesting at school?Ноа: Yes, Aunt. I’m going to join the Y&Y Green Group.Aunt: Really? What will you do?Hoa We are having an environment month. And, we’re going to clean the banks of the lakes on weekends.Aunt Will you do anything else?Hoa Oh, yes. We’re going to plant trees and flowers in the school garden and water them every afternoon after class.Aunt That sounds excellent.Hoa Yes, it is. And, we’re planting young trees and plants to sell to some schools. We hope to give more green color to the city and earn some money for our school Y&Y.Aunt: You’re really great, Hoa!Dear Mom and Dad,5960Language focuso Present tense with future meaningo Gerundso Modals: may, can, could. Work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about Y & Y Spring activity program.а) When do they collect On January 9, and empty garbage? At Dong Xuan b) Where do they collect Market.and empty garbage?ey e9ʻtart at 8 am c) What time do they and finlesh at 5 pm. ፀtart arገራi firዝlah Work፳?േ ഭർതൃur Pae: മൈ 5െ ഭe( Peൈ Activity Place Da te TimeCollect and empty DongXuan Market Jan. 9 8 am – 5 pm garbagePlant and water trees City center streets Feb. 2 7am – 10am along streetsHelp the elderly and City rest home and Mar, 26 u 7 am – 4 pm street children orphanageHave big gathering to Central stadium Apr 15 – 5 pm – 9 pmsupport cultural-sport programs Unit 6. The young pioneers club2. Work with a partner. a) Look at the table. Talk about our friends’ hobbies. A: Ba loves playing soccer, but he doesn’t like washing up.B: Lan doesn’t like playing soccer and she doesn’t like Washing up, either.love like don hate lovelikedoni na like likeplaying soccer washing up cooking meals performing musicgardening gathering broken glasses watching TVcamping playing badminton doing homeworkb) Copy the table into your exercise book. Then complete it with information about you. Next ask and answer questions with your partner.Do you like playing soccer? No, I hate st, What about you?Yes, I love playing soccer.3. Work with a partner. a) Use the expressions in the box to ask for a favor. Then practice the dialogues with a partner.A. Woman: Can/Could you help me, please? Man: Yes, certainly. Woman: Can you B. Old Woman: Could you do me a favor? Boy: What can I do for you? Old Woman: Can you C. Boy: I need a favor. Girl: How can I help? Boy: Could you D. Grandpa: Can you help me, please? Niece: Yes. Of course. Grandpa: Can you b) Use useful expressions in the boxes on page 55 to complete the dialogues. Then practice the dialogues with a partner. A: help you? B: Yes. Thank you. Could you fill in this form for me? A: any help? B: No. Thank you. I’m fine. A: Oh. This bag is heavy.B: Let A: Yes. That’s of you.


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