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    Units 7 My neighborhoodUnits 7 My neighborhoodUnits 7 My neighborhood

    Units 7 My neighborhoodUnits 7 My neighborhoodUnits 7 My neighborhood
    Units 7 My neighborhoodUnits 7 My neighborhoodUnits 7 My neighborhood

    Units 7 My neighborhood –

    Match the names of places found in a neighborhood with the pictures. Hi. My name’s Nam. Hello. Nice to meet you, Nam. I’m Na. Are you new around here? Yes. We’ve been here since last week. Na:I’m sure you’ll like this neighborhood. I hope so. How long have you lived here? Oh, we’ve lived here for about 10 years. You must know the area very well.I do. ls there a restaurant close by? My mother is too tired to cook tonight. There is one just around the corner.What is the food like?It’s very good. We like to eat there. It serves Hue food and the pancakes are delicious. You should try them.I will. Thanks.1. Practice the dialogue with a partner.2. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the dialogue. a) Na is to the neighborhood.b) She and her family arrivedc) Na’s mother is very -d) There is a in the area.e) The restaurant serves food fromf) Nam thinks the are tasty.SPEAK.1. Practice the dialogue with a partner.Clerk:Mrs. Kim: I want to send this parcel toClerk:Next, please!Quy Nhon.Do you want to send it airmail or surface mail?Mrs. Kim: I’m not sure. How much is airmail? Unit 7: My neighborhoodClerk: I’ll have to weigh the parcel first, Mmm. Five kilograms. That’ll be 32,500 dong.Mrs. Kim: Oh! That’s expensive.Clerk: Surface mail is much cheaper. It’s only 19,200 dong. Mrs. Kim: That’s better. I’ll send it surface. Clerk: All right.2. Look at the following brochure and the information in the box. Make similar dialogues. letter /Kon Tum / surface mail / 20g postcard / Ho Chi Minh City I airmail I 15g parcel / Ca Mau / airmail / 2kg parcel / Buon Ma Thuot / surface mail /5kgSurface Mai Airmail Weight Charges (VND) item Weight Charges (VND)Letter 20g 800 Letter 15g 1,200Postcard 25g 800 Postcard 15g 1,200 Parcel 5kg 19,200 Parcel 2kg 13,000e LISTEN.Na is new to the neighborhood. She’s talking with Nam about what she’s going to do on the weekend. Look at the advertisement of “What’s on this week?”1. Listen to the conversation. Then fill the bank in each of the advertisement with one phrase from the box.Town Ground English Speaking Contest The Newcomer Culture House5. TIẾNG ANH 8-A OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWhat’s on this Week?SOCCER –3-س MILLENNIUM CINEMA Le Doschool vs Nguyen Khuyen SchooComer re- Quang Trung School di March two performances 2 Thursday, 2 t Monday-Saturday кіскоп4pm 7.30pm – 9.30p 5pm – 8pm 2.saturday, 24″ MarchPhoto EXHIBITION hundreds of photostake” by young photographer – 4. – Monday – Frida’Y open: 9.00am – 9:00p”2. Listen to the conversation again and check (/) the correct box for True, False or No information. True False No Informationa) Na does not know the neighborhood very well. Db) Na doesn’t like movies. Dd) Na won’t go to the English speaking contest. De) Na will go to the soccer match with Nam. DD D c) Na will go to the photo exhibition this weekend. D D D D Df) Nam is a soccer fan. D5. TIẾNG ANH 8-8 Unit 7: My neighborhood READA new shopping mall is opening in Nam’s neighborhood today. It is very different from the present shopping area. All the shops are under one roof. That will be very convenient, especially during the hot and humid summer months. Customers will shop in comfort and won’t notice the weather.Some people in the neighborhood, however, are not happy about the changes. The owners of the small stores on Tran Phu Street think the mall will take their business. Some of the goods in the new stores will be the same as the ones in the small shops, but the stores in the mall will offer a wider selection of products, some at cheaper prices.The residents and store owners have been concerned about the new mall for a few months. They have organized a community meeting in order to discuss the situation.Opening todayNTram Phu Shopping Mal Everything under One roof * 50 air-conditionedspecialty stores4 movie theaters Open daily 8am-10pm10 restaurants* children’s play area Special discounts during the first two weeks Come and bring your frends 682.. True or false? Check () the boxes. Then correct the false sentences andwrite them in your exercise book. F a) The mall is open six days a week. b) There are more than 50 stores in the mall. c) Everyone in the neighborhood is pleased about the new mall. d) It will be more comfortable to shop in the mall than in the present shopping area. e) Some of the stores on Tran Phu Street may have to close.Answer.a) What is special about the new shopping mall? b) What facilities are available in the shopping mall? c) What do the small store owners think about the new shopping mall’? d) What kinds of goods will the stores in the mall offer?WRITE.ܸ3.Tran Phu Street Residents and Store Owners MEETING TO DISCUSS EFFECTS OF NEWMALL Date: May 20 Time: 8.00 pm Place: Binh’s Hardware Store, 12. Hang Da Street.Please contact Pham Van Tai at the above address for more information.. Read the community notice.. Use the similar format to write a notice about the English Speakingcontest below.The school English Speaking Club is going to hold a speaking contest to celebrate the Teachers’ Day. The contest will be at Hall 204, Building G, from 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm on November 15. The person to contact is Tran Thi Thu Hang of class 8H.Write one or two notices about your class meeting and / or your Sports Club meeting.Unit 7: My neighborhood Language Focus o Present perfect with for and sinceo Comparison with like, (not) as … as; (not) the same as; different from1. Match each verb to its past participle.gone See collected go lived do Scen eat attended write done live been work written attend I caten collect worked 2. Complete the expressions. Use for or since. for a period of time since a point of time for five months since Tiesday… five minutes … three hours… January … 10 weeks1990 … Friday… the summer … 20 years3. Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect form of the verbs in bracketsa) I have lived here since last week. (live) b) We in that restaurant for two years. (not eat) c) I her since yesterday. (not see) d) They_Quang Trung School since last year. (attend) e) My dad for his company for 20 years. (work) f) Ba stamps since 1995. (collect)4. Complete the conversation. Use the correct form of the verbs in the box.hope be (3) Iίνρ see look wantBa: Hi. My name’s Ba.Tom: Nice to meet you, Ba. I’m Tom.Ba: Are you a newcomer here?Tom: Yes. I (1) here since last week.Ba: I’m sure you’ll love this place.Tom: I (2) so. How long you (3) here?Ba: For 15 years.Tom: So you must know the area very well. (4) there a post office near here?Ba: Yes. There’s one next to my house. Why?Tom: Ah! I (5) to send this postcard to my parents.Ba: Let me have a look. Oh! It (6) very beautiful. Where’s your house?Tom: In London. you ever (7) there?Ba: Not yet. But I (8) it through films and magazines.I’m going there with my father next summer.Tom: That’s great. I hope to see you again over there…. Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences. Use the words in the box.You will have to use some words more than once.different expensive cheap modern long same large a) The magazine is not as large as the newspaper. b) Lipton tea is different from Dilmah tea. c) The red dictionary is the blue dictionary. d) The bag on the left is the bag on the right. e) The toy cat is the toy dog. f) Hoa’s backpack is Lan’s backpack. g) The snake is the rope. h) The pocket-watch is the Wristwatch. i) The ruler is the eraser.


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