Sách giáo khoa tiếng anh 8

    Units 8 Country life and city lifeUnits 8 Country life and city lifeUnits 8 Country life and city life

    Units 8 Country life and city lifeUnits 8 Country life and city lifeUnits 8 Country life and city life
    Units 8 Country life and city lifeUnits 8 Country life and city life

    Units 8 Country life and city life –

    Work with a partner Make a list of the differences between the countryside and the city. The words in the box may help you. Where did you go?. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place. Why not? Unit 8: Country life and city lifeNa: But the city has so much more to offer. Hoa: In many ways, I prefer the countryside. Life is simple, people are friendly and the air is clean.1. Practice the dialogue with a partner. 2. Answer the questions. a) Where has Na been? b) How long was she there? c) What is her opinion of the countryside? d) Na says, “There is nothing to do.’ What does she mean by this? e) What are some of the changes that Hoa mentions? f) Do you prefer the city or the countryside? Why?SPEAK.1. Work with a partner. Look at the two pictures and talk about the changes of the town. The word prompts in the box may help you.5 years agobusy tall beautiful modern noisy dirty expensiveExample. The town is becoming busier 2. Work with a partner. Talk about changes in your hometown.I , ISTEIN.Fill in the missing words.Lan: Hello.Aunt Hang: Hello. Is (1) Lan?Lan: Yes. Who is (2)Aunt Hang: (3) Aunt Hang. How are you?Lan: I’m fine. (4) are you phoning (5) Aunt Hang: Hue. I’m calling to tell you Uncle Chi and I are (6) to visit you next (7) . Lan: Great! When are you (8) ? Aunt Hang: On (9) We’re arriving inHa Noi in the (10) (11)Lan: OK. Do you want to (12) tO (13) mom?Aunt Hang: Yes, please.Lan: Hold on a moment and I’ll (14) her. Unit 8: Country life and city lifeREAD .Many people from rural areas are leaving behind their traditional way ܠ ܐܘ life and moving to the city. They believe that well-paying jobs are plentiful in the city.At home on the farm, life is always a struggle with nature. Typhoons, floods or droughts can easily destroy a harvest and leave the farmer with little or no money until the following year. Often farmers look for other work when they need more money for their family.The increase in population, however, has led to overcrowding in many cities. This puts a strain on schools and hospitals, as well as water and electricity supplies. Increased pollution is another unpleasant result. There is also a human side to this tragedy. Families sometimes have to live apart. In these cases, children may live at home with relatives, while their parents go and live in an urban area. Governments all over the world are trying to provide facilities for these igrants, but it can be quite a problem,… Complete the summary. Use information from the passage.People from the countryside are (1) their (2) to go and live in the (3 . Farming can sometimes be a difficult life and these people from (4) eas feel the (5) offers more opportunities. However, many people coming to the city create (6) . There may not be enough (7) or (8) , while water and electricity supplies may not be adequate. This is a (9) facing governments around the (10) -Find the word in the passage that means:) of the countryside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .b) as many as needed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .c) become greater or larger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .d )a great pressure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .a terrible event . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .of the city or city life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ΙΝΕΙΤΕ,1. Put the outline for an informal letter in the correct order. If you don’t remember, refer to the writing exercises in Unit 5.Opening DatchClosing: I leading Writers across BOcly of lett Cr2. Write a letter to a friend about your neighborhood. These questions may help you.Where do you live? What does your house look like?What can you see from your bedroom window?How far is it from your home to school? How do you get to school? ത What kinds of facilities are there in your la. What things in your neighborhood do you like best?Why? Language focuso Present progressiveUnit 8: Country life and city life- to talk about the future- to show changes with get and becomeo Comparative and superlative adjectives1. Read the dialogues.a) Mrs. Vui:Clerk:Mrs. Vui:Clerk:Mrs. Vui:Clerk:b) Mr. Hung:Clerk:Mr. Hung:Clerk:Is the boat to Dong Hoi leaving at 10.25? Is that Lady of the Lake?That’s right.I’m very sorry, madam, but it’s been delayed.Oh, no!Now, it’s leaving at 10.40.Is the boat from Hai Phong arriving at 10.30? Are you talking about Bright Sky?Yes.It’s arriving on time, sir.Now make similar dialogues. Use the shipping information.Ship NameLady of the Lake Good Fortune City of Hue Golden Trail Ship Name Bright Sky Speed of Light Diamond EyesStars AboveSVzpopo irag fra forzarzazatioraDestination Dong Hoi Quy Nhon Nha Trang Ho Chi Minh City Origin Hai Phong Ho Chi Minh City Ca Mau Phu QuOCTime of Departure10.25 11.30 1140 11.55Time of Arrival 10.30 10.40 11.00 12.00Status Revised Time delayed 10.40 delayed 13.55 delayed 16.2O Status Revised Time delayed 12.30 delayed 18.152. Complete the dialogues. Use the verbs in the present progressive tense.3.a) Nam: What are you doing tonight? Bao: I’m playing (0) table tennis. b) Uncle Thach: Would you and Lan like to go to the movies? Ноа: Sorry, we can’t. We (1) homework. c) Mrs. Vui: Are you watching the seven o’clock news?Mr. Nhat: No, I (2) a program on rainforests.d) Hoa: I’m going to the beach on Saturday. Lan: Lucky you! I (3) to my violin lesson. e) Mrs. Thoa: Are you free on Sunday afternoon? Na: No, Mom and I (4) the house. f) Nga: Can you fix my computer on Friday afternoon? Mr. Lam: I’m afraid not. I (5) a meeting that afternoon. Complete the sentences. Use the verbs and adjectives in the boxes. better cleaner get cold become dark tall weaka) The boys are getting taller b) The old men . c) We should go home. It . d) The weather . e) The students . f) The school yard .Make comparisons between the city and the country about these things. The adjectives in the box will help you. Look at the advertisements. Compare the house, the villa and the apartment. Use the adjectives in the box, The house is more expensive than the apartment. The apartment is smaller than the villa. The villa is the oldest home.


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