Unit 1 Back to schoolUnit 1 Back to schoolUnit 1 Back to school

    Unit 1 Back to schoolUnit 1 Back to schoolUnit 1 Back to school
    Unit 1 Back to schoolUnit 1 Back to schoolUnit 1 Back to school

    Unit 1 Back to school –

    Ba: Hello, Nga. Nga: Hi, Ba. Nice to see you again. Ba: Nice to see you, too. Nga: This is our new classmate. Her name’s Hoa. Ba: Nice to meet you, Hoa. Hoa: Nice to meet you, too. Good morning. My name’s Hoa. : Nice to meet you, Hoa. My name’s Nam. Are you a new student? Yes. I’m in class 7A. Oh, so am I. Unit 1: Back to schoolNow answer.a) What is the new girl’s name? b) What class is she in? c) Who is also in class 7A22. Read. Then answer the questions.Hoa is a new student in class 7A. She is from Hue and her parents still live there. She lives with her uncle and aunt in Ha Noi.Hoa has lots of friends in Hue. But she doesn’t have any friends in Ha Noi. Many things are different. Her new school is bigger than her old school. Her new school has a lot of students. Her old School doesn’t have many students.Hoa is unhappy. She misses her parents and her friends.Ouestions.a) Where is Hoa from?b) Who is she staying with? c) Does she have a lot offriends in Ha Noi? d) How is her new school different from her old school? e) Why is Hoa unhappy?11 e 3 Listen. Then practice with a partner.Nga: Good morning, Mr. Tan. Mr. Tan: Good morning, Nga. How are you? Nga: I’m very well, thank you. And you?Mr. Tan: I’m fine, thanks. Goodbye. See you later. Nga: Goodbye.흐 4 Listen. Complete these dialogues.How are you today? Just fine. So am I. How are you? Not bad. Me, too. How is everything? Pretty good. How about you? OK.a) Mr. Tan: Hello, Lien…? Miss Lien: …, thank you…, Tan? Mr. Tan …, but I’m very busy. Miss Lien: 5Unit 1: Back to schoolb) Nam: Good afternoon, Nga…?Nga: … thanks. …, Nam? Nam: … thanks. Nga: I’m going to the lunch room.Nam: Yes. … .Listen. Write the letters of the dialogues in the order you hear.13 *6 Play with words.Hoa is new. She’s new today. Hoa is new. She’s in 7A. Hoa has a friend. His name is Ba. Hoa has a friend. Her name is Nga.Hoa has some friends. They’re new friends.Remember,I’m in class 7A.So am II.a lot of She has a lot of friends. lots ofmany Many things are different.Her new school is bigger than her old school. Unit 1 : Back to schoolBD Names and addresses후 1 Listen. Then practice with a partner,Miss Lien: What’s your family name, Hoa?Hoa: It’s Pham. My middle name’s Thi. Miss Lien: How old are you?Hoa: I’m 13. Miss Lien: Where do you live?Hoa: 12 Tran Hung Dao Street.Miss Lien: Thank you, Hoa.NOVA a Ser.a) Who is Hoa talking to? b) What is Hoa’s family name? c) What is her middle name? d) Where does she live? 2. Write. Complete this dialogue, Nga: … is that? Lan: That’s Nam. Nga: No… is the girl talking to Miss Lien? Lan: Her name’s Hoa. She’s a new student.Nga: … class is she in? Lan: She’s in our class – class 7A. Nga: … does she live?Lan: She lives on Tran Hung DaoStreet with her aunt and uncle. Nga: … do her parents live? Lan: They live in Hue. Nga: She’s tall… old is she? Lan: She’s 13.”3 Ask your partner questions and complete this form.-Name: Age: Grade: School:Home address:르4 Listen. Then practice with a partner,Nam: Where do you live, Hoa? Hoa: I live at 12 Tran Hung Dao Street. Nam: How far is it from your house to school? Hoa: It’s not far – about one kilometer. Unit 1: Back to schoolnava vow de you goto school? Hoa: I go to school by bike.5Ask and answer with a partner.How far is it from your house to school? It’s …* η A Illin (ി stanI… 3 R–۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ post Office How far is it? Write the four distances. SCHOOL LANSHOUSE POST OFFICE. A survey. Ask your classmates where they live, how far it is from their house to school, and how they go to school. Then fill in the survey form. Name. Address: Means of transport: Distance: Remember: What What is your family name? Where Where do you live? Who Who is Hoa talking to? why Why is Hoa unhappy? how How old are you? how far How far is it from your house to school?


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