Unit 7 The world of workUnit 7 The world of workUnit 7 The world of work

    Unit 7 The world of workUnit 7 The world of workUnit 7 The world of work
    Unit 7 The world of work

    Unit 7 The world of work –

    Then practice with a partner. Eat your breakfast, Hoa. It’s half past six. You’ll be late for School. I won’t be late, uncle. I’m usually early. Our classes start at 7.00. And what time do your classes finish? At a quarter past eleven. Then in the afternoon I do my homework. That takes about two hours each day. You work quite hard, Hoa. When will you have a vacation? Our Summer Vacation starts in June. It lasts for almost three months.What will you do during the vacation? I’ll go and see Mom and Dad on their farm. I always like helping them. They work very hard, but we have fun Working together. Unit 7: The world of workNOVA” ansera) What time do Hoa’s classes start? b) What time do they finish? c) For how many hours a day does Hoa do her homework? d) What will Hoa do during her vacation? e) What about you? Do your classes start earlier or later?Do you work fewer hours than Hoa? f) When does your school year start? g). When does it finish?2Read. Then answer the questions.A letter from AmericaJune 1 Dear HOa, Hill How are you? I’m fine. Thanks for your letter. I like hearina about how students live in Viet Nam. I find it really interesting.I think you have fewer vacations than American étudenta, la that true? Our longest Vacation is in the summer Do you have a long summer vacation, too? We don’t have a Tet holiday, but we celebrate the New Year om January 1. Our moet important Vacations are Easter, 4th of July, Thankедiving and Chrietrтае. ИVe шешally spend time with our families on these vacatiorте.What other Vacations do you have? What do you like doing during your vacations? Please write soon and tell me.Your friend,’ )- 74Oilestions.3.a) Which American vacation is the longest?b) What does Tim do during his vacation?c) Do Vietnamese students have more or fewer vacations than American ones?Listen. Write the name of the public holiday in each of theseb) ീ.ܝܵܐpictures.ქარე ან KNY ** Unit 7: The world of work4 Read. Then answer the questions.Many people think that students have an easy life: we only work a few hours a day and have long vacations. They don’t know we have to work hard at School and at home.Take a look at a typical grade 7 student like Hoa. She has five periods a day, six days a week. That R ಇಂಗ್ಲ 20 hours a W ours than any worker. But that is not all. Hoa is a keen student and she studies hard. She has about 12 hours of homework every week. She also has to review her work before tests. This makes her working week about 45 hours. This is more than some workers. Students like Hoa are definitely not lazy!Ошestions.a) Why do some people think that students have an easy life? b) How many hours a week does Hoa work? Is this fewer than most workers? c) How many hours a week do you work? Is that more or fewer hours than Hoa? d) Does the Writer think students are lazy?Renenberlate You will be late for school.early I am usually early.a few We only work a few hours a day. fewer This is fewer hours than any workers. | more This is more than some workers. B > The workere 1 Listen and read. Then answer the questions.A letter from Tim JonesJuly 3Dear Hoa,I am pleased that you and your family are Well. I am fine, too. Here is a photo of me, my Mom and Dad, and my sister, 6hannon, Can you send me a photo of you?Let me tell you more about my parents.My Mom works at home, she takes care of the family. Three morninas a week, she works part-time at a local supermarket, she and other women also cook lunch för homeless people once a Week.My Dad is a mechanic. He repairs machines in a factory. He works five days a week for about 40 hours,afternoon. He prefers the morning shift. He has fewer days off than my Mom. However, When he has an afternoon free, he plays golf Dad detes about seven public holidays each year. He also has a three-week summer Vacation. We always ao to Florida on vacation. We have a great time and Dad plays more golfPlease write soon and tell me more about your family,Beet и/jaheа, Tin76 Unit 7: The world of workОшestions.23.a) Where does Mrs. Jones work? b) What does she do for homeless people? c) What is Mr. Jones’ job? d) How many hours a week does he usually work? e) How do you know the Jones family likes Florida?Read.Hoa’s father, Mr. Tuan, is a farmer. He works more hours than Tim’s father. He usually starts work at six in the morning. He has breakfast, then he feeds the buffalo, pigs and chickens, and collects the eggs. From about nine in the morning until four in the afternoon, Mr. Tuan works in the fields with his brother. They grow some rice, but their main crop is vegetables. From 12 to 1 o’clock, Mr. Tuan rests and eats lunch.At four in the afternoon, they come back home. Mr. Tuan feeds the animals again. Then he cleans the buffalo shed and the chicken coop. His work usually finishes at six. Four or five times a year when there is less work, Mr. Tuan takes a day off. He goes to the city with his wife. A farmer has no real vacations.Compare.Read Tim’s letter and the text about Mr. Tuan. Then make notes about them. HOUSpe Week Days of Vacation ImeMr. JonesMr. Tuan77 Robots working at top speed Making all the things We need. Robot farmers will grow Our crops. A robot works and never stops. We will have less Work and more money to spend, A two-day week and a five-day weekend. | Some people think this may come true. But I don’t think it’s true. Do you?Remember.Sometimes he works in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.She works part-time. When there is less work, he goes to the city. Tim’s father has fewer days off than his mother


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