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Consolidation 1 –

Consolidation I Answer the following guestions. 1. What are some examples of specialized equipment to help the children learn better? 2. What is the huge achievement of this teacher’s students? 3. What does many others (paragraph 1) refer to?4.What does many others (paragraph 3) refer to?Work with a partner. Write a summary based on the text below. Be sure to include the important facts contained in the text.A Man Loving Books A young man hurried into his town library. He went up to one of the oldlibrarians and said to her eagerly, “Do you remember that you persuaded me to borrow a book about Greek history a week ago?””Yes, that’s right,” answered the librarian.”Do you remember the title of the book?” the young man asked. The librarian felt very proud because she was always trying to get young people to take out books on Greek history, and she rarely found one who was willing to accept her suggestions. “Yes,” she answered. “Do you want to take it out again? Did you think that it was so interesting?” “No, of course not,” said the young man, “but when I was taking it home, I met a girl on the bus, and I wrote her telephone number in the book. I want to telephone her, so please may I look at the book again?”


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