Consolidation 4Consolidation 4Consolidation 4Consolidation 4

Consolidation 4 –

The Australian in the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games brought success to their country. Their helped Australia collect 149 medals in the Paralympic Games. (participate). The athletes took part in 18 events at the Paralympic Games. (disability). Answer the following questions. 8. Name some interesting places in Sydney. 9. What does “lawbreakers’ (paragraph 2) mean? 10. List two national parks in Australia. 11. What makes you think that Australians are athletic?WRITINGDescribing Information. Using a TableL L L G L CCCCC CCC SS LL CCC L L L L L S L LC CCCLL Hoi An Ancient Town based on your background knowledge.1. Location2. Historical and/or cultural features 3. Current status4. Tourist attractions


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