Unit 10: Life on other planets

    4. Listen (Trang 86 SGK Tiếng Anh 9)

    Listen to the description of the moon. Then check (v) the correct statements about the moon. (Nghe bài mô tả về mặt trăng. Sau đó đánh dấu (v) vào những câu đúng về mặt trăng)

    Bài nghe:

    Gợi ý:

    Các câu đúng:

    a) c) d) f) i) j)

    Nội dung bài nghe:

    Good evening. Welcome to our Science for Fun Program. This week we’ve received a lot of questions asking about life on the moon. We’ve talked to some experts and this is what we’ve found out. There is no water or air on the moon. It is all silent because there is no air. Of course there will be no music, no sounds. There are no rivers and no lakes. At night it is very cold. The temperature goes down to 151oC below zero. But during the day the temperature rises to 100oC above zero.

    There are great round holes on the moon. They look like big lakes. They are called craters. There are more than 30,000 craters on the moon. There are also high mountains. The highest mountains on the moon are about 26,000 feet or 8,000 meters high.

    And here is something very interesting to know: on the moon you weigh one sixth of what you weigh on earth. If you weigh 50 kilos, on the moon you will weigh only a little more than 8 kilos. You will be able to jump very high, even higher than an Olympic Champion. You can take very long steps as well. And … Maybe you won t sleep very well because one day on the moon lasts for two weeks.

    So, is there life on the moon? I’ll leave the question for you to answer yourself.


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