Unit 13 Activities –

    AD Sports Listen and read. Then answer the questions. A recent survey of teenagers in the USA had some surprising results. The survey was a simple one. It asked teenagers: What sports do you like? Sport Baseball Skateboarding Second Roller-skating Third Rollerblading Fourth Basketball Fifth Football Sixth Volleyball Seventh Tennis Eighth Badminton Ninth Swimming Tenth Baseball was the most popular choice even though it is not one of the World’s most popular games. Millions of people play and watch it all round the world. Surprisingly, many teenagers said they liked table tennis.129 130Ouestions.a) Is baseball your favorite sport? If not, what is your first choice?b) Do you like table tennis?*2 Take a class survey,Ask your classmates what sport they like most. Draw this table in your exercise book. Write the number of students who like each sport best. Then write the order.Soccer Badminton Volleyball Baseball Football Swimming Athletics Table tennis Basketball Roller-skatingRollerblading Unit 13: Activities3 Listen. Then practice with a partner.good – well He’s a good soccer player. He plays well.NG| > ༄།།“ ܝܢ slow – slowlyShe’s a slow swimmer. She swims slowly.> quick – quickly She’s a quick runner. She runs quickly.skillful – skillfullyHe’s a skillful volleyball player. He plays skillfully.bad – badly She’s a bad tennis player. She plays tennis badly.safe – safely She’s a safe cyclist. She cycles safely.131 1324.Read. Then answer the questions.Walking is funAt my school there are different sports activities but I only take part in one club called “Walking For Fun” or WFF. Last year there was a district walking competition for school children and my school team won the first prize. Everybody was so happy and wished to keep this activity, therefore, we organized this club. The number of participants increases every week. The regular activity of the club is a 5 km walk to the beach on Sunday morning. Another activity is a walk-to-school day (or WTS day). Members living near school Volunteer to take a walk instead of taking motorbike or bicycle trips every Wednesday, Walking is a fun, easy and inexpensive activity, and people of all ages and abilities can enjoy it.Ouestions.sa) What sports activity does the writer take partin? b) Why did the school children organize the WFF c) What are the two activities of the club? d) How far is it from the School to the beach? e) Which day of the week is the WTS day of the club? f) Who often takes part in the WTS day?Write. Change the adjectives in brackets to adverbs.Summer is on its way and Schools in our city start planning to improve water safety awareness for children. The aim of the program is to teach primary and secondary students about water safety. Following are some of the advice every kid should… (clear) remember. You should always swim with an adult and between the red and yellow flags. You should also listen to lifeguards and … (strict) obey all signs.Swimming can be fun but accidents can hap༄།། །། 3= =>ܡܶܬ݂ܰܘܢ ༥། །邏-Unit 13: ActivitiesYou should … (careful) listen to the pool lifeguards, play … (Safe) and stay away from the deep end; and you should not run or Walk … (careless) around the pool edge.the risks is the safe way to water play.*6 Play with words.What do you like to do? Do you like to skateboard,And do a great jump?Do you land on your backWith a terrible bump?Or do you fly along At the speed of sound, And skillfully landWith your feet on the ground?Remember.He’s a good Soccer player.He plays well.good skillful slow bad- well – skillfully – slowly – badlyn. Being aware ofinteresting Súdden – quickcareful – careless -interestingly Suddenly quickly safelly carefully carelessly133 I B ) Come and play1 Listen. Then practice with a partner.Ba: Nam: Ba: Nam:Ba:Nam: Ba:Nam:Would you like to play table tennis, Nam? I’d like to, but I can’t.That’s too bad. I have some homework. I ought to finish it before I play table tennis. Yes. You must do your homework first. But I’ll wait for you. It’ll take me a few more minutes. No problem. I also have to finish this question for Math tomorrow. OK, I’ve finished. Oh, I don’t have my table tennis paddles with me. Do you have a spare one?Ba: Yes, I do. Nam: Can I borrow it? Ba: Sure. Here you are. Nam: Thanks. Ba: OK. Let’s go.Νοννα ηS MeΓ.a) What should Nam do before he plays table tennis? b) When will Nam be ready?c) What will Ba do? d) How many paddles does Bahave? Unit 13: Activitiese 2 Listen. Then practice with a partner. Change the underlined details using the information in the box.Ba: Come and playbasketball, Nam. Nam: I’m sorry. I don’t think I can. Ba: That’s too bad. Why not? Nam: Well, I should clean my room. Ba: Can you play on Friday? Nam: Yes, I can.Ba: All right. See you at Seven. Nam: OK. Bye.Ba: Bye.a) volleyball should/visit/grandmother the weekend/Saturday afternoonb) chess ought to/help/Dad Wednesday night/six o’clockCbadminton must/go/dentist Sunday morning/10 o’clock135 1363.Read. Then answer the questions.Most of the world’s surface is water. We may know the land very well, but we know very little about the oceans.Until recently, man could not stay underwater for long. A pearl diver, for example, couldn’t stay underwater for longer than two minutes. But now, with special breathing equipment, a diver can stay underwater for a long time. After the invention of this equipment, man could swim freely underwater and scuba-diving became a popular sport.A Frenchman, Jacques Cousteau (1910 – 1997), invented a deep-sea diving vessel in the early 1940s. In the vessel, he could explore the oceans of the World and study underwater life.Now, we can explore the Oceans, using special TV cameras as well. We can learn more about the underSea World thanks to this invention. Unit 13: ActivitiesOuestions.True or False? Check, and then correct the false sentences.Most of the world’s surface is land. Before the invention of special breathing equipment, man couldn’t Swim freely underwater.Now, scuba-diving is a popular sport. Jacques Cousteau invented special TV cameras.We can learn more about the undersea world thanks to Jacques Cousteau’s invention.*4 Complete the passage with the modal verbs in the box.Can nnullSt InuSt nOt should should not ought to ought not toScientists say life started in the ocean. However, humans aren’t natural swimmers. We …(1)… swim as babies, but we forget and then We…(2)… learn to Swim again.We …(3)… forget that our world is mainly water. So we …(4)… all learn to swim. We…(5)… try to stay away from water, but it is very difficult. The time always comes when we need to cross water.We …(6)… learn to swim when we are young. It is easier to learn then. Our parents … (7)… help. They …(8)… give us the opportunity to learn to Swim.137Come and explore We must not make a sound The ocean floor When a shark is around In a submarine for two. Our submarine for two. We can spend all day It’s beautiful here – Watching fish play It’s the last frontier – Near our submarine for two. In a submarine for two. Remember.


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