Unit 3 At home –

    What an awful day! You must be cold, Lan. Come in and have a seat. That armchair is comfortable. Thanks. What a lovely living room! Where are your uncle and aunt? My uncle is at work and my aunt is shopping. Would you like some tea? No, thanks. I’m fine. OK. Come and see my room. What a bright room! And what nice colors! Pink and white. Pink is my favorite color. Can I see the rest of the house? Of course.This is the bathroom. What a beautiful bathroom! It has a sink, a tub and a shower. Yes. It’s very modern. Now come and look at the kitchen. You’ll love it. Lan: Wow! What an amazing kitchen It has everything: Washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, electric StoVe …Hoa: Yes. It’s very convenient. How about a drink, Lan? Would you like some orange juice?Lan: What a great idea! I’d love some.Now answer. a) Which rooms do Hoa and Lan talk about? b) Why does Lan like Hoa’s room? c) What is in the bathroom? d) What is in the kitchen?Abош1 yои. e) How many rooms are there in your house/apartment? f) What things are there in your room/kitchen/bathroom?2. Write exclamations.What an expensive dress a) Complaints ρΑρρηνίνραίνονsNOVA II. Se awful restaurant boring party wet day bad movie30 3.Unit 3: At home What a great partyb) Compliments great partyNow use: great party interesting movie delicious dinner bright room lovely house beautiful dayLook at the picture. Then practice with a partner.a) Point and say. What is in the picture? There is a table. There are some chairs.b) Ask and answer.Is there a…? Are there any …? Yes, there is./. No, there isn’t. Yes, there are/No, there Where is it? aren’t. It is on/in/under/near/next to/ Where are they? behind/ in front of… They are on/in/etc.,…Use these words to help you.table telephone closet lamps armChairs sink window bed pictures books television refrigerator stove ΠOWers пеwspapers 32*4 Play with words.A delicious smell greets me When I come home. Mom is cooking lunch When I come home.Remember.What a lovely home!What an awful day. Is there a…? Yes, there is./. No, there isn’t. Are there any …? Yes, there are. No, there aren’t.When I come home After a day at School, I come home. After working hard, I come home.I forget all my cares When I come home. Always happy and safe When I come home.O next to in behind under in front of Ոear Unit 3: At homeHoa’s family1 Listen. Then practice with a partner.: Tell me about your family, Hoa.What does your father do?: He’s a farmer. He works on our farm in the countryside.He grows Vegetables and raises cattle.: What about your mom? What does she do? : She’s always busy. She works hard from morning till night.She does the housework, and she helps on the farm.: Do they like their jobs? : Yes, they love working on their farm. : Do you have any brothers or sisters? : Yes. I have a younger sister. She’s only 8.Here is a photo of her.Now ansver. a) What does Hoa’s father do? b) Where does he work? c) What is her mother’s job? d) What does she do every day? e) Are they happy? f) How old is Hoa’s sister?2 Read.What about Lan’s family? What do her parents do?Her father is a doctor. He works in a hospital. He takes care of sick children. – Her mother is a teacher. She teaches in a primary school.Lan has an elder brother. He is a journalist. He writes for a Ha Noi newspaper.Now practice with a partner. a) Talk about Lan’s family. What does her father / mother/brother do? Where does he/she work? Abои! yои.b) Talk about your family. Where does your father/mother/brother/sister work? What does he/she do? Unit 3. At hone3. Match these half-sentences.A farmer Writes for a newspaper. A doctor works on a farm. Ajournalist teaches in a School. A teachertakes care of sick people.4 Listen. Complete these forms for the three people on the tape.NameName: Age – Ae: ge Jooが一つ Job: ce o\”-Place of work:5 Listen and read.John Robinson is an English teacher from the USA. He’s looking for an apartment in Ha Noi for his family. He’s asking his friend, Nhat, for advice.John: Is it easy to find anapartment in Ha Noi, Nhat’? Nhat: Well, there’re a few empty apartments near here. John: Really? Are they good apartments?35 36Nhat: Well, there’s a good one with two bedrooms at number 27. It’s a lovely apartment and it isn’t expensive. John: What about the others? Nhat: The one at number 40 is better. It has three bedrooms and it’s bigger, but of course it’s more expensive. John: Is it the best one? Nhat: No. The best one is at number 79. It has four bedrooms and it’s furnished. It’s the most expensive. John: Which will be the most suitable for my family? What do you think? Nhat: The cheapest will be the best for you. It’s smaller than the other two, but it’s the newest of the three and it has a large, modern bathroom and a kitchen. I think your family will like it a lot.Amser.a) Which is the cheapest apartment?b) Which is the most expensive?c) Which is the best apartment?d) Which is the most suitable apartment for John and his family? Describe it.*6 Write. Below is John’s letter to his wife and daughter in the USA. Complete the letter using these words.sm big expensive best cheapest beautiful Unit 3. At homeАидuat 16Dear 6ally and Liz,ܥܒ ̄I have aоте доо4 пеиve for you. Ifounda place forus to live in Ha No Thereare some … apartments here 6ome are cheap but a lot are … Luckily the nicest apartment les also the … . It has great bedroomes and a large bathroom. The living room is rather… but the kitcher is …, 30 We Will eat のurneale thereI think this is the … apartment for us because it is near the city Center.| Will Write again soon With more news. I hope you’re both Well.Remember. What does he/she do? – He/She is a doctor. Where does he/she work? – He/She works in a hospital.Does he/she work in a factory? – Yes, he/she does. – No, he/she doesn’t.Adjective Comparative Superlativegood better the bestcheap cheaper the cheapest expensive more expensive the most expensive I 7ANGCUVAG:0 :OCUS T23.Present simple tenseComplete the passages using the verbs in brackets.a) Ba … (be) my friend. He …(live) in Ha Noi with his mother, father and elder sister. His parents …(be) teachers. Ba.(go) to Quang Trung School.b) Lan and Nga …(be) in class7A. They …(eat) lunch together. After School, Lan.(ride) herbike home and Nga …(catch) the bus.Future simple tenseWrite the things Nam will do / will not do tomorrow. Example:d He will go to the post office, but “…as ‘. von ‘t / \ ே he won’t call Ba. . لا يعني ” كما تكونOrdinal numbersWrite the correct Ordinal numbersSoccer Team Points Position Thang Loi 26 (4) Thanh Cong 25 (5) Tien Phong 23 (6) Doan Ket 29 (3) Hong Ha 34 (2) Phuong Dong 19 (7) Thang Long 36 first (1) Language focus 14 PrepositionsWrite the sentences.O in front of under behind next toWhere’sa) It’s under the table.5 Adjectives Write the dialogues. Use the pictures and the words in the box. cheap expensive good Strong And B is cheaper. But Cie the cheapeat. A is a cheap toy.39 6 OccupationsWrite these people’s job titles.a) He fights fires. He is very brave. b) She works in a hospital. What is his job? She makes sick people well. He is a fireman. What is her job? She Works in a school. d) He lives in the countryside. She teaches students. He grows vegetables. What is her job? What is his job? Is there a …? Are there any …? Look at the picture. Complete the sentences. Minh: Is there a lamp? Hoa: Are there any pictures? Hoa: Yes, there is. Minh: No, there aren’t. a) … there … books? c) … there … telephone? … , there … . … , there … . b) … there … armchairs? d) … there … flowers? there … . … , thereQuestion wordsWrite the questions and the answers. Example:- – – What is his name: Police RecordHis name is Pham Trung Hung. N LLM S TT LLL L SSAge 25 Address : 3E MALAn 1532, 25 treet, Job _Coffice Manager –


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