Grammar –

    Nice to see you again. b) Nice to meet you. Nice to see you. c) See you later. Present simple tense а) I live b) You c) He in Ha Noi. d) She lives e) It f) You g) We live on Tran Hung Dao Street. h) They i) She has lots of friends in Hue. She doesn’t have any friends in Ha Noi.j )She misses her parents and her friends.k )She lives on Tran Hung Dao Street.I )What do you want from the post office? I need some stamps.m) What do you usually do in the evening? n) What does your father do?o) Do you still miss your parents? Yes, I do.p) I don’t really like playing computer games. Grammar3. So, too, either, neithera) I’m in class 7A. So am I./ I am, too.b )I like bananas. So do I./ I do, too.I’d like some peas and I’d like some carrots, too.I don’t like pork. Neither do I./ I don’t, either. e) They aren’t ripe. Neither are the bananas. I hate carrots. And I don’t like peas, either.f)I don’t like them. Neither do I.g )4 Present progressive tenseа) I an (I’m) studying history. b) He (He’s) reading a book. c) She is (She’s) going to school. It (It’s) eating an apple. e) You (You’re) playing catch. We ATC (We’re) waiting for a bus. g) They (They’re) watching a movie.h) What is Lan studying? i) Some boys and girls are playing marbles. j) What are they talking about? They are talking about the last class. k) I’m trying to do this math question.5 Question wordsa) Where is she from? b) What is your family name? c) How old are you? d) Who are you? e) Why is Hoa unhappy? f) Who is this? g). How many rooms are there? h) How much is it?6Prepositionsa) How far is it from your home to school? b) How far is it from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City? c) The newspapers are on the racks in the corner on the right. d) Those books at the back of the library are in English. e) The bank is between the hotel and the restaurant. f) The police station is opposite the hospital.7 Future simple tense a) I will (I’ll) b) . He (He’ll) c) She will (She’ll) d) It (It’ll) e) You (You’ll) f) We will (We’ll) g) They (They’ll)h) Will you be free tomorrow? Yes, I will.i) What time will it start? It’ll start at seven o’clock.170have Some water. eat at eight o’clock. get up early. go home. play marbles. go by bus. live in Hulle.Grammarj) We’ll meet in front of the movie theater.k) When will she be back? She’ll be back at about six o’clock.1) I won’t be happy. m) You’ll be late for school. n) I Won’t be late. o) You will be a famous artist one day. p) What will they do? q) I’ll see you tomorrow.8 DatesJune eighth. I will be 14 on my next birthday.9 World like a) I would (I’d) b) . He (He’d) spring rolls. c) She would (She’d) to come and d) It (It’d) like Watch that. e) You (You’d) SOme peasand somef) We would (We’d) CaTTO[S. g) They (They’d)h) Would you like to come to my house for lunch? Yes, I’d love to.i) I’d like to send this letter to the US.j) I’d like some local stamps.k). I’d like to tell you something about my country and where I live.1721. 1.12a)Imperative (Commands)a) Please tell her I’ll call again after six. b) Remember to do your own washing. c) Brush your teeth after every meal. d) Pass the rice please, Hoa. e) Don’t worry.Don’t be late g) Don’t eat too much candy. h) Don’t forget to write.f)Adjectives: comparatives and superlativeslive comparative superlative good better the best expensive more expensive the most expensive popular more popular the most popular cheap cheaper the cheapest little less the least Small smaller the Smallest big bigger the biggest long longer the longest many ΠΠΟΤΟ the mostAdverbs of frequencyWhat do you usually do after school?b) We always need more players.c)He never plays games.d) I usually meet my friends.e)f)g)I always like helping them. We often do our homework together. Sometimes, we go swimming. Grammar13 Anya) She doesn’t have any friends in Ha Noi. b) Did you buy any souvenirs in Nha Trang?14 Suggestionsa) Why don’t you relax? b) Why don’t you come along? c) What about going to the movies? d) Let’s go to the cafeteria. e) Let’s buy a papaya and a pineapple.15 Indefinite quantifiers: a little, a lotslots of, too mucha) Let’s buy a little food. b) Hoa has lots of friends in Hue. c) Her new school has a lot of students. d) You Work too much. e) Don’t eat too much candy. f) I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun.16 More, less and fewera) Do you work fewer hours than Hoa? b) I feel less Scared now.c) Dad plays more golf. d) He works more hours than Tim’s father. e) We work one hour more each day. We only work a few hours a day. g) That is fewer hours than any worker. h) We go to school one day less than you in VietNam. i) Do Vietnamese students have more or fewer vacations than American ones? Mr. Tuan has fewer days off than Tim’s father.f)jThere are fewer eggs than in the morning.17317 To be -Past simple tenseIt at home yesterday.WETOTheyh) How was your Vacation in Nha Trang?It was Wonderful.i) Were you tired after the trip? No, I wasn’t (= was not).j) Most things weren’t (= were not) cheap. k) You were ill.18 Past simple tenseа) I b) . HeSheIt played SOCCC. YouWeTheyh) They saw sharks, dolphins and turtles. i) My uncle didn’t (= did not) cut my hair. j) Where did you buy it?Grammark) II didn’t buy it.1) My neighbor bought the material. m) She made the dress for me.n) Liz looked at the fish.o). Hoa got up and took a shower. p) Her aunt got me some stamps. q) Did your Mom write a sick note for you?No, she didn’t. Yesterday, Mr. Lam started a new job at a printing factory.r )s) You had a virus.19 Becausea) We call it the common cold because every year millions of people catch it.b) Why didn’t Lango to school yesterday? Because she had a bad cold.20 Sequencing: first, next, then, finallya) First, she sliced the beef into thin strips. b) Next, she sliced some green peppers and onions. c) Then, she heated a pan. d) Finally, she stir-fried the beef and the vegetables.21 Modal verbsa) It must be something you ate.b) You must do your homework first.c) He could explore the oceans of the world.d) A pearl diver couldn’t stay underwater for longer than two minutes.e) Can I help you?f) II ought to finish it.g) I should clean my room.175176h) i) j)You may prefer the ocean. I might not have my table tennis paddles with me. I have to finish this question for Math tomorrow.22 Adjectives / adverbsadjective adverb a) good well b) bad badly c) quick quickly d) slow slowly e) skillful skillfully f) dangerous dangerously g) safe safelly h) sudden suddenlyDid your Mom wash it well? They began to ride quickly. She plays tennis badly. The game sometimes moves slowly.23 Everybody, everything, nobody, no one, nothinga) Everybody knows the symptoms.b) How is everything?c) But nobody knows a cure.d) No one went home until the TV station closed for the night.e) She enjoyed socializing with her friends and it cost nothing. 24 JUVWhata) They show what they do.b) They show what they wear.c) They show what music they like.d) We see what the characters do.Grammar Irregular verbs


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