Unit 16 People and places –

    No. He flies all over the region. He usually flies to Hong Kong as well as Bangkok. Sometimes he flies to Kuala Lumpur, or Singapore or Jakarta. Occasionally he goes to Phnom Penh, Vientiane or Yangon. I’d love to see all those places. Me, too. My uncle sends me postcards every time he goes away, so I have both postcards and stamps from all those cities. Can I see the stamps? Sure. I’ll bring my album to school tomorrow. Unit 16: People and placesNow match the half-sentences.a) Ba’s uncle is A see the stamps.b) Uncle Nghia sends postcards B as well as the stamps.c) Ba keeps the postcards C in a special book.d) Ba puts the stamps D a pilot.e) Hoa wants to E many different places.f) Ba and Hoa would like to F to Ba from the cities he visit visits.2 Complete the table. Use the names of the countries in the box. Cambodia Malaysia Thailand Myanmar Indonesia China LaosCapital Cou BangkokBeijingKuala Lumpur Phnom Penh Vientiane Yangon JakartaThe Great WallNow ask and answer questions with a partner.Where does Ba’s uncle fly to? He usually/sometimes/occasionally flies to … Where is that?It’s in … .155 e 3 Listen and complete this pilot’s schedule with the correct place es4 Listen and read. Then answer the questions. DestinationsSouth-east Asia has many attractions. If you are interested in history, you could visit many ancient monuments. The attractions range from the beautiful Khmer temples of Angkor Wat to the huge Buddhist temples of Borobudur in Java. You may be interested in the traditions of different cultures. You can see different shows – from colorful dances in Thailand to shadow puppet shows in Indonesia. During these shows, you can listen to and enjoy traditional music.You may prefer the Ocean. There are a lot of resorts and thousands of kilometers of beaches. You can swim. You can dive and admire colorful corals and fish. You can sail and enjoy a healthy outdoor life.156 흐Unit 16: People and placesOuestions.a) The passage mentions three kinds of tourist attractions. What are they? b) What kinds of attractions do you prefer?Renenber:1.What kinds of attractions do you prefer? You may prefer … The attractions range from … to … .Famous peopleListen. Then practice with a partner.Ba: Liz: Ba: Liz: Ba: Liz: Ba:Liz: Ba: Liz: Ba:Liz: Ba: Liz: Ba:Hello, Liz. What are you doing? I’m studying for a history quiz. Can you help me? Sure. What’s the problem?Who’s Vo Nguyen Giap?He’s a famous general.What’s he famous for? That’s easy. He’s famous for leading the People’s Army of Viet Nam at:Dien Bien Phu. He was its Commander-ln-Chief, What happened at Dien Bien Phu? General Giap’s forces defeated the French there in 1954. Do you know when the general was born? In 1920. No, I’m wrong. It was in 1911. I remember he was 43 when the People’s Army of VietNam won the battle. Thanks, Ba. You are very good at history. Well, I’m really interested in it and I have a lot of history books at home.Can I borrow some of them? Sure. Let’s go and get some now.158Now, Check the right column. Then correct the false sentences.2T Fa) Liz knows a lot about General Giap,b) The People’s Army of VietNam defeated the French in 1956.c) The People’s Army of VietNam won the battle of Dien Bien Phu.d) General Giap was born in 1920.[ ] ] e) Ba does like history.Of Liz will lend Basome history books.Practice.a) Complete this dialogue with the words in the box. Then practice with a partner.gueՏՏ prefer like favoriteHoa: Do you …(1)… Romario?Lan: No, not very much. I.(2). Pele.Hoa: Why?Lan: Because Pele is a better player than Romario, I… (3). So.Lan: What about you? Hoa: My …(4)… player is Michael Jordan. Lan: Really? Hoa: Yes. I think he’s very fast.b) Now make your own dialogues about famous people you know. The adjectives in the box will help you.clever powerful Strong gentle kind pretty handsome funny fastUnit 16: People and places*3 Read. Then answer the questions.The battle of Dien Bien Phu ended the Indochina War. Today Dien Bien Phu is a tourist * destination. Many visitors are battle Veterans or members of their families. As well as visitingthe battle site, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the )ை ィ。 Muong Thanh Valley, visit the neighboring villages, and share the hospitality of the local people. Most of the people who live in the area are members of the Thai or H’Mong ethnic minorities. However, they do not depend on tourism alone to live. As Dien Bien Phu is only 30 kilometers from the Laos’ border, it is an important trading center. Food leaves here for Laos and Thailand and goods arrive for the northern provinces of Viet Nam.Ouestions.a) What can people visit in Dien Bien Phu? b) What else can tourists do in Dien Bien Phu? c) Why is Dien Bien Phu’s location important?4 Read.Famous PeopleThomas Edison ( b USA, 1847 – 93 / )Thomas Edison was an inventor. His most famous invention was the electric lightbulb. He also established the first central power station in New York City. During his lifetime he invented over 1,300 things including the gramophone and motion pictures. Hans Christian Andersen (h Denmark, 1805-1875)Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author. He grew up in a poor family, and he Wanted to be an actor. Later, a friend of his paid for his education at Copenhagen University. He wrote novels, plays, poetry and travel books. However, he became most famous for the fairy tales he wrote between 1835 and 1872.Now work with a partnera) One of you is Student A and the other is Student B. Look at your information.Student AYou are a newspaper reporter. Imagine you are going to interview Thomas Edison. Ask as many questions as possible.Student B You are Thomas Edison. A newspaper reporter is going to interview you. Use the information in the reading passage to answer the questions.When were you Were you born in born, Mr. Edison? America? I was born in 1847. Yes, I was.b) Now change roles. Student A is Hans Christian Andersen. Student B is the reporter. Complete the interview. Unit 16: People and placesge 5 Listen. Complete the table.Date of birth 1890Left Viet NamWorked in hotel 1900sWent to another countryMoved again 1923Founded Vietnamese Communist Party 1930Formed Viet Minh Front Viet NamBecame PresidentDiedRemember. Present and Past tenses My favorite … is . . Why? Really? I prefer … Because he/she/it is . . LANGUAGE FOCUSE1621 Adjectives and adverbsa) Check the correct box.Adjective Adverb dangerous slowly skillfully good bad quicklyb) Complete the sentences.He ran … (quick/quickly) My grandmother walks … (slow/slowly) What a… baby! He sleeps all night and he never cries during the day. (good/well) Rock climbing is a … activity. (dangerous/dangerously) Lan is a … volleyball player. (skillful/skillfully)2 Modal verbs a) Work with a partner. Read the dialogue.Ba: Can I go to the movies, Mom? Mom: No, you can’t.Ba: Please, Mom! Mom: First you must do your homework. Then you can go. Ba: Great! Thanks, Mom. Language focus 5b) Look at the pictures and the words. Make up similar dialogues.go play tidy watch mail practicec) Hoa has a few problems. Give her some advice, using should or ought to. You ought toI’m sick. go to the doctor.You should go to the doctor.3 Expressing likes and dislikesTaste GOOd Restaurant Appetizers Spring rolls Beef stew Shrimp cakes Beef Steak oup Chicken Rice noodles and beef soup Sweet and sour chicken Vegetable soup Ginger chicken Salad Fried chicken Banana flower salad Rice and noodles Cucumber salad Fried rice Fish and seafood White rice Fried fish Rice noodles Fried shrimp paste onSugar cane Language focus 5Work with a partner. Look at the menu. Decide which items to order. Use the information in the boxes to help you.You Want: 1 Soup or appetizer or salad 1 fish or seafood dish 1 beef or chicken dish 1 rice or noodle dishWhat would you like to eat?I’d like … . What would you like to eat? I Prefer . . – I don’t really like… What would you like? I don’t k Would you like…? OT. L. KTOW.No, I don’t like…. Yes. That sounds nice.165 1664.3.30 pm.5TensesRead the sentences. Check the correct column.Past Present Futurea) I live in Ho Chi Minh City. b) Ba is practicing the guitar. c) Hoa went to the doctor.d) Quang Trung School willholdits anniversary celebration on March 23.e) Namate too much cake at the birthday party. f) It is a beautiful day. g). Hoa is riding her bike to school. h) The basketball game started ati) I am very happy. j) It will be cool and cloudy.Becausea) Read the dialogue.Nam: What is your favorite color, Lan? Lan: Red.Nam: Why?Lan: Because it’s lucky. Now work with a partner. Make up similar dialogues. Use the Words in the table and the box to help you. color i sport TV program blue wrestling pink volleyball The WS red table tennis cartoons pretty exciting skillful interesting beautiful fast funny useful Wain lucky peaceful b) Ask your partner. Take turns to be A.A: What is your favorite …?B: … .A: Why?B: Because it’s … .A: … is my favorite …, ہnبریl”/* too./ I prefer. because … .167


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