Unit 11 Keep fit, stay healthy –

    Listen. Then practice with a partner. The students of Quang Trung School are having a medical Check-up. Hoa, Lan and Nga filled in their medical records and gave them to the nurse. Now they are waiting to see the doctor. Nurse: Pham Thị Hoa ? Hoa: Yes. Nurse: Follow me, please. First, I need to take your temperature. Hoa: OK. Nurse: Would you open your mouth, please? Thank you. That is 37°C. That’s normal. Now I need to know your height. Would you stand here please, so I can measure you? Hoa: Like this? Nurse: That’s fine. You’re one meter 45 centimeters tall.Hoa: Wow! Last year I was one meter and 30. Nurse: Now I need to weigh you. Would you get on the scales, please?Hoa: Oh. I’m 40 kilos. Nurse: That’s good. You can go back to the waiting roomnow. The doctor will see you in a few minutes. Hoa: Thank you.107 Now ansver. Number the sentences.a) The nurse weighed Hoa.b) Hoa returned to the waiting room.c) Hoa left the waiting room.d) The nurse called Hoa’s name.e) The nurse measured Hoa.f) Hoa filled in her medical record.g) The nurse took Hoa’s temperature.h) The nurse told Hoa to go back to the waiting room.2 Listen. Then write the missing words.Doctor: I want to … you a few questions before I start, Hoa. … old are you? Hoa: Fourteen. Doctor: And… height is one meter … centimeters? Hoa: No. I think I’m…. The nurse measured … . Doctor: Oh. How … are you? Hoa: One … 45… . Doctor: I… ask the … to check your … again. How heavyare you? Hoa: I … I’m 42 kilos. Doctor: . . It says on your … that you’re 40 kilos.3.Ask and answer questions with a partner,One of you is A and the other is B. Look at your copy of the medical record and cover the other copy. Fill in the missing information.These question forms will help you.Which …? Where does he… What is his …? How … is he?108 Unit 11 : Keep fit, stay healthyHeaoeето Which school Nguyen. Du 6chool. does he goto? What a hi6 | He le Weight? | 41 kiloe, A. B MEDICAL RECORD MEDICAL RECORD School: Wallyer 2, 3-hoc School: Class Class FULLNAME FULLNAME O Forenames : Vor KZ-/ O Forenames : Surname: Surname: 77 ση Address Address: 66 am long aerael, O O //. M.), Male Female D Male Female D Age: Age: Weight kg Weight kg Lq qSq SS S S SSSTSTSSSTSSSTSqS qS Sq S SqqqS S S Height C Height: た。 OΠ Remember. Past simple tense Regular Irregular call – called be – was/were fIII – filed give – gave measure – measured have – had Start – started keep – kept Stop – stopped leave – left weigh – weighed take – took109B.) What was wrong with you?1101 Listen. Then practice with a partner.Mr. Tan:Where were you yesterday, Lan? You didn’t come to School. I had a bad cold. I had a headache, too.: Oh dear! You were sick. How do you feel now?I feel OK, but I’m a little tired.: Oh, you should stay inside at recess. The Weather’sawful today. Did your Mom write a sick note for you? No, she didn’t. But I have this note from the doctor.: That’ll be fine. Oh, I see. You had a virus. I hopeyou will be OK. Thank you.Νοννα η Sννεν.a) Why didn’t Lango to school yesterday? b) What was wrong with her? c) What does Mr. Tan tell Lan to do? d) What did the doctor say about Lan’s problems? e) Who Wrote Lan’s sick note? Unit 11 : Keep fit, stay healthy*2 Take a survey.Draw this table in your exercise book.Flu Headache Stomachache ToothacheThen ask three friends these questions and check the table.a) Were you ever absent from school last semester? b) Were you sick?c) Did you have o a cold? o a stomachache? o a headache’?o the flu? o a toothache?Now combine the results for the whole class. Answer this question:What was the most common illness?Listen. Then complete the table.3.Days lost through sickness in class 7A last semesterCold Flu Stomachache HeadacheTotal days lost:111 1124 Read. Then answer the questions.The common coldThere is only one disease called common: the common cold. We call it the common cold because every year millions of people catch it.Everybody knows the symptoms: a runny nose, a slight fever, coughing and Sneezing. It is very unpleasant, but nobody knows a Cure.At the drugstore, there are usually shelves with cold ‘cures’. These medicines don’t cure a cold, but they do relieve the symptoms. Whatever you do, your cold will last for a few days and then disappear.How can you help prevent a cold? Eat well, exercise and you will be fit and healthy.Ouestions.a) Why do we call the cold ‘common”? b) What are the symptoms of the common cold? c) Is there a cure for the common cold? d) Do cold cures work? What do they do? e) How can you help prevent a cold? Play with words. Hold your nose and read this poem. I have a cold, a horrible cold. I cough, I sneeze, and then I blow. Here comes another sneeze – Ohno Ah choo! I have a cold, a terrible cold. My face is white, my nose is red. And I have a pain in my head. Ah Choo! Remember What was wrong with you? I had a bad cold. Did your Mom write a sick note for you? No, she didn’t.


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