Unit 10 Health and hygiene –

    Personal hygiene Read. Then answer the questions. A letter from Moma) Why are Hoa’s parents busy b) Who helps them on the farm? c) When will theygo to Ha Noi? d) How is Hoa different now? e) What does Hoa’s mother want her to do? What does she want Hoa not to do? Write two lists.Listen and put the pictures in the order you hear. Unit 10: Health and hygiene3 Read Nam’s diary.lunch أضع 2O. 切 airner6:00 02。tee العلاrط صور2.OO 49 homeworkآن “Oo aho وછed ao to 9@CWrite about yourself. Complete a diary entry like Nam’s. Then practice with your partner. Ask these questions.What do you do every day?What time do you get up/ eat breakfast / do homework/ go to bed…?101 4 Write. Complete Hoa’s reply to her mother with suitable verbs,A letter to Mom 一エo – のctober 2 r†1, HearyOلا pear Mo ourle* |’ጡ1 oಿ Atfr* Thank “Jorna fine Now are well. tranØ° and di | w15ft Ha No ‚rythiná:: ” ” ሽope you ” round the “لام. a lot off””,” We will Hz harv°°” afters City Mom | “”ፓ…………. ! , 6ary’Mor1.sake CarLのV2,Remember.Past simple tenseRegular Irregular brush – brushed do – did change – changed drink – drank comb – combed get – got irOn – ironed put – put shower – showered tell – told Wash – washed102 Unit 10: Health and hygiene- A bad toothache1 Listen. Then practice with a partner.Minh: Owl Hoa: What’s the matter, Minh? Minh: I have a toothache. Hoa: Are you going to the dentist? Minh: Yes, I am. I have an appointment at 10.30 this morning, but I’m Scared. Hoa: Why? Minh: I hate the sound of the drill. It’s so loud. Hoa: I understand how you feel, but don’t worry. Last week, the dentist filled a cavity in my tooth. Minh: Were you scared? Hoa: I was a little scared, but the dentist was kind. She looked at my teeth and told me not to worry. Then she filled it. It stopped hurting afterwards. I felt a lot better after she fixed my tooth. Minh: You’re right. I feel less scared now. Thanks, Hoa. Hoa: You’re welcome, Minh. Good luck!Now answer. a) What is wrong with Minh’? b) Does Minh like going to the dentist? How do you know? c) Why did Hoa go to the dentist last week? d) What did the dentist do?About you.e) What did you do the last time you had a bad toothache? f) Are you scared of seeing the dentist?103 2 Listen and answer.3.a) What is Dr Lai’s job? b) What clothes does Dr Lai wear to work? c) How do most children feel when they come to see Dr Lai? d) How does Dr Lai help these children?Listen and read.Minh is sitting in Dr Lai’s surgery. Dr Lai is checking his teeth. Dr Lai is kind. She smiles at Minh and says, “Don’t worry, Minh. You have one Small cavity, but it isn’t serious. Your other teeth are fine.” Minh is very happy. Dr Lai fills the cavity in Minh’s tooth. She finishes in less than 10 minutes. Minh is very pleased. Then Dr Laisits down and talks to Minh again. “How often do you brush your teeth, Minh?” she asks. Minh looks worried again. “Oh, I… Well, sometimes I forget to brush my teeth.’ “Try not to forget, Dr Lai says. ‘Brushing your teeth is very important. Clean teeth are healthy teeth!”Now complete the story.Minh is very … and Dr Lai notices this. She … at Minh and tells him not to worry. She explains one of his teeth has a … . He has to … them regularly. After Dr Lai fills his tooth, Minh leaves. He is Very … . Unit 10: Health and hygiene4 Ask and answer questions with a partner. Use the words to help you.Example: a) Minh’s tooth hurts. hy? Because he has a cavity. a) tooth / hurt b) ICTVOLIS have / cavity See / dentist c) cavity / not serious d) happy Small teeth / OK105 Write. Complete this poster with a partner. Take Care of Your Teeth Do Don’t o brush teeth after meals o use an old toothbrush Play with words. Sensible Sue brushes her teeth Silly Simon neglects his teeth, Several times a day. Eating too much cake. She never touches unhealthy food, Now he’s in a lot of pain, And keeps the dentist away. Because he has a toothache.RememberWhat is the matter? His tooth hurts. I have a toothache. Because he has a cavity.


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