Unit 12 Let’s eat! –

    Listen and read. Then practice with a partner. Yesterday, Hoa and her aunt went to the market. First, they went to the meat stall. There was a good selection of meat on the stall: chicken, pork and beef. Aunt: What meat would you like for dinner, Hoa? There is chicken, beef and pork. Hoa: I don’t like pork. Aunt: Neither do I. So you can have beef or chicken.Hoa: Let’s have some beef. Next, they went to a vegetable stall. There was a wide selection of vegetables on display.Hoa: We need some vegetables for dinner too, aunt. Aunt: What would you like?Hoa: I’d like some peas and I’d like some carrots, too. Aunt: But Hoa, I hate carrots. And I don’t like peas, either. Hoa: What about spinach and cucumbers? I like them.Aunt: So do I. They’re my favorite vegetables. OK. Let’s get some of those. Unit 12: Let’s eatFinally, Hoa and her aunt stopped at a fruit stall.Hoa:Aunt:We need some fruits, aunt.What shall we buy? Let’s buy a papaya and a pineapple. They aren’t ripe. Neither are the bananas. Let’s buy some oranges then. OK. Can you smell the durians? I don’t like them. Neither do I. I hate durians.C Now answer. What did Hoa and her aunt buy at the market? Write a list in your exercise book.Ask and answer questions with a partner. Talk about the food you like.I like pineapples. Do you like them? Yes. I like pineapples, too. / Yes, so do I. No, I don’t like pineapples. / No, I don’t.115 1163.α) ΑγιΑννρι Πιραμe Mion.I don’t like beef. Do you like it? No, I don’t like beef either. / No, neither do I. Yes. I like beef. / Yes, I do.Read. Then answer the questions.That evening, Hoa’s aunt cooked dinner. First, she sliced the beef. Next, she sliced some green peppers and Onions. Then, she cooked some rice and boiled some spinach. She added a little salt to the spinach so it tasted good. After that, she heated a pan and stir-fried the beef and the vegetables in a little vegetable oil. She added a little soy sauce to the dish.Finally, she sliced the cucumbers and made cucumber Salad with Some Onions. Hoa set the table with plates, bowls, chopsticks, spoons and glasses. Then they all sat down to eat.What did Hoa, her aunt and uncle have for dinner’? Write the menu.Here is the recipe Hoa’s aunt used. Add the missing verbs. The match the instructions to the pictures.1) Slice the beef. 5). Some soy sauce to the dish. 2). the green peppers and Onions. 6) … rice.3) … the pan. 7). Salt to the spinach. 4) … the beef. Unit 12: Let’s eat 1184 Write. What did you eat and drink yesterday?For breakfast, I ate … … I drank … .For lunch, I. For dinner, …*5 Play with words.I don’t like coffee. I don’t like tea. I like juice. It’s good for me.I don’t deep-fry, I use a little oil. For healthy food, I Steam or boil.A balanced meal Is a little meat, Vegetables and fruit, Ice-cream as a treat.Renenber.Past simple tense Regular verbsstir-fry – stir-friedI’d like some peas. I’d like some carrots, too.I don’t like carrots. I don’t like peas, either.I like spinach.I don’t like durian. Neither do I. Unit 12: Let’s eatB – Our foode 1 Listen. Then practice with a partner.Doctor: What’s the matter, Ba?Ba: I feel terrible. I have an awful stomachache.Doctor: It must be something you ate. Are your Momand Dadi OK? Ba: Yes. They’re fine. Doctor: What did you eat last night? Ba: Weate fish, rice andsoup. I also ate spinach, but Mom and Dad didn’t. Doctor: So it was probably the spinach. Did your Mom wash it well? Ba: She didn’t wash it. I did. Doctor: Spinach is very good for you, but you must wash it carefully. Vegetables often have dirt from the farm on them. That dirt can make you sick. I’ll give you some medicine to make you feel better. Ba: Thanks, doctor.Now complete the story. Ba went to the …(1)… because he was …(2)…. The doctor…(3). Basome questions. Ba said he …(4). Some …(5). last night. The doctor said he must …(6)… the spinach…(7)…….(8)… can be dirty. །༄། The dirt can…(9)… people sick. ম্ভ ലo .(10). gave Ba Some .(11). to make him feel better.119 2 Listen and read. Then answer the questions. A balanced dietWe know that the food we eat affects our whole life. For example, there is sugar in many kinds of food. It adds taste to food. Sugar is not an unhealthy food. We need sugar to live. In moderate amounts, it is good for you. It gives you energy and you feel less hungry.But we must remember to eat sensibly. We should have a balanced diet. We should: o eat a moderate amount of fatty food and sugar. o eat some body-building foods, like meat and dairy products. o eat plenty of cereals, fruit and vegetables.What does a ‘balanced diet’ mean? It means you eat a variety of foods without eating too much of anything. Moderation is very important. Eat the food you enjoy, but don’t have too much. This will help you stay fit and healthy. Don’t forget about exercise either! We all need exercise. Follow these guidelines and enjoy the food you eat – that is the key to a healthy lifestyle.Ouestions. a) Name two advantages of eating Sugar. b) Is a balanced diet alone enough for a healthy lifestyle? Why?/Why not? About yои. c) Do you think your diet is balanced? Why?/ Why not?*3 Write a menu for yourself and your family, including details of breakfast, lunch and dinner, Make each meal healthy and balanced. Use this pie chart to help you.Now compare your menu with your partner’s suggestions. Unit 12: Let’s eatel 4 Listen and write the letters of what they ate and drank.Lan Ba Nga Hoa121 *5 Play with words.Fresh greens are good, But you should Wash them well Or you will be ill.Salads, too, Are good for you But you ought to Wash them well in water.Everyone understands That we need clean hands Before we take a seat And begin to eat.Renenber.I ate spinach, but Mom and Dad didn’t. She didn’t wash it. I did.122 LANGUACE} FOCUS 4.1 Past simple tense Answer the guestions. a) Did you do your homework last night? No, I didn’t. I watched TV. b) Did you eat dinner at home on Wednesday? c) Did you go to school yesterday? d) Did you watch a video on the weekend? e) Did you play basketball yesterday?2Indefinite quantifiersa) Write the correct expression.a little a lot of/lots of too much Language focus 4b) Complete the dialogues.C) D)Nga: What’s the matter, Hoa? Hoa: I feel sick. I ate too much candy.A Mrs. Quyen: Lan, add some salt to the vegetables, please. Lan: or …?Mrs. Quyen: Only … I think.B Dr Le: You must drink … water every day. Ba: Yes, doctor.C Mr. Nhat: Stop, please. That is … coffee.Waitress: I’m sorry, sir. I’ll clean the table for you. D Minh: Can you give me some paper, Nam? Nam: I’m Sorry. I only have … and I need it.125 3 too and eithera) Work with a partner. Read the dialogues.Ba: I like mangoes. Ba: I like candy. Nam: I like mangoes, too. Nam: I like candy, too. Ba: I don’t like bananas. Ba: I don’t like eggs.Nam: I don’t like bananas, either. Nam: I don’t like eggs, either.b) Look at the pictures. Make up similar dialogues with a partner.potatoes x ==ప్రొ fish sc chicken c. beef W.126 Language focus 44 so and neitherWork with a partner. Read. Then look at the pictures in exercise 3. Make up eight dialogues with so and neither.like mangoes. ܘܗ ܢ do 1. don’t like : . ܡ do I. like candy. So do I.Neither dol.don’t like eggS.5 ImperativesComplete the instructions.add mix peel slice Stir wait wash127Making cucumber salad ingredients: 500 grams of Cucumber 2 Onions a Small Cup of vinegar one teaspoonful of salt five teaspoonfuls of Sugar a) Peel the Onions. b) … the cucumbers and the Onions. c) … the cucumbers and the Onions. d) … the slices. e)… a little salt, sugar and vinegar to the mixture. f) … the mixture. g)… for five minutes and the salad is ready g) LO SCTV e.


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