Unit 14 Freetime fun –

    A Time for TV Listen. Then practice with a partner. That sounds boring. No, it isn’t. I really My family watches TV Now, that sounds boring I guess We just like to 6.00 p.m News in English 6.15 p.m Series: “The Adventure of the Cricket 7.00 p.m News Would you like to have dinner at my house tonight? I’d love to. What time? We have dinner at 7.00. But you can come before 6.15 so we can watch ‘The Adventure of the Cricket together.: Great. I’d like to come and watch that. We don’t have a TV atOur place.: Why not? : My aunt and uncle don’t like it. They prefer to do other things. ; Oh. So what do you usually do in the evening? : During dinner, we talkabout our day. Then, we usually read and sometimes We play chess. enjoy it.every night.to me!do different things.139 140Λον (βρονα (ήρθρΔιαγιγννα Γ.a) Lan invites Hoa to … A play chess. B read at her home. C eat dinner with her family. D go to a restaurant.b) Lan wants Hoa to Watch TV … dinner.B during C after D whenc) Hoa’s family doesn’t have a TV because. A it’s too expensive. B her aunt and uncle don’t like watching TV. C watching TV is boring. D they like to talk all evening.d) Hoa … A always eats dinner at home. B does boring things after dinner. C likes spending time with her aunt and uncle at night. D enjoys “The Adventure of the Cricket.e) Lan’s family. Watches TV in the evening. A never B sometimes C often D always 르Hoa:Unit 14 : Freetime funnListen and read. Then practice with a partner.Ha No Youth Culture House HA NOOPERA HOUSE CLASSICAL CONCERT February 28 and March 1, 2 February 28 and March 1, 2 7.30pm 8.00NEWAGE THEATERCOMBO, MOVIE Nightly 8.00 pmVeata Aeate. MORE THEATER ܒܝ܂ BEAUTIFUL SUMMER 8.00pm Every night except Monday Crying 8.00pm -: Would you like to go to the movies this week? : That sounds good. What would you like to see? a: There is a cowboy movie on at the New Age Theater. : OK. Can you make it on Monday night? : Sorry. I have to go to the drama club. How about Tuesday? : No. Sorry. I’m going to see a detective movie with my parents.And I’m busy on Wednesday, too. Are you free on Thursday?: No, I’m not. What about Friday? : That’s OK.Fine. Let’s go on Friday.Now, look at the advertisements. What do you want to do? Work with a partner. Make up a similar conversation. 1423. Read, TV in Viet NamThirty years ago in Viet Nam, very few people had TV sets. These TV owners were very popular. After dinner, their neighbors gathered both inside and outside their houses. Some watched through the windows.All evening, they sat and watched the black and white programs. The older people might sleep a little and the children might play with their friends, but no one went home until the TV programs finished.Times have changed. Today, many families have a TV set. People sit in their own living rooms and watch TV. Life is more comfortable now, but many neighbors don’t spend much time together any more.Now complete the summary,ܐܝܛܠܬNIn 1960s, most …(1)… in VietNam did…(2)… have a …(3)… set. The people with TVs were …(4). . In the …(5)…, the neighbors would…(6)… around the TV. …(7)… would stay untilthe TV programsfinished. VietNam is different …(8)…. More families … (9)… a TV set and …(10)… is more comfortable. But neighbors don’t …(11)… eachother as well as they did in the past. Unit 14: Freetine fun*4 Play with words.My radio is very small, But on it I can listen to all The programs I want to hear From countries far and near.I like my little radio. It’s the way I get to know About the things that interest me. And I hear them all for free.Renenber.What would you like to watch? I’d like to watch…. Are you free on…? How about…?What about143 B – What’s on?흐1441 Listen. Then practice with a partner,Ba: Nga:Ba:Nga:Ba: Nga: Ba: Nga:Ba: Nga: Ba: Nga:Do you watch TV. Nga? Not often. There aren’t many good programs for teenagers. What kinds of programs do you like? I like to watch programs about teenagers in other countries. I want to know what they do, what they Wear, what music they like … There are some programs for young people. But older people make them. They don’t know what we like. I like sports shows, cartoons and movies. I don’t really like watching sports – I prefer taking part in them. And most of the movies on TV are very old. There are plenty of music programs. Yes, there are. But they don’t play the kind of music I like. What are you going to do this evening? Well, I’m not going to watch TV. I’m going to listen to the radio and maybe read a book.Nov ansver.a) Does Nga watch a lot of TV? Why/Why not? b) What does Balike to watch on TV2c)What does Nga like to watch on TV?d) Why doesn’t Nga like music programs on TV?e)What is Nga going to do this evening? Unit 14 : Free time funna 2 Listen. Write the times of the programs.a) Children’s program b) Early News c) Weather forecast d) The World Today e) Movie: ‘A Fistful of Dollars’3 Listen and read. Then answer the questions. Popular TV programsPop music Pop music, or pop, is the short form of popular music’. Pop music is for a broad audience. Teenagers like to listen to the latest pop music and see the shows of their favorite artists. Usually, bands and singers perform their latest songs on TV.ContestsContests are very popular TV programs. There are contests of knowledge, contests of folk music, games, sports and so on. The contestants are students, workers, or family members. In some contests, TV viewers can join in and answer questions through telephone or by mail.* ImportsImports are foreign series such as Sherlock Holmes. Most imports include police and hospital series. TV stations all over the world show these programs because they can buy them cheaply. What do teenagers like to hear and see? b) Who are the contestants in contest programs? c) What do imports usually include? About you. d) What TV programs do you want to see? 4 Write. Complete the passage. Use the words in the box. receive show listen like watch station series cities around possibleMost teenagers …(1)… the world …(2). TV. Many …(3)… to the radio. In a lot of countries, the most popular shows on TV are …(4)…. They…(5)… ordinary characters and how they live.Many teenagers …(6)… pop music. There are lots of music programs on TV and one satelliteTV …(7)… only shows pop videos.In many countries, people can …(8)… satellite TV. Often in large… (9)…, cable TV is available. With satellite and cable TV, it’s …(10)… to choose from a wide variety of programs.Renenber.What kinds of programs do you like? I like programs about…. Teenagers like to hear the latest pop music. I don’t really like…I prefer …146


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