Unit 15 Going out –

    Lan: Where are you going, Nam? Nam: I’m going to the amusement center. I’m going to play video novo, there. games Lan: How often do you go? Nam: Not often. About once a week. Lan: Isn’t it expensive? Nam: Not really. I usually stay for about an hour. I don’t spend much. Lan: You must be careful. Video games can be addictive. Don’t spend too much of your time in the arcade. Nam: Don’t worry, I won’t. I have a lot of homework to do tonight, So I can only play games for a short time.Now answer.a) Where is Nam going? b) What is he going to do? c) How often does he go? d) Does he spend a lot of money? e) How long does he usually stay? f) Why must Nam be careful? g). What will Nam do later? 1482 Listen and read.Video games Millions of young people play video games. Some play them at home, others play them in arcades. The inventors of the games become very rich. Some of the inventors are as young as 14 or 15. These games are good fun, but players must be careful. They should not spend much time on these games because they can become tired or dizzy. Sometimes, players spend too much time on their own because they like to play video games so much. One doctor Says, “This is very bad for children. They must take part in activities with others. All children should play outdoors and develop their social skills. They should be with people of their own age. Children should spend only a small part of their free time playing video games. They mustn’t forget to do other things too.”C playedD playb) Some inventors of video games … very rich. A become C becomes B became D becomingc) The doctor thinks…… children should take part in outdoor activities with their friends. A more C. Some B Older Unit 15: Going outd) The doctor says you should spend… playing video games.A lots of time C all your time B little time D most of your time*3 Complete the passage with the words in the box.be is aTC will have Ca buy show use identifyVideo can…(1)… very useful. Most banks and stores …(2). Video cameras. They protect the premises. When there.(3)… a robbery, the police can study the video. They can often…(4)… the robbers in this way.Videos …(5). very useful in education. Many schools …(6). them as a teaching aid. You … (7)… take university courses at home with the help of a VCR (video cassette recorder). In the future, they …(8)… be even more important in education.Videos are very important in the music industry. You can now … (9). VCDs (video compact discs) in many countries worldwide. They play music and …(10). video images at the same time.Renenber.Children should play outdoors. They shouldn’t play video games for along time. They mustn’t forget to do other things.149B In the city1501 Listen. Then practice with a partner.Lan: Hoa:Lan: Hoa:What do you do in the evening, Hoa? I go to the school theater club once a week. The rest of the week I usually stay home. I don’t like the city very much. Why don’t you like the city? Before I moved here, I lived in a village near Hue. I knew all the people in my neighborhood.: Life is different in the city. You can’t get to know all yourneighbors. There are too many!: Yes, I know. The village was quiet and there was only alittle traffic. I hate the noise and the busy roads here. So do I. I live near a busy road. Sometimes the noise keeps me awake at night.: I hate crossing the road most. There are bikes, motorbikes andcars coming from every direction. They really scare me.: You will get used to it soon, Hoa. : Yes. I guess you’re right. Unit 15: Going outNow ansver.2a) What does Hoa do in the evening? b) Does she like the city? c) Where did she live before? d) Why did she like living there? e) Why doesn’t Hoa like the city? f) What does Hoa dislike most about the city? Why?Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions,a) What do you do in the evening? b) Do you like the city? Why? Why not? c) Do you like the countryside? Why? Why not?Read.Lan was right-Hoa soon got used to the busy city traffic. She could cross the road and she wasn’t scared. Then her uncle bought her a bike. She began to go out more often in the evening. Usually, she visited her friends. They talked and listened to music or helped each other with their homework. Sometimes, they played table tennis together. Lan also taught Hoa to play chess. She liked playing chess very much. Hoa rarely went to see movies orate out in the evening. Everything was far too expensive. She preferred to socialize with her friends. She enjoyed it and it cost nothing. Then one day, Lan and Hoa went to the public library. Hoa liked to read. There wasn’t a library in her village, so she couldn’t read many books. The public library in the city had thousands of books, and Hoa began to borrow books regularly. She decided that the city wasn’t so bad after all.Make a list of the things Hoa does in the evening. Use the simple present tense.Example:She visits friends.They listen to music and talk.흐 4 Listen. Match each name to an activity.Ba Hoa152 I had a terrible evening. I went to the movies. But it was boring. I had a burger. It was very nice. But I didn’t like the price. In addition to that, My bike tires were flat. ,And to add to my pain ܠ 7 It started to rain. But don’t worry – I won’t go out again in a hurryRenenber.What do you do in the evening? I don’t like the city very much. The noise keeps me awake at night.


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