Unit 2 Personal information –

    PERSONAL INFORMATION AD Telephone numbers 1 Read. TELEPHONE DIRECTORY Practice with a partner. Say the telephone number for these people.a). Dao Van An d) Dinh Thi Bang b) Pham Viet Anh e) Vu Thanh Bat c) Pham Thanh Ba f) Buli Ngoc Biche 2 Listen and write the telephone numbers.3 Listen.Lan: Excuse me, Hoa. Hoa: Yes, Lan? Lan: What’s your telephone number? Hoa: 8 262 019. Lan: Thanks. I’ll call you soon.Now ask your classmates and complete the list.(C). NAME 23 ADDRESS 흐Unit 2: Personal information4 Listen and read. Then answer the questions.Phong: an:Phong:Tam:Phong: Tam:Phong: Tam: Phong: Tam:Phong:Ошestions.Hello. This is 8537471. Hello. Is this Phong? Yes. Who’s this? It’s me, Tam. Will you be free tomorrow evening? Yes, I will. Would you like to see a movie? Sure. What time will it start? It’ll start at seven o’clock. Let’s meet at 6:45. Where will we meet? We’ll meet in front of the movie theater. Great. I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t be late!a) Who will meet tomorrow’? b) What will they do? c) What time will they meet? d) Where will they meet?5 Listen. Then write the answers.- `6 – (܌6 – (܌6 – (܌6 7 N܌6¬,a) Telephone number: -b) They will see:-c) They will meet at: -d) They will go by:- 22*6 Read. Then answer.Han: Phong:Hello. This is 8 674758.Hello. Is that Lan? No. This is her sister, Han. Who’s calling? This is Phong. Can I speak to Lan? I’m sorry. She’s out at the moment, When will she be back? She’ll be back at about six o’clock. All right. Please tell her I’ll call again after six. OK. I’ll tell her. Goodbye.Bye.Оиestions.a) Who is calling? b) Who is answering the phone? c) Who are they talking about? d) When will she be back? e) When will Phong call her again? Unit 2: Personal information*7 Play with words.Will you come to my party?When Will it be? How long will it last?At five thirty. Till seven or half past.What will we eat? we meet?We’ll eat cakes and Sweets. We’ll மத in the street. V.Renenber.Future simple tenseWill you be free tomorrow?Yes, I will.I’ll see you tomorrow. We’ll meetin front of the movie theater.When will she be back? She’ll be back at about six o’clock. I = will23 My birthday| Listen and repeat.first eleventh second twelfth third thirteenth fourth fourteenth fifth fifteenth sixth sixteenth seventh seventeenth eighth eighteenth ninth nineteenth tenth twentiethtwenty-first thirty-first twenty-secondtwenty-thirdtwenty-fourthtwenty-fifthtwenty-sixthtwenty-seventhtwenty-eighthtwenty-ninththirtiethsדaדה לדחה:ד4ד 3דה14 is isཆཐབ་3 Write the months in order from first to twelfth. A y الات الات الامامZCOBAPRANUARYARCA SEPTISDECEMEIER Unit 2: Personal information4 Listen. Then practice with a partner.Mr. Tan:ΝονναηΑνρr.Next, please.Good morning. Good morning. What’s your name? Pham Thi Hoa.What’s your date of birth? June 8th. I’ll be 14 on my next birthday. What’s your address? 12 Tran Hung Dao Street. I live with my uncle and aunt.What’s your telephone number?8 262 019. Thank you, Hoa. Do you like our school? Yes. It’s very nice. But I’m very nervous. I don’t have any friends. I won’t be happy. Don’t worry. You’ll have lots of new friends soon, I’m sure.a) How old is Hoa now? b) How old will she be on her next birthday? c) When is her birthday? d) Who does Hoa live with? e) Why is Hoa worried?Abош yои.f) How old will you be on your next birthday? g) Who do you live with? h) What is your address?25 26*5 Read the dialogue again. Then complete this form.Student Registration Form Name: Pharm Thi Hoa Date of birth:Address:Telephone number:6 Read. Then complete the card.Lan is 12. She will be 13 on Sunday, May 25th. She will have a party for her birthday. She will invite some of her friends.She lives at 24 Ly Thuong Kiet Street. The party will be at her home. It will start at five o’clock in the evening and finish at nine. Unit 2: Personal informationComplete this invitation card to Lan’s party, DearThe party will be at my house a立from t2I hope you will come and join the funLove,Те 3 674 7537. Think and write. Imagine you will be a guest at Lan’s birthday party.a) What will you give Lan? b) How will you get to her home? c) What games will you play? d) What will you eat? e) What will you drink? f) What time will you leave?*8. Now write an invitation to your birthday party.27 Thirty days have September April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one, Except February Which has twenty-eight. But every four years, In Leap Year it appears With twenty-nine. Ordinal numbers dates months Future simple tense I will be 14 on my next birthday. I won’t be happy.


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