Unit 5 Work and play –

    Mai is a student at Quang Trung School. She is in grade 7. She goes to school six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. Classes always begin at seven She learns how to use a computer in o’clock and finish at a quarter past her Computer Science class. Mai is very interested in computers. At school, she learns about lots of This is her favorite class. different things.In her Geography class, she studies Today, Mai’s last lesson is Physics. maps and learns about different She does some experiments. countries.Maithinks Geography is difficult.51 Nova ask and an SMV’er five questions about Mai.A: What does Mai study in her Geography class? She studies maps and learns about different countries.B: What is Mai’s favorite class” Her favorite class is Computer Science.2 Read. Then answer the questions.Ba goes to Quang Trung School. He is in class 7A and he enjoys School very much. His favorite subject is Electronics. In this class, he learns to repair household appliances. Now Ba can help his mother and father at home. He can fix the lights, the washing machine and the refrigerator. He is good at fixing things.In his free time, Balearns to play the guitar. He also goes to his art club after school. His drawings are very good. His teacher says, Ba, you’ll be a famous artist one day.” Questions.Unit 5: Work and playa) Which subject does Balike best?b) Does Balike other subjects at school? Write the sentence that tells you this.c) What does he learn to do in Electronics?d) How does this subject help Ba?e) Is Ba good at drawing? Write the sentence that tells you this.About you.f) What do you do in your free time? g). What are you good at? h) What is your favorite subject?*3 Read. Then answer.How much does one banana cost?Lan: Hoa:Can I help you, Hoa? Yes, please. I’m trying to do this math question. Which one?Number three. That is a difficult question. I know my answer isn’t right. Let’s look at the exercise. My answer is three bananas cost 18,000 dong. I know that is not the price of bananas. I see your problem. There are only two zeros in the correct answer. You have three. Erase one Zero. Oh! I see. Thanks, Lan.My pleasure.53 el 4 Listen. Then write the correct letters next to the names.a)d)5 Read.At school we study many things. In Literature, we learn about books and write essays. In History, we study past and present events in VietNam and around the world. In Geography, we study different countries and their people. In Physics, we learn about how things work. In the Language class, we study English. We study many other things as well, such as Music, Sports and Art. We enjoy all of our classes. Unit 5: Work and play* Now discuss with a partner. Odd one out.Literature – author, Writing, paintings, storiesistory – basketball games, famous people, world events, important days Science – experiments, meter, preposition, temperature English – words, verbs, England, pronouns* 6 Match each subject to the correct items.Physical Education o o piano, guitar, Songbooks Geography e graphs, equations, calculator Music e games, running shoes, ball Art map, globe, atlasMath to paint, pencils, paper* 7 Play with words. Say and clap.I love History, I love Music, too.I really like Physics. How about you?English is easy, Mathis hard. Here is my teacher, With my report card.Remember.What do you study in …? What does he/she learn in the Geography class? She learns about … They do some experiments. She/He is good at … What’s your favorite subject?55 B – It’s time for recess1 Listen and read.At twenty-five past nine, the bell rings and all the students go into the yard. It’s time for recess. They are all happy and excited. They meet their friends and have some fun. Many are talking about the last class, or last night’s movie. Some are eating and drinking as well as chatting. Some students are playing games like blindman’s bluff or catch. Some boys are playing marbles and some girls are skipping rope. But the most popular activity is talking. The yard is very noisy until the bell rings. Then everyone goes indoors and classes begin again. Unit 5: Work and playa) Now work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about the Students in the picture. A: What is this boy doing? B: He’s playing catch.b) Ask and answer questions with a partner.What do you usually do at recess? Do you usually talk with your friends? What do you usually do after school?2 Listen. Match each name to an activity. Mai playing catch Kien playing marbles Lan skipping rope Ba playing blindman’s bluff3 Read. Then answer the questions.Hoa has a letter from her American pen pal, Tim. Tim goes to a junior high school in California. He is 13 years old. He is the Same age as Hoa and her friends. He tells her about American Students. American students take part in different activities at recess. The energetic students often play basketball, but they never have time to play a whole game. They just practice scoring goals. That is called “shooting some hoops”. Many of the students listen to music. They usually have portable CD players with small earphones. Sometimes they read or study at the same time.57 Some of the children, mainly boys, swap baseball cards. These pictures of baseball players come in packets of candy. They swap cards with their friends, so they can get the ones they want. Eating and talking with friends are the most common ways of relaxing at recess. These activities are the same all over the world.Ouestions. a) Hoa’s penpal Tim goes c) Baseball cards are popular to . with …A Hoa’s School. everyone.A. B a school in Viet Nam. B only girls. C an American school. C only boys. D a senior high school. D mostly boys. b) “…they never have time to d) Eating and talking with play a whole game. This means friends are popular recess is … activities … A short. A in America. B boring. B in Viet Nam. C energetic. C in a few countries. D long. D worldwide.*4 Take a survey. Ask three friends. What do you usually do at recess? Do you play soccer / skip rope / play marbles / play catch/play any other games / read / talk to friends / do other things? Complete the table in your exercise book.ACTIVITYcatch skip marbles read talk other OpeWhat will you do at recess tomorrow? Will you talk to a friend and borrow A comic book, perhaps? Will you play a game of catch? Or will you join in a match And play soccer, perhaps? Will you say, ‘Recess, at last! Eat your breakfast And drink some soda, perhaps?Remember.Names of activitiesI’m playing catch. What do you usually do? We sometimes play marbles.


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