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Consolidation 3Consolidation 3Consolidation 3

Consolidation 3Consolidation 3Consolidation 3
Consolidation 3Consolidation 3Consolidation 3

Consolidation 3 –

Then check (v) the best answer. 1. Where is the Amazon rain forest? A. In South America. B. In North America. C. In East America. D. In West America. 2. How large is it? A. 5,000 sq. km. B. 5,000,000 sq km. C. 500,000 sq km. D. None are correct. 3. How many trees of the world does it contain? A. 1/3. B. 2/3. C. 1/13. D. 2/13. 4. How many trees were cut down in 1975? A. One-third of the remaining trees. B. Half of the remaining trees. C. A quarter of the remaining trees. D.4% of the remaining trees.Consolidation 35. How much oxygen does the Amazon forest produce each year? A 40%. B. 14%. C. 44%. D. None are correct.b) You will hear short conversations between two people. After each conversation, you will hear a question about it. After you hear the question, read the four possible answers and check (v) the best one.1. A. The man thought that the concert was good. B. The man thought that the concert was unsatisfactory. C. The man thought that the concert was unfair. D. The man thought that the concert was good but he had to go early. 2. A. 7:30. B. 7:13. C. 8:30. D. 8:15. 3. A. She’s a fan of rock-‘n’-roll. B. She’s seldom missed a concert since she was 17. C. She’s often missed a concert since she was 17. D. She’s never missed a concert since she was 17. 4. A. They are going to the park to save money. B. They cannot afford the trip. C. They are going to Cuc Phuong National Park. D. They just stay home because they have no money, 5. A. She must exhaust after the visit. B. She was probably very tired after the visit. C. The visit made her sleepy. D. She must visit another national park later.11.TIENGANH10(NC)-A 16WOCABULARY -a) Write in each blank the correct form of the word in parentheses.162ExampleB…. Pop music is growing inA: I think we’ll bring some disposable plates to the picnic. (dispose)B. Yes, but we shouldn’t throw them around the picnic area after we have used them.Can we eat these mushrooms? : They look strange. Don’t eat them. They may be(poison): Why were those three men arrested? : They were suspected of being at Nam Cat TienNational Park. (poach): Was your trip to Cuc Phuong National Park interesting?Yes. We were amazed to see Wild animals in their natural (in)habit)| Many specialists say that dolphins should be treated with. (сашгіоиs): Aren’t dolphins friendly to human beings? … But when they get angry, they can be … (danger)Is the elephantan) species (danger) Yes. If people keep killing elephants to get their ivory, elephants will be extinct soon.Lam is fun to be with…. Yes, he is. I like working with people. (hitmor)nowadays. (popular) Personally, I prefer classical music. What does ‘folk music’ mean?Well, it is music that has been played by ordinary people in a particular area for a long time. (tradition)11.TIENGANH10(NC)-BConsolidation 3 9. A. There is alive of the tennis championship on TV now, isn’t there? (transmit B. Yes. Let’s switch on the TV and watch it. 10, Miss Smith will give a piano at her school this evening.(recite)b) Choose the words or phrases from the box to complete the following sentences or exchanges.destruction ecology nonprofit active reservation11. A. I like bicycling to school. B: Bicycling, or just walking, helps you be more physically12. A. Many rich European women like wearing fur coats.B. I think these women should change their inappropriate lifestyle that causes to wild animals.13. A. Have you called the airline to make a for our trip toB. No. But I’ll call it this afternoon. 14. A. Ecotourism has been developed greatly, hasn’t it?B. Yes. Many people have tried to preserve the of many natural places. 15. A. Many organizations have tried to raise money to help disabled children. B. I think their contributions to society are worthwhile. c) Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence or exchange.16. National parks and protected areas in the whole country were examined as ecotourism A. opportunities B. places C. arrivals D. destinations16317. Pop music has become in our country in the last few decades. Most young people like it.A. popular B. favorable C. special D. enjoyable 18. A(n) is a description of someone containing all of the most important or interesting facts about them. A. autobiography B. profile C. background D. history 19. A. This file is very important. You should include it in our document. B. I know. It is A. indispensable B. indistinct C. significant D, optional20. A. What do you call a person who writes music?B. A(n) A. play writer B. composer C. director D. operatorGRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE ma) Write the correct form of the verb in parentheses. 1. A. Can we feed these animals? B. No. Tourists (not allow) to give any kind of food to the animals in this national park.2. A. (we / export) shellfish to Japan last year? B. Yes. Tons of shellfish (export) to Japan last year.3. The fumes (release) from this factory annoy people around here.4. People (live) in this area have to breathe in a lot of dust every day.Consolidation 35. A. What (should / do) to prevent water pollution in this area?B. I think people living around here (should not / dump) garbage into the river.b) Put a suitable relative pronoun in each blank in this news report about da hurricane. Millions of dollars worth of damage has been caused by a hurricane swept across New Orleans last night. Levees (7) separate Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans were breached by the surge, ultimately flooding about 80% of the city. Many e were rescued from the floods by firefighters, (8) received hundreds of calls for help. Wind speeds (9) reached ninety miles an hour in some places caused many trees to fall down and block most of the streets. “Everything possible is being done now to give shelters to the victims, (10) were made homeless by the disastrous hurricane,” a spokesman said.c) Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence or exchange.11. A. When was rock developed?B. Well…. it was not the 1960s that it was developed from rock-n-roll. A. Still B. until C. up D. to 12. A. did you think of the movie? B. Well, very deeply moved. A. How B. When C. Why D. What 13. A. What would happen there werent any conservation project? B. There would be more damaging effects of human activity on wildlife. A. why B. when C. where D. if14. A.15. A.16. A.17. A.18. A.| Well, all the plantsWhat the authorities do to protect wildlife?… Well, there are many measures such as controlling poaching andchopping down trees in restricted areas.A. are B. have C. should D. ought What if our habitatWell, there would be no more life on earth.A. destroyed B. to destroy C. to be destroyed D. were destroyed There was a landslide in this area last year. … That wouldn’t if people hadn’t cut down so many trees. A. have happened B. happen C. has happened D. happenedWhat do you mean by flora?belong to a particular area, or aperiod of time. A. where B. when C. whose D. that Is there anything new in this area? | Well, there has been a smoke-free area for visitors. A. to set up B. be set up C. set up D. being set up 19. The damage caused by poachers and illegal lumberjacks must to be believed. A. See B. be seen C. to be seen D. seen20. Widespread forest destructionin this particular area. A. must have seen B. ought to be seen C. to be seen D. can be seenConsolidation 3READINGRead the text and do the tasks that follow.Music in Our LifeMusic plays an important role in our daily lives. It would be impossible for a day to go by without music. Music serves many functions within our society: it is used to entertain, relax, motivate, persuade, teach, treat diseases, unite, promote patriotism, and so on.Advertisers are fully aware of the role music can play in entering the mind of the consumer. For example, the most effective way to aid the memory of the consumer is to accompany an advertisement with an interesting Song. Once the customer likes that song, he might remember the brand name of the advertised product as well and he will choose that product while standing in front of a shelf full of goods of different brand names.Music on special occasions is essential. At the Olympic sports events, it is interesting to observe how music is played. Entertainment is an obvious function, but further, music at such events helps create an exciting atmosphere. The use of national anthems is to promote the feelings of patriotism, thus encouraging athletes to make greater efforts. Music can also be used as a means of treating patients. It soothes the nerves of patients with mental disorder. For those with visual impairment, playing music is one way to help them open their hearts to the outside World. Obviously, music has a profound and powerful impact on our lives.a) The following Statements can be true (T), false (F), or not mentioned in the text (NI) Check(Y) the appropriate boxes. Then correct the false statements.1. The most important function of music is to entertain. D D D2. Music in advertisements can help producers sell more4. The Writer implies that blind people should play music. 5. The writer does not say that music has a role ingoods. D 3. Athletes feel excited when music is played at a sports D D D D education.167 Write about Yourself. Consult “Writing a Brief Profile” in Unit 12 and write your own profile. You can base your writing on the following notes.


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