Unit 9 At home and away –

    Liz is talking to Ba about her recent vacation in Nha Trang. Ba: Hi, Liz. Welcome back. Liz: Hello, Ba. How are you? Ba: Fine, thanks. How was your Vacation in Nha Trang? Liz: It was wonderful. I had a lot of fun. Ba: What did you think of Nha Trang? Liz: Oh, it was beautiful. The people were very friendly. The food was delicious, but most things weren’t cheap. They were quite expensive. Ba: What places did you visit? Liz: My parents took me to see Cham Temples and Tri Nguyen Aquarium. Ba: Did you buyany souvenirs in Nha Trang?Liz: Yes, I did. I bought a lot of different gifts for my friends in America.Ba: Were you tired after the trip?Liz: No, I wasn’t. I had a great time. Unit 9: At home and awayΝοννα ην Μιρ) Νιμη θρη. Πήρ ΔρητρΠαρΔ.2Liz bought souvenirs.Liz visited Tri Nguyen Aquarium. Il Liz returned to Ha Noi.Liz went to Nha Trang.Liz talked to Ba about her vacation.Listen and read. Then answer the questions.Liz and her parents went to Tri Nguyen Aquarium in Nha Trang. They saw sharks, dolphins and turtles. They saw many different types of fish. Liz thought the colorful little fish were the most beautiful.There was a souvenir shop near the exit of the aquarium. Mr. Robinson bought Liz a cap. It had a picture of a dolphin on it. Liz wore the cap all day. Mrs. Robinson bought a poster. She put it on the wall at home.After their visit to the aquarium, the Robinsons went to a food stall for lunch.Robinsonate fish and crab. Liz looked at the fish. She remembered the beautiful fish in the aquarium. She ate noodles instead.8788Ouestions,a) Who went to the aquarium with Liz? b) What did the Robinsons see there? c) What did they buy in the souvenir shop? d) Did Liz like the cap? Which sentence tells you this? e) Do Mr. and Mrs. Robinson like to eat seafood? How do you know? f) Why did Liz eat noodles for lunch?Now tell the story of Liz’s trip to Tri Nguyen Aquarium. Begin with:a) The Robinson family went to the aquarium.പ Unit 9: At home and away3 Listen. Write the letter of the sentences you hear.a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)The Robinsons returned to Ha Noii by train. The Robinsons returned to Ha Noii by bus. This was the second time Liz saw the paddies. This was the first time Liz saw the paddies. They stopped at the restaurant for a short time. They stopped at the restaurant for a long time. Mr. Robinson bought some food for Liz. Mrs. Robinson bought some food for Liz. They arrived home in the afternoon. They arrived home in the evening.4 Read Ba’s diary.SCCGGS CLLL LL JJJ S JGG LCCCC LL LLL LLLL J CMCCC LLLL LLLLLL SCCCCLCL S hhhh S M G LLLLLL LL SCL Yh SCLLLL CLLL LLL LL her parentes arrived in Ha Noll thilles year from the USA. SL JSJG LCLCC CC C JJJ S L L S L SM S M M MC CCLMLS LMMLLLLLLS CC LLLLLL JLEJJ LL CCCLL LLLCLLCLJ MM JG LLLLLLLLSSLSLLC CBhYS LLL LLLLLLMMCCC CCJMCBhL CCL CCCCCLL LLLCCGG C L JJLT TTJJ SJ SM LTMC S LLLL J LLLLLLLLM JJCCCCC me next week. It won’t be difficult to keep in touch.Liz’s about my age. We like playing and talking taether. S CCM LLLJ LLLLLL S MJCL J J C CCLCMess S CC L L L L CMC CCC LCLLL CCMLS SLL MLLLLLBCT JJLCLLCCssS S GGS CLCLML LLCG T L 。Liz helps nie with my stampo collection. She always gives me the stamps from the letters she received HeralLirint in New York allesso egetes prie еотеватра.Next Meek shel Bring me some more estarpisaried we’ll have dirinertagether. 789 No make these sentences true. Example:Mr. Robinson came to VietNam on vacation.– Mr. Robinson came to VietNam to work.a) Liz lived a long way from Ba. b) Liz learned Vietnamese in the USA. c) Liz collects stamps. d) Liz’s aunt lives in VietNam. e) The Robinsons moved to Ho Chi Minh City. f) The Robinsons moved. Now Ba is happy. g) Ba is never going to see Liz again.*5 Play with words.I walk to school every day. I am walking there today. I walk to school every day. I walked there yesterday.I go to the park every day. I am going there today. I go to the park every day. I went there yesterday.I play soccer every day. I am playing soccer today. I play soccer every day. I played soccer yesterday. Unit 9: At home and away .Renenber. Past simple tenseRegular Irregulararrive arrived be – was/werehelp – helped eat – ateremember – remembered have – hadrent – rented give – gaᏙeTetLITI – returned go – Wenttalk – talked ՏCe – SWSend – Sent take – took teach – taught think – thoughtDid you buy any souvenirs? I bought lots of different gifts.B > Neighbors흐 1 Listen. Then practice with a partner.Lan: Your hair looks different, Hoa. It’s shorter. Hoa: Do you like it? Lan: I love it. Did your uncle do it? Hoa: No. My uncle didn’t cut it. My aunt did. She’s a hairdresser. Lan: And what a nice dress! Where did you buy it? Hoa: I didn’t buy it. My neighbor, Mrs. Mai, bought the material and made the dress for me. Lan: What a clever Woman! Hoa: It’s her job. She’s a dressmaker. Lan: What a nice neighbor! Unit 9: At home and awayNow answer. a) What does Hoa’s aunt do? b) What does Mrs. Mai do?2 Answer.Use.Yes, he/she did.No, he/she didn’t. a) Did Hoa buy the dress? b) Did her aunt make Hoa’s dress? c) Did her aunt cut Hoa’s hair”?3 Read. Then answer.Hoa watched Mrs. Maimake her dress. She thought sewing was a useful hobby. She decided to learn how to sew,Hoa bought some material. She learned how to use a sewing machine and she made a cushion for her armchair. It was blue and white.Next, Hoa made a skirt. It was green with white flowers on it. It looked very pretty. Hoa tried it on but it didn’t fit. It was too big. Hoa’s neighbor helped her and then it fitted very well. Now, Hoa has a useful new hobby – she wears the things she makes.Ouestions.a) What did Hoa learn to use? b) What did she make first? c) What color was it? d) What did she make next? e) What color was it? f) How did it look? g). What was the problem? h) Who helped her? i) How did it fit finally?93 4 Write. Put the verbs in brackets in the simple past tense.Hoa … her neighbor make her dress. (watch) First, she … Some material. (buy) Then, she … the dress out. (cut) Next, she … a sewing machine to sew the dress. (use) Hoa … that sewing … a useful hobby. (decide) (be) She … a cushion and a dress. The cushion .. (make) (be fine, but the dress … . (be + notThen, her neighbor… her, so finally it… her. (help) (fitRenenberPast simple tenseRegular Irregular bOΓΤον – borrowed buy – bought decide – decided Cut – Cut fit – fitted make – made learn – learned think – thought look – looked watch – WatchedWhere did you buy that dress? I didn’t buy it. My neighbor bought the material and made the dress for me. LANGUAGE OCUS 3How much is it?a) Work with a partner. Read the dialogue. – How much is the green dress? Assistant: It’s 30,000 dong. Lan: And what about the violet dress? Assistant: It’s 35,000 dong.b) Now make similar dialogues.Price violet dress 35.000 dong green dress 30,000 dong blue hat 15.000 dongyellow hat 12.000 dong green shirt 20.000 dong redshirt 22,000 dong95 2 Prepositionsa) Look at the map. Write the location of each store.ՈCAT opposite bet Ween beside/next to to the right to the left estaura o .1 ܘܚ HUE STRE ET PARK 兰, 卧 to of CIV) tՕ Մ) 雯娜 器。要 LRA 影 후The clothing Store is on Hai Ba Trung Street. It’s near the shoe store to the right.b) Look at the table. Ask and answer questions with a partner.Howfarie it frornthe ehoe etoreto |t”ら5○○rnetere, therrinirnart? From To Meter shoe store mminimart 500 clothing Store bookstore 450 TeStatITant hairdressers 400 minimart library 300library shoe store 800 Language focus 33 Past simple tensea) Write the past form of the verbs in the table.takesendthinktalkb) Complete the sentences. Use the words in the box.play send buy talk workI played volleyball last week. Yesterday, I… to my grandmother. Last December, Mom … me a new bike. Dad… in Hue a few years ago.I … a letter to my penpallast month.TA’ A. 97 Look at Nga ‘s diary and complete the dialogue. Nga: Every day I clean my room, … and … . Minh: What did you do yesterday? Nga: I …, and Minh: How about tomorrow?


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