Unit 8 Places –

    Asking the way. Name the places. Listen and repeat. Then practice the dialogue with a partner Excuse me. Is there a souvenir shop near here? es. There is one on Hang Bai Street. Could you tell me how to get there? Go straight ahead. Take the second street on the left. The souvenir shop is on the right, opposite the post office. Thank you.You’re welcome.Excuse me. Could you show me the way to the supermarket, please? The supermarket? OK. Go straight ahead. Take the first street on the right. The supermarket is in front of you.Thanks a lot.You’re welcome. Unit 8. Places3 Look at this street map. Practice the dialogue with a partner.Ask for and give directions to these places.bank TeSta Lirant to police station hotel a shoe store a post office a bookstore e SchoolExample :Nga: Where is the bank?Nam: The bank is between the hotel and the restaurant. It’s opposite the hospital.HOSPITAL RESTAURANTTOY STORE BANK SHOE 臣 STORE 2 FACTORY MOVE DRUGSTORE THEER HOTEL 만 d POST OFFICE 。 先 STADIUM 崔 SCHOOL MUSEUMNow, look at the street map again. Listen and write the places. 4 Listen and repeat. Then practice the dialogue with a partner.Lan: You are from Hue. How far is it from Ha Noi, Hoa?Hoa: I’m not sure. It’s a long way. It takes about 18 hours to get to Ha Noii by coach.Lan: Have a guess.Hoa: I think it’s about 680 km. Lan: And how far is it from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City? Hoa: I think it’s about 1,030 km.5 Look at this table of distances in km. Ask and answer questions with a partner.Vinh 319 Hue 688 Da Nang 791Ho Chi Minh 1,726 CityКепе преOIopposite between … and … from … to …Could you tell / show me the way to…?How far is it from … to …? | It is about … km. Unit 8: PlacesB> At the post officee 1 Listen and read. Then practice with a partner.Liz is at the post office.Liz: Excuse me. I’d like to POST OFFICE send this letter to the USA. How much is it? _’ , ر Clerk: It’s 9,500 dong. . 1 ܓܠ ܐ Liz: And I need some envelopes. How much are those? Clerk: They are 2,000 dong. Liz: OK. I’ll take them. How much is that altogether, please? Clerk: Well, the stamps for your letter cost9,500 dong. The envelopes are 2,000…. That is 11,500 dong altogether then, please. Liz: Here you are. 15,000 dong.Clerk: And here is your change. Thanks. Liz: Thank you. Bye.Now answer the questions.a) Where will Liz mail her letter? b) How much does Liz pay altogether? c) How much change does she receive? AbOLIt yOl. d) Where is your nearest post office? e) How do you get there from your home?83 23.Listen and read. Then answer the questions. Nga and Hoa are going to the post office after school.Nga: What do you want from the post office, Hoa? Hoa: I’d like some local stamps and some stamps for overseas mail. I have a penpal in America. His name is Tim. Nga: How nice! How often do you write to each other? Hoa: Very regularly – about once a month. He tells me all about his life in America. Oh, I need to buy a phone card at the post office, too. Nga: Why do you need a phone card ? Hoa: I phone my parents once a week. Nga: OK. Here is the post office. Let’s go in and get the things you need.а) What does Hoa need from the post office?b) Why does she need stamps for overseas mail? c) Why does she need a phone card?Complete the dialogue. Then make up similar dialogues; use the words in the box.postcard(s) stamp(s) envelope(s) phone card(s) Writing pad(s)Hoa: I would… five local stamps and two stamps for America.Clerk: Here you … Is that all?Hoa: I also need a fifty thousand dong phone card. How … is thataltogether? Clerk: That… seventy-fivethousand dong. Hoa: … is eighty thousand dong.Clerk: Thanks. Here’s your … . Listen and write the price of each of these five items. What is the total cost? How much change will Mrs. Robinson have from 60.000 dong? Answer the following questions. a) How much is it to mail a local letter in VietNam? b) How much is a letter to America? c) What does the post office sell apart from stamps? d) Do you write to anyone overseas? Who? Rennenbera I need some envelopes. I need to buy a phone card. I’d like some stamps for overseas mail. I’d like to send this letter to the US.How much is a letter to America? How much is it? It’s 9.500 dong.85


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