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Unit 11 National ParksUnit 11 National ParksUnit 11 National Parks

Unit 11 National ParksUnit 11 National ParksUnit 11 National Parks
Unit 11 National ParksUnit 11 National ParksUnit 11 National Parks
Unit 11 National ParksUnit 11 National Parks

Unit 11 National Parks –

Look at the pictures of some national parks in VietNam. Match each national park with the appropriate extract. Extract A This national park is in Central Viet Nam, only 20 km from Canh Duong Beach. This park is home to some endangered species such as the white ox and the Wild buffalo.Extract BThis national park is in northern Central Viet Nam. It is 45 km from Ninh Binh. This park is home to a unique species of tree called kim giao, whose wood was used to make chopsticks for kings and noble people in ancient times.Extract CThis national park is in the Central Highlands. It is 240 km from Ho Chi Minh City. This park is home to the wild ox (the gaur) as an endangered species.137 Reading Texta) Read the following texts and complete the chart that follows,Grand Canyon National Park (USA), established in 1919, covers 4,931 square kilometers in northwestern Arizona. The north rim of the canyon has an average annual rainfall of about 660 millimeters while the South rim has only about 400 millimeters. The north rim has much colder temperatures than the south rim does because it is 365 meters higher than the south rim.Kakadu National Park (North Australia) covers an area of 12,432 square kilometers in northern Australia. The park was established in 1979 to preserve the culture of the Aborigines and maintain a good balance in ecology. The warm tropical climate provides good conditions for different species of fauna and flora to develop.ared National ParisAt present, there are about 300 Aborigines living in Kakadu National Park. A number of them are trained to become caretakers and managers of this park.Year ofestablishment Grand Canyon Kakadu 1979138 Unit National Parisb) Below is the graph that provides more information about Grand Canyon National Park and Kakadu National Park.Number of species of birds, reptiles, and amphibiansin Grand Canyon and Kakadu national parks in the 1990’sim Grand Canyon National ParkSpecies of Species of Species of birds reptiles amphibiansKakadu National ParkSLL GLLLGGL SSL C C LL CCLLL LLLLLS LLLL LL C CC LLLLL CCLL CLLLLL LL graph. 1. How many species of reptiles live in Kakadu National Park? 2. How many species of amphibians live in Kakadu National Park?3. What is the total number of species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians in Grand Canyon National Park?S S L L L L L L L CCC CC L CC LL LL CCCCC L LC LL LLL LLLS national parks.1. The number of species of in Kakadu National Park is twice as large as that in Grand Canyon National Park.2. There is a difference in species of amphibians between the two national parks.3. National Park has more species of birds.139 c) In groups of four, complete the following Spidergrants. 1. National parks in Viet Nam Con Dao National ParkNational parksin Viet Nam 2. Some species of animals snakes N / reptiles parrots صے speciesbirds ცეf annimals/ \ \amphibians །།༽ ܢ LISTENTING frogsa) In pairs, discuss the following. Have you ever been to a national park in VietNam? If yes, what did you and tourists do there? If no, guess what tourists can do there.S L L L L L L L L L S L LSL SL CCLCC LCLC G LLLLLL GGLL LLLLLS LLL L S L L L L L L S L GGGG L L GGGG L CC C CCCCCCCLL you hear from their conversation. You can check more than one box. In Nam Cat Tien National Park, tourists may1. go short or long trekking around the forests,2. go camping. 3. go fishing. 4. see various kinds of animals and plants. D140UI II Natic) Listen again and answer the following questions.1. Where will Nam go on the next long weekend? 2. Which place is Van planning to go to? 3. What is Nam’s opinion about environmental conservation there? GS CCCC S a S L L S LLLCC CCCG L G L GGG L S LLCCC Lof national parks, SPEAKING Asking for Permission and Giving Reasons for Refusala Fill in the missing information in the bubbles below, using the suitableprompts provided. Is it all right if tourists 1. shoot animals in national parks?I’d rather they didn’t2. the thing is, this will- polute the water.3.Would it be all right if peopleuse more and more motorbikesand cars instead of bicycles and public transportation?Prompts a. Well, the thing is, they will suffer from air pollution because smokefrom these vehicles pollutes the air they breathe.b. It’s sort of complicated, but you see, this practice will lead to wildlife extinction in the long run.c. Anybody mind if tourists throw garbage into the lakes? SSS S S LL LLLLLS L L S L SG S S S L C GGGLGGL LLL C CCC LLLLLSS LS CC LS LSS L S L CC GGG GG CCG L G G L L SCC L L L L S LS L CLCCC L L SLSUseful ExpressionsAsking for permission Giving reasonso Is it all right if…? o Well, you see. o Would it be all right if…? The reason is…o I wonder if… o It’s sort of complicated, but you see. o Anybody mind if…? o … and that’s why I’d like to…o Well, the thing is,… o It’s because…Prompts Things that could destroy Ways to preserve the natural the natural environment environment a felling trees for wood o growing trees for wood o shooting wild animals o preserving rare animals from o making a campfire extinction o dumping trash o preventing forest fireso keeping waterways cleanYou might follow this pattern, A. Would it be all right if we felled some trees for wood?B: I’d rather you didn’t; the thing is, this would destroy the forest. We must grow more trees instead.A: I See.42Unit 11 National Parks S LS L S CLC C L L S S L L L L L CC SSL LGGL L LL L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L CL CL CL LLL C LLLSL (in the park, in the schoolyard, on the beach, etc.)WRITING لInterpreting and Describing Graphsa Look at the following graph and fill in the missing information.Particular items as major causes of garbage problems (1990 USA survey)disposable plastic bottles allpaperforms construction diapers debrisIn the graph, the particular items considered as major causes of garbage problems are shown.According to the graph, (1) of the survey respondents, (2) (3) by 6 percent, and (4)were identified by 41 percentby 29 percent, by Zero percent.In summary, the graph reveals that disposable diapers were identified asa major cause of garbage problems and construction debris has no effect on garbage problems. by Look at this graph.Number of gas blowouts that occurred in Australia in 1965Timor SeaBass Strait1. Give brief answers based on the graph. a. When did the gas blowouts occur? b. In what country did the gas blowouts occur? c. According to the graph, how many gas blowouts occurred in total? How many in Bass Strait? And how many in Timor Sea? 2. Write a short paragraph to interpret the graph based on the answersabove.In the graph,According to the graph In Sumc) In groups of four, predict the number of visitors to Cic Phuong SLL S C CCS S S S S S S S S S S S S S S L SCCCS S S S S S S S000SSS 1. Draw a graph to show your prediction of the number of visitors tothese national parks. Unit II. National Parks60 — – – ר־ן C 9 팀 E ܝܝܬܐ 40 + 의 3 别 词 3 1 을 20廿三 O l Cuc Phuong Nann Cat Tien2. Based on your prediction shown in the graph, write a short paragraph to interpret it.LANGUAGE FOCUSWord StudyPreserve vs. Reserve preserve (v.) keep something in its original state or in good condition reserve (v.) keep something so that it cannot be used by any otherperson or for any other reason preservation (n.) the act of keeping something in its original state or in good condition reservation (n.) an arrangement for a seat on a plane or in a restaurant, a room in a hotel, etc. to be kept for you reservation (countable noun) an area of land in the United States that is kept separate for Native Americans to live inComplete the following sentences, using the appropriate forms of thewords in parentheses, 1. The paintings in this gallery are in an excellent state of(preserve reserve)10.TIENGANH10(NC)-A 145 2. We have always tried to peace with our neighbors. (preserve / reserve)3. These seats are for special guests. (preserve / reserve) 4. I’ll call the airline and make a formy trip to Ha Noi next Week. (preserve / reserve) 5. In the nineteenth century, American Indians were forced to live in the in the southern states, (preserve / reserve)Grammara Reduced Relative ClausesExamples – Vietnamese people try to protect species of fauna and flora which are living in Nam Cat Tien National Park from extinction. Vietnamese people try to protect species of fauna and flora living in Nam Cat Tien National Park from extinction.- We should participate in the movements which are Organized- – – !– رورl e sh pate in the ts org the natural environment.Rewrite each of the underlined clauses to create a reduced clause.1461. The police are making great efforts to arrest those who kill and purchase wild animals.2. People should change their inappropriate lifestyle that causes3.. There should be some measures to protect the humpback whale, whichi ies… -4. Poachers still try to kill rhinos that are kept in protected areas because of big profit. 5. Wild animals which are living i – itat will have abetter and longer life than those which are kept in protected areas.10.TIENGANH10(NC)-BWhat happens to the natural environment of Phu Quoc Island for the time being? B. It because of excessive litter thrown by tourists and local people. (destroy/Use the present progressive.) 6. A. Why are you still here? You on the flight to London. (be / Use the modal auxiliary “must” and the perfect aspect.)B. Well, my flight was canceled due to heavy snow there.47


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