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    Units 13 FestivalsUnits 13 FestivalsUnits 13 Festivals

    Units 13 FestivalsUnits 13 FestivalsUnits 13 Festivals
    Units 13 FestivalsUnits 13 FestivalsUnits 13 Festivals
    Units 13 Festivals

    Units 13 Festivals –

    1. Tom likes swimming and sunbathing. 2. David is interested in ancient cities. 3. Huckleberry likes mountain-climbing. 4. Oliver is keen on pottery. 5. Robinson is fond of crowded places. Liz: Thanks for inviting me to the rice-cooking festival, Ba. Can you explain what is happening? Ba: Sure. There are three competitions: water-fetching, fire-making and rice-cooking. Liz: Where does the water come from? Ba: There’s a river about one kilometer away. One person from each team has to run to the river. There are four bottles of water on the river bank and each runner must take a bottle and return to the starting position.Liz: That man seems upset. What did he just yell? Ba: He urged his teammate to run faster. Liz: What’s special about the fire-making contest?Ba: The fire is made in the traditional way. Two team members try to make a fire by rubbing pieces of bamboo together. The winners are the first ones to make a fire.Liz: I’m interested in the rice-cooking contest, too.Ba: Six people from each team participate in this event. They have to separate the rice from the husk and then cook the rice.Liz: How do they decide who wins the contest?Ba: The judges try the finished products and the most delicious rice is the winner. Then all the points are added and the grand prize is awarded.Liz: Is that what is happening now?Ba: The council leader just said that he was pleased to award the prize to the Thon Trieu team.Practice the dialogue with a partner.2. True or false? Check (/) the boxes. Then correct the false sentences and122write them in your exercise book. T Fa) Two team members take part in the water-fetching ConteStS.b) One person has to collect four water bottles. c) The fire is made without matches or lighters. d) Pieces of wood are used to make the fire.e) In the final contest, the team members taste the rice.f) The grand prize is given to the team with the most points.SPEAK.Unit 13: Festivals1. Work with a partner. Mrs. Quyen is talking to Lan about their preparations for Tet. Put their sentences in the correct order. Start like this:A. Have youbedrooms E, Yes, I have, Whereare you going, Mom?MRS. QUYEN A. Have you tidied the bedrooms?B. Not really. But I want our house to look nice at the festival.C. To the market. I have to buy some oranges and some pomegranates.D. Sure. I will.E. That’s very good. Bye-bye, Sweetie.tidied theLANF. Yes, I have. Where are you going, Mom?G. Mom, I know what to do now. I’ll clean all the glass windows.H. Could you collect my new ao dai at the tailor round the corner?I. Bye, Mom.J. Thanks, Mom. Is there anything you want me to do while you’re out?2. Now make up your own dialogue. Talk about preparations for anotherfestival. The list below will help you.o a village festival o a school festivalo a spring festivalo a harvest festivalo a flower festival123 e LISTEN.1. Listen to the conversation and fill in the gaps.The Robinson family are making preparations for Tet.a) Mrs. Robinson wants to go to theb) Mrs. Robinson wants some marigolds because they are at Tet.c) Mrs. Robinson wants Liz to buy a packet od) Mrs. Robinson is asking Mrs. Nga how tO spring rolls.2. Complete the notes.TChicags to do Mr. Robinson: Liz: Mrs. Robinson:READ.Christmas is an important festival in many countries around the world. ΤήρΟ Ηρίς τητας Τρο One Christmas Eve in the early 1500s, some people decorated a tree and put it in the marketplace in theLatvian city of Riga. This custom spread throughout Europe, and finally to America in the 1800s.124 Unit 13. FestivalsΤήρ Οθρήνοντας Ο αριαIn the mid-nineteenth CentuT’s an Englishman Wanted to send Christmas greetings to his friends, soiends, he had SOmeone design a card. Forty years R later, cards were a part of the Christmas .1_7tradition.C 750, C10, h d Years ՊSo, Cի Stmas Songs we for People in : Wins and Villages T en e stories Put to nusic d g hese di in. The “TS of the C. St People Ot. about k the son ċrie பnst * “C Songs became “Dular- againSα η Ια. Ο Ια τιςared in a poem int Nicholas appeare saint of children, Saint em was a fat In 1823, the patron Nicholas. The character in the E.diren called A Visit F.rom I man who wore a red suit and gav which was . JO Eve. The poem, ts on Christmas Ca EN. Clement Clarke N”N”’ Claus is ܗܘܐ c ular in the .”וי – Cit. ܐܥܒܪ E of Saint Nicholas in this poe based on 1. Complete the table.Christmas Specials Place of origin DateRigamid-19th centuryChristmas CarolsUSA2. Answer the questions.a) How long ago did the Christmas tree come to the USA? b) Why did the Englishman have someone design a card? c) When were Christmas songs first performed? d) Who wrote the poem A Visit from Saint Nicholas? e) What is Santa Claus based on?WRITE.1. Use the information in the dialogue on page 121 to fill in the gaps in this report. Unit 13: FestivalsThe Rice-cooking Festivalby Festival Councilor Pham Phuong Linh This report shows how the (1) festival was held.The festival was held in the communal house yard about (2 kilometer away from a river. There were three competitions: (3) , fire-making and rice-cooking. The festival took one day. In the water-fetching contest one person from each team had to (4) to the river to get the (5) In the fire-making contest two team members had to make a fire in e (6. They tried to rub pieces of (7) together to make the fire. (8) people from each team took part in the rice-cooking contest. They had to (9) the rice from the husk and then cook the rice.After the three contests, all the points were (10) and the Thon Trieu group won the grand prize. The festival was wonderful.2. Write a similar report on a festival you joined recently. The answers tothe questions below can help you.a) What is the name of the festival? b) Where was the festival held?c) How long did the festival last? d) How many activities were there? Were there any competitions? e) How were the activities organized? f) How many people took part in each activity? g). What did you think about the festival?127Language Focus o Passive form: be + past participleo Compound words: rice-cooking, fire-making, etc. o Reported speech1. Complete the sentences. Use the passive forms of the verbs in the box. Decide whether the time is past, present or future.put make perform write hold award decoratea) Christmas songs for people in towns and villages eight hundred years ago.b) On Christmas Eve in the early 1500s, a tree and in the marketplace in the Latvian city of Riga.c) In the rice-cooking festival, a fire in the traditional way.d) An English-speaking contest at Nguyen Hue School next month.e) The first prize to the Mekong Team just after the final match yesterday.f) The Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” inAustria by Franz Gruber in the 19th century.2. Complete the conversation. Use the verbs in the box.128break (2) jumble Scatter pull S LLLLL LL LLL LLLLL L HS S S LLLCC CLLL LL LLCL LLLLLSHamh: Mom! Something has happened to our kitchen. Mrs. Thanh: What’s wrong?Unit 13: FestivalsMrs. Thanh:Hanh:Mrs. Thanh:Hamh:Mrs. Thanh: Hanh:9. TIẾNG ANH 8 – AMom! Look. The cupboard is open and everything has been (1)Oh, no. The jar I like has been (2)Many bowls and dishes have been (3) , too. And look at this, Mom. The dried mushrooms have been (4) all Over the floor.And where is the pan of fish I left on the stove?Here it is. It has been (5) into the sink. The fish has gone.Who has done all this?Mom, it must have been the cat!129 Rewrite the sentences in your exercise book. Use a compound word in your sentences. Example: It is a contest in which participants have to cook rice. >saice-cooking contest. a) It is a contest in which participants have to make a fire. b) It is a festival in which people have their bulls fight against each other. c) The United States has a big industry that makes cars. d) Last week Tran Hung Dao School held a contest in which students arranged flowers as attractively as they could.e) VietNam is a country which exports a lot of rice.f) This is a machine which is used to Wash clothes. 4. Yesterday Lan’s grandmother, Mrs. Thu, needed a plumber. A man cameto her door. Report what the man told Mrs. Thu.Example:a) “I’m a plumber.” He said he was a plumberb) “I can fix the faucets.” c) “The pipes are broken.” d) “New pipes are very expensive.”e) “You must pay me now.”130 ọ TIÊNG ANH 8-B


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