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    Units 14 Wonders of the worldUnits 14 Wonders of the worldUnits 14 Wonders of the world

    Units 14 Wonders of the worldUnits 14 Wonders of the worldUnits 14 Wonders of the world
    Units 14 Wonders of the world

    Units 14 Wonders of the world –

    Stonehenge The Pyramids Sydney Opera House. I’m bored. Let’s play a game. What shall we play? We can play 20 Ouestions. What’s that? I don’t know how to play it. It’s a guessing game. I think of a famous person or place. Then you have to ask me questions to find out who or what it is. It sounds very easy. How does it work? I can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and you can only ask 20 questions.What happens if we can’t guess the correct answer? I win. All right. You go first, Nga.OK. You might know this place. I’ll give you a clue. It isn’t in VietNam.Is it in Asia?131 Nga: No.Nhi: Is it in America? Nga: Yes.Nհi: Is it in New York?Nga: Yes.Hoa: I know. It’s the Golden Gate Bridge!Nga: No. The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t in New York! It’s in San Francisco.Nhi: I think the answer is the Statue of Liberty. Nga: You’re right, Nhi.1. Practice the dialogue with two classmates.2. Complete the summary. Use words from the dialogue. Hoa, Nga and her cousin Nhi were bored, so Nga suggested that they play a(1)called 20 Questions. She explained the rules and then the girlsstarted to play. Nga thought ofa (2) and she gave the others a (3) by saying that it wasn’t in (4) . Nhi found out the place was in (5) . Hoa thought it was the (6) Gate Bridge, but that is in San Francisco. Nhi was(7) when she said it (8) the Statue of Liberty.SPEAK.1. Think of 10 famous places. You may use the names of places listed in the box or you can use your own ideas. Write a Yes/No question about each132place. Ask and answer the questions with a partner.ls Phong Nha Cave in Southern Viet Nam? Is PETRONAS Twin Towers the tallest building in the world?Is the Great Barrier Reef a World Heritage Site?Yes | No/ / ν10 TIÊNG ANH 8-BUnit 14. Wonders of the worldGreat Wall of China Empire State Building USA PETRONAS TWin Towers Great Barrier Reef Hue CitadelHa Long Bay Phong Nha Cave Eiffel Tower Mount Everest Big Ben2. Talk about your classmates’ answers with your partner. – Iasked Hoa if Phong Nha Cave was in Southern Viet Nam. She Said that it wasn’t. – I asked Nga whether PETRONAS Twin Towers in Malaysia was the highest building in the world. She said that it wasn’t.e LISTEN.S L L L L L L L L L L L LLLLLLLLSLS S SLSLSLS L S CG GS SGGGS SSS mistakes and copy the paragraph into your exercise book,Do you want a quiet, relaxing vacation?Look no further than beautiful southern Queensland. Stay right on the beach at the Coconut Palm Inn. Take guided tours through the jungle, Swim in the crystal-clear water of the Coral Sea and snorkel amongstthe coral of the Great Barrier Reef Marine இ.Park – a World Heritage Site. Call (077) 6824,3927 for more information. READ.134Centuries ago in Ancient Greece, a man by the name of Antipater of Sidon compiled a list of what he thought were the seven wonders of the world. The seven included the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in present-day Iraq, the Statue of Zeus in Greece, and the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The pyramid is the only Wonder you can still see today.Many people claim that there were other wonders, which the ancient Greeks knew nothing about. These include the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. “Angkor Wat should really be known as a wonder because it is the largest temple in the world. The temple was built around the year 1100 to honor a Hindu God, but over the next three centuries it became a Buddhist religious center. The area surrounding the temple, Angkor Thom, used to be the royal capital city.In the early 15th century, the Khmer rulers moved to Phnom Penh and Angkor was quiet. It now is a famous tourist attraction.Complete the sentences.a) The only surviving wonder on Antipater’s list is A. the Great Wall of China C. the Pyramid of CheopsB. the Statue of Zeus D. Angkor Wat b) Angkor Wat was originally built forA. Hindus C. kingsB. Buddhists D. the citizens of Phnom Penhc) Angkor WatA. was a small temple B. is one of the seven wonders of the world C. is a pyramid D. was part of a royal Khmer city along time agod) In the 1400s, the Khmer KingA. built Angkor Wat B. chose Phnom Penh as the new capital C. turned Angkor Wat into a Buddhist center D. moved the temple to Phnom PenhUnit 14: Wonders of the worldWRITE .1. Complete the letter Tim sent to Hoa about his trip to the Grand Canyon.2Insert the letters of the missing sentences.lay 29, 2003இbea (ெa,Psau a ve you? (1). O7 Ply class has jaus returned fтат a trip to the 6 and Canyon in SArizona. (2) spent a week there and ) didn’t urant to leave. T S CL LCaG L CLLL L CCCLCC S CLL LLLLLL G LLL L LLCCCCC L LL CCCC C LLL 2.000 οιeιρας αβαρe sραίοιεί.(62an auzo first dag. 0 ралk tanger ed usan a gaadided site aểang te edge al låe сатират. 29Ce taked adaluat the histong at the area. (3)(4) SLL L CCC L L L LCCL LL CCCCCC LS L CC aften yaат ехатs.Maua Priend,A. That’s all I have time to tell you about.B. The Canyon is part of Grand Canyon National Park and it was formed by the Colorado River over millions of years.C.. I hope you are studying hard for your exams next week.D. He also talked about the original inhabitants who lived there during the Stone Age…. Write a letter to a friend. Tell him/her about a place you have visitedrecently. Use the following prompts to help you. Place: Cuc Phuong National Park (Phong Nha Cave / Ha Long Bay, etc.) Distance from your city / home: 100 km / 300 km / 12 hours by train / by coach, etc.How to get there: by bus / train / airplane, etc. Sights: beautiful / magnificent / breathtaking, etc. Weather: temperates sunny / cools windy, etc. How you feel: happy / excited / relaxed, etc.Language focusPassive forms Indirect questions with if and whethero Question words before to – infinitives o verb + to – infinitive1. Complete the sentences. Use the passive form of the verbs in the box.construct reach present complete designa) Sydney Opera House was completed in 1973.b) The first and longest section of the Great Wall of China between 221 and 204 BC.c) The EiffelTower by the French civil engineer Alexander Gustave Eiffel for the Paris World’s Fair of 1889.d) The Statue of Liberty to the United States by France in 1876.e) The summit of Mount Everest by two members of a Britishexpedition and a Nepalese guide on May 29, 1953. 2. Yesterday, Nga and Nhi talked about My Son, one of the World Cultural Heritages of Viet Nam, Report the questions N’hi asked Nga. Example: a) Do you know My Son. Nga? Nhi asked Nga fshe knew My Son. Or Nhi asked Nga whethershe knew My Son.b) Is it far from Ha Noi? c) Is My Son in Quang Nam province?d) Do many people live at My Son?136Do many tourists visit My Son every year? Do you want to visit My Son one day?. Nga answered Nhi’s questions. She then gave Nhi some additional information. Use the words to write about the information that Nga gave o Nhi. a) tell / how / go there Nga told Nhi how to go there. b) show / where / get tickets c) point out / where / buy souvenirs d) advise / how / go from My Son to Hoi An e) tell / what / do there during the visit . Complete the passage. Use either the to-infinitive or the bare infinitive form of the verbs in brackets.


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