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    Units 9 A first-aid courseUnits 9 A first-aid courseUnits 9 A first-aid course

    Units 9 A first-aid courseUnits 9 A first-aid courseUnits 9 A first-aid course
    Units 9 A first-aid courseUnits 9 A first-aid courseUnits 9 A first-aid course

    Units 9 A first-aid course –

    Work with a partner. What would you do in these situations which require first-aid? The pictures will help you. A girl has a burn on her arm a girl has a nose bleed, a boy has a bad cut on his leg a boy has a bee sting. Bach Mai Hospital. This is an emergency. Please send an ambulance to Quang Trung School. A student is hurt. Calm down. Can you tell me what happened? She fell off her bike and hither head on the road. Is she conscious? Yes, but she had a bad cut on her head. It’s bleeding quite badly.Try to stop the bleeding. Use a towel or a handkerchief to cover the wound. Then put pressure on it. Hold it tight.Will you hurry, please? Of course. What is the address of the school?Ngo Si Lien Lane. It’s between Quang Trung Street and Tran Hung Dao Street.The ambulance will be there in about 10 minutes. She mustn’t fall asleep.All right. I promise I’ll keep her awake. Unit 9. A first-aid course 1. Practice the dialogue with a partner.2. Select the topics covered in the dialogue. a) describing the condition of the injured person b) asking for the address c) asking about the condition of the injured person d) asking for advice e) giving first-aid instructions f) arranging for an ambulance g) saying the injured person’s nameSPEAK.Work with a partner Look at the phrases and the pictures. Take turns to make and respond to requests, offers and promises.Requests Offers Promises Can/Could Would you like I will … I OLL – promise. Will/Would you What can I get for I promise I’ll you? I promise I won’t Shall I ? -” Will/Won’t you have I promise to *) Can I get you 2 Responses Sure. Yes, please. I hope so. OK. That would be nice. Good All right. No, thank you. I’m glad.I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m afraid not.6. TIẾNG ANH 8-ADon’t forget.81Could you give me aа) bandage, please? c) e LISTEN.Match the letters A, B, C, D, E, or F to the correct words in the box, then put them in the correct order as you hearambulance crutches scalestretcher wheelchair eye chart82 6. TIẾNG ANH 8-B Unit 9. A first-aid courseCase First-aid Fainting – Leave the patient lying flat. Don’t force him/her to sit or stand.-Elevate the patient’s feet, or lower his/her head below the level of the heart.- Don’t let the victim get cold.- Give the victim a cup of tea when he/she revives.Shock – Don’t overheat the victim with blankets or coats. – Don’t give the victim any food or drink.- Don’t give the victim drugs or alcohol.Burns – Cool the burns immediately so as to minimize tissue damage.- Put the affected part under a running cold tap (if possible). – Ease pain with ice or cold water packs.- Cover the burned area with a thick sterile dressingChoose a correct case for each of the following treatments. a) The victim should not sit or stand. b) Victim cannot drink wine or beer. c) The victim’s head should be below the level of the heart. d) You should ease the pain with ice or cold water packs. e) The victim should drink a cup of tea when reviving. A. Fainting B. Shock C. BurnsWRITE . 1. Complete the thank-you note Nga sent to Hoa after she left the hospital. Use the correct tense forms of the verbs in brackets.%0 % flank you very much for the Cauets you sent (send) me wide 3 (1) (e) in the hospital. Chey (2) (Ge) deautiful and they teady (3) (help) to cheet me up. 0 (4) (come) out of the hospital on “fflanday талпing. Գlaա. 3 (5) (de) wezig dazed. M’héid you type A. kend? :)’d loque to See yои. 9 (6) (pflane) gauu an ?uiday altezanaan. Unit 9. A first-aid course2. Write a thank-you note to a friend. Invite your friend to go on a picnic with you. Arrange to contact your friend. Use the following questions to guide your writing. What did your friend give/send you? On what occasion? What was/were it/they like? How did you feel when you received the present? How do you feel now? Do you want to invite your friend somewhere? If so, then when? How will you contact your friend?3. Use the same format to write another letter to another friend for other occasions.Language focuso in order to; so as to o Future simpleO Modal will to make requests, offers and promises1. Match one part of a sentence from column A with another part in column B. Then write a complete sentence by using in order to / so as to.2. Ba is talking to his mother about h Use the correct word or short formExample: I always keep the window open in order to/so as to let fresh air in.A B1) I always keep the window open2) Mary wrote a notice on the board3) Mr. Green got up early this morning4) My elder brother studies hard this year5) People use first-aid6) You should cool the burns immediatelya) ease the victim’s pain and anxiety b) get to the meeting on timec) inform her classmates about the change in scheduled) minimize tissue damagee) pass the entrance exam to the universityf) let fresh air inis aunt Mai. Complete the dialogue.Ba: What time (0) will Aunt Maibe here? (will / shall) Mrs. Nga: She (1) be here in two hours. (will / shall) Ba: (2) Uncle Sau be with her? (will / ‘ll) Mrs. Nga: No, he (3) . He has to stay inHo Chi Minh City. (will / won’t) Ba: (4) I come to the airport with you? (will / shall) Mrs. Nga: OK. It (5) be a nice trip for us both. (will / won’t) Ba: Great, I (6) be ready in two minutes. (Won’t / ‘ll) Unit 9. A first-aid course3. Nga is helping her grandmother. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. Use the words under each picture and will.才三川pour/a glass of water get / cushiona) Nga: Are you hot, Grandma’? Mrs. Tuyet: Yes. Will you open the window, please, Nga? b) Mrs. Tuyet: My book is on the floor. to me, please? c) Mrs. Tuyet: , please? d) Nga: Do you want to listen to the radio? Mrs. Tuyet: No, thanks. I always watch the news at 7 pm. Nga? e) Mrs. Tuyet: I’m thirsty. for me’? Nga: Of course. f) Nga: Are you comfortable? Mrs. Tuyet: No, I’m not. , please? Work with a partner, look at the pictures. Make requests, offers or promises. Use the words in the box and will or shall.


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